Friday, January 11, 2002

so maybe it wasn't beer can thick; cuz then I'd be saying I can take a beer can all the way into my mouth......
So, anyway, as my eyes adjusted to the darkness of the Bijou (Club 82, whatever it's called - no marking on the door, but it's 82 e 4th st, just off 2nd ave), I strolled along the short corridor of booths, and saw there were booths on both sides now, and even along the left-turn hallway ahead. About half of them occupied, leaving plenty of space to grab one if needed. One guy caught me eye as I first came in, but he was seated off to the side where folks take a break, or smoke a cig, so I kept going. But soon enough someone else grabbed my attention - beefy mustached guy, probably 5-15 years older than me, solid, and he was cruising back at me. I did the old stroll back and forth a few times, since I had just gotten there and hadn't gotten all hot and bothered yet; also, I like to have a clear view of the guy, and have a clear indication that if I walk in his booth, he ain't gonna motion for me to leave (believe me, it's a horrible feeling!) So I grabbed a booth across from him, which was reasonably well lit - that way, he would get a good look, and, ahhh, rubbing at his crotch, licking his mustache, looking directly across into my eyes, I think that's a "please come over an introduce yourself"

So I walk into the booth; he smiles, says something as he locks the door, and puts his big arms around me. Then some pretty forceful kissing, nice lips, and really thick mustache grinding into me. Pawing my ass, I unleash his cock. Thud. Major Meat here. Gee I don't know if I can arggrrbllrreegcoughcough, mmmmmmmmmmm, cockalicious.............. Importantly, he didn't just lean back and get a great blowjob, but stayed quite involved ( I really really hate the "kickback" types), his paws up under my shirt, then pulling my jeans down, groping my ass, snapping the jockstrap, pulling on my balls. Lifting me up, he goes down on me, gruffly making yummy noises. My turn again, I try, but can't get those huge balls in my mouth; he seemed quite happy with just pushing my face into them hard while I use my tongue, his cock flopping up and down above me, me burying my face even further up under his balls now. After getting his cock all slurped up again, he pulls me up, turns me around and gets on his knees and that mustache goes right up my.......WOAH! WOAH WOAH WOAH stop I'm gonna, WOAH! Then he stands up and bends me over and tries to..... yeah right. Well, I know my body well enough, and I had his cock down my throat enough to know that ain't going in there. Even if I wanted it to, it's been way too long, and that is way too big, and don't guys even ask about condoms anymore? But, I gotta admit, he had me real real hot at this point, so I let him try, and boy did he try! But then he says the one word you don't say if you have any hope of getting your cock in me - he uses the P-word. I don't get the idea that it's supposed to be a turn-on to have your body parts called female body parts.... I mean, if I had one of those, we wouldn't be here right now, would we? But, damn, it's been 41 days! And the chemisty was pretty good up until then, so I just ignored what he was saying, my butthole took care of itself and didn't let anybody in, and it just made him hotter and sweatier and he turned me around, pushed his cock back in my face, and groaned and bucked, stood up, pumping my face, then he looked right down on me, and I could feel it in his legs, and his balls, so......... i pull off, and splat, sploosh, splam!

What can I say? It was great, he got it on my chin, my neck, my chest, and I didn't quite let myself go, just a few slow drops out of my own cock hit the floor as I was getting up, and we giggled slightly and hugged, and grappled for our clothes which were strewn around this tiny room. He mumbled something about work early (like he needed an excuse to leave fast...hehe), one last slurp on his thick mustache, and I left the room. At this point, the guy I had eyed earlier was up and making the rounds, strolling up and down the corridors, but I couldn't quite get a take on whether he was interested, he never looked in my direction quite long enough. I needed a break anyway, of course, so I took it easy, feigning interest in the newly tiled bathrooms in back, a few moments looking at the video screen playing HBO. After a few more rounds, seemingly cat and mouse, he disappeared.

AHHHHHh rats! I played it too cool, didn't show enough interest. But then, there he is, in a booth, sitting, but not too "bottom" if you know what I mean (you know how some guys sorta crouch down, just waiting for any cock to come along?); still I couldn't quite get a take on him. So, I found a spot across from him, and just kept my gaze in his direction, and the light crotch-rubbing began over in his booth, and his eyes were more clearly on me, so I made my move. He grinned widely as I came in, I shut the door, his arms pulled me close, and it was a long, firm hug. Not a needy hug, but a warm, passionate hug. I began kissing the back of his neck, alternating light kisses and little nibbles, as barely audible moans came from him. He pulled my mouth to his, and we made out for quite awhile before either of us reached below the waist. It wasn't big, but thick and firm, and some really nice fuzzy balls. Real hairy, soft hair, the kind you wanna keep touching. We kissed a lot, which was good, and then I got down to get a closer look at those balls that felt so nice in my hands. Lightly licking, his hands gently at the back of my head, petting, getting firmer as my mouth got more forceful. Then the spot I love, right up under the balls, my goattee pushing in, him groaning, pushing me harder, me flicking my tongue, his cock pointing straight up, and I quickly gulped it down without him realizing I had repostioned myself until I had it all the way down. We actually stopped only a few moments after that, standing up, kissing for a long while, and taking turns "down there" - back and forth - for quite awhile. While we stood, I would stroke the soft hairs on his ass, kissing all around his face, as he cupped my balls and played with my cock. He got me real worked up when I was down under his balls again, and my sweat was dripping down onto my cock, which was flopping up and down, as if to try to catch each drop of sweat. He pulled me up, then got on his knees and took me all the way in, pulling my ass into him. I had a good rhythm going, but didn't want to cum before him. Eventually, it became clear that we were both thinking the same thing, cuz I would notice he'd stop each time he got close, too. But after awhile I knew if I yanked on my cock any longer without cumming, I wouldn't cum at all. Giving him quite a vocal warning that it would be soon (and hoping he'd join me), I buried my face under his balls (have you figured that's a favorite place for me yet?) and shot spunk all over the floor, his legs, somebody's clothes.....

He pulled me up, I sorta stumbled into him, and we stood leaning into each other for the longest time, letting our sweat mix some more, petting, stroking, small litlle kisses. I could feel a warm, quiet relaxation set in, almost sleep-like, which I thought might not be smart at 4am in a sexclub..... So, we grabbed our clothes, slowly dressed, exchanged first names, and I made my way out the door, walking upstairs to the cool night.