Tuesday, January 08, 2002

awwww, keeeee-RIST!
if someone is checking 50 times a day, I think I'll have to skip the rest of the ZOO pics, and write something about sex. Oh wait, I haven't had any. And I rarely discuss webcamsex, since, well, um, I don't know; probably cuz it only happens after 1 am. and after saying goodnite, and stepping in my own spooge and stumbling into the bedroom, I don't feel much like writing/typing.

speaking of sex, I just realized it's been 40 days (and long, lonely nights) since actual male human contact in a sexual manner (and i mean COCKSUCKING, not kissing). BUT, for some weird reason, I have this funny feeling that tomorrow will turn that around. SOMEHOW the number 41 has been spinning around in my head, and tomorrow is, afterall, $1.00 Bud drafts at The Phoenix; and if that doesn't work, then I can head over to the COCK for some higher priced lubricants, and see what pops up. And if not there, the Bijou Theatre on 4th st is within stumbling distance, and if I can convince a troll to leave one of the cubicles (I know its really awful to call other gay men names just because they aren't my type and hang onto those little rooms for hours on end without actually using them, but, hell, its been 40 (non) FUCKING DAYS!!!) ....... where was i?

So, the best I can come up with, at the moment, is the 4 minute intense whack-off session I had late last night with a lovely and talented Jared Wright, schwinging his huge viagra-inspired cock at 2 kneeling prison inmates in one of those LINK movies. So why don't you all just cross your fingers for me tomorrow, chanting 41, 41, 41 (and I promise to take notes).