Thursday, January 17, 2002

black leather chaps, well-worn 501's, leather jacket, buzzed head, barely noticed at first in the redlighting. But as I stood at the far end of the hall, he walked down, slowly, and I got a good, slow look. He walked into one of the booths, then leaned against the doorway, looking vaguely in my direction. But there was this cute guy near me, so I assumed that was who he was cruising. And I think that guy thought the same thing, cuz he stared back towards chaps-man, shifted his body weight a bit from side to side, deciding what to do. Chaps-man disappeared inside his booth, not closing the door, but going inside enough that he was outside my view. This guy slowly walked past the booth, looked in for a second, then continued to walk down the hall, and disappeared. I stayed put, having already seen one guy I've done it with several times , not sure if I was in the mood for a dependable repeat, or the excitement of someone new. Chaps-man peered out of his booth, seeming to look right at me, but the lighting was such that I couldn't tell; so I made my way to a booth directly across from him, well-lit, so he could get a good look, and I could see him better, as well. Yeah. Nice. Solid thick build, the chaps hung low and comfortable, like he's had them for many years, not some shiney news Xmas present. The Levi's weren't the tight "here's my sand-papered crotch for ya" type, but again, comfortable, and naturally well-worn from age. The thing about chaps, it's a natural inducement for a nice, lingering blowjob, the aroma forcing your face to keep plunging in, inhaling deeply as you slurp. I stepped back deeper into the booth, his body shifted, then straightened, and he walked over to me.