Tuesday, March 05, 2002

Has it been a week or more since I've had sex? Crap, with all this porno viewing/buying/selling lately, I can't think. But in the box of stuff I bought on Sunday, was a video from my Wish List, Dude, or it's proper French title, Le Beau Mec. I only skimmed thru it last night, but two things stick out about why I have fond memories about it. The story of a former hustler in Paris, Karl Forest narrates, talking about himself, why he's in Paris, etc. Both the original French, and an overdubbed translation are heard - I don't know why that works for me, perhaps because it played so often in the porn theatres years back, this soundtrack as I wandered the halls, "buddy booths", and glory holes of the Bijou back in Chicago, as well as the Bijou here in NYC. The other part, which is funny since I am not a smoker, is that this guy smokes during practically the whole film! Lots of shots of him doing everyday things, watching tv, sitting in a cafe, working out, and he seems to have a cigarette in every shot! The best of course is while he's getting blown by an older guy, no doubt a "john" and while his cock is quite involved, he just rests his head back, smokes cigarette after cigarette, until the guy finishes up. It's an early 80's movie, shot on film, and the guy has a very nice body, which the camera likes to linger over. And it has funny parts, too, like his fantasy sequence, dressed as a cop, a mob-guy, a soldier, having sex across some cheesey school desk in all three brief scenarios. It doesn't look like he's made any other films, or at least none that were made available here in the States. Nice addition to the ever-growing porn collection.