Monday, September 16, 2002

lubeboy's all coming back to me. He left around 6 a.m., after one last attempt to get me to "help him out." I should've known it would be a weird night, after talking to another guy at the Cock who just didn't get that I wasn't interested. He'd ask "Do you live in Manhattan" and respond to my answer with "WOW! really??!" Then "do you ever go to the Cock?" Another curt "yes" and he says "really??! When?" "Um, how about now, man" "Oh, I never see you here, and I'd remember you!" Ugh. I went to get a beer, and while handing over my 5 bucks, my t-shirt is being tugged at, from the top of the collar, hard. It's him. I turn with a nasty look, he moves forward. "Oh, does that bother you?"

I disappeared, leaning against a column of sorts, slurping the beer, watching two guys trade blowjobs near the front of the bar. I guess the backroom (20 feet away) was too far for them. Very hot, though. Going back to the overly lit backroom for the 4th time, I watch 2 guys go at it, one sitting on the couch slurping furiously at his tall, hugely hung partner. Slurper grabs my ass, trying to pull me in. I was content to watch, so neither encouraged nor discouraged him. As tall hung man moves towards a 3rd guy out of my view, slurper turns his attention more directly towards me, but then stands up, moving his butt into tall hung man. Now he kisses me passionately, pulling my cock out of my pants, stroking lightly. After another 15 minutes of maneuvering, and hugely tall (or was that hung?) man has gotten rather involved with 2 others, slurper asks me if i live nearby. He then confesses that he'll never get it up adequately here in this crowd, why don't we go to my place. I caution him that I'll be asleep within 10 minutes of getting home, he begs for 15 and whispers some barely audible filthy things in my ear. He starts to leave the backroom, holding my hand as I follow. Once we get to the front of the bar, he asks me to lead, and grabs my hand to be lead out into the street. I should have called the whole thing off when I saw he was wearing a TWILO t-shirt, but I was happy for the attention.

We talked a bit on the walk home, he had a slight Southern accent. He used the bathroom as soon as we got in, and when I returned from my turn, he was lying naked on the bed. I loaded about an hour's worth of music on WINAMP, and began to gently touch his balls with my tongue. Then the narration began. At first it wasn't so bad, a lot of "oh yeah, your _____ feels good; (verb) my (noun)" that sort of thing. But then it starts to get instructional, and I wasn't following his instructions, so he'd have to quickly change his narration to fit what I was actually doing. At one point, it got so bad I started to think of that Simpsons episode where Bart has Santa's Little Helper in dog-training school and is doing the "sit, stay, roll-over, lick that other dog's butt" routine. I supressed my laughter, and then the Rite-Aid bottle with lube comes out, and gets poured all over our genitals. Back at the Cock, he assured me he would get hard, and would get huge, and neither happend as far as I could tell from 3 am when we arrived, until he finally left.

Don't get me wrong, huge wasn't so important to me, except his narration kept including that word when talking about his limp dick that barely managed to stay in my mouth. "take my huge cock, oh yeah, you like that big dick, doncha?" And he kept putting lube on, and making that squish squish squish sound that I thought only happened in mid-80's porn videos when he jerked himself. As the Grace Jones song came on, the last one I programmed, I realized it had been an hour of this, and I was gearing to cum, and get this over with. He could tell I was getting ready, and begged me to wait, more lube on him, more shifting of positions (did I mention the position-shifting? constant maneuvering and re-maneuvering, these tweekers really need to start adding Qualudes to their diet), squish squish.

I started getting lost in my own thoughts, mostly "please god make him go" as well as "damn, I forgot to get half-and-half, the morning's gonna suck." Somehow I managed to wrangle my dick from his hands (he lept pulling it away from me, and it was like a bad wrestling match which I always gave up on until then to get my cock back). Under these circumstances I would normally have extreme difficulty getting hard, but he started talking about the hugely hung tall guy from the backroom, and how hot it would be with him. Sproing! And it got there quick, he narrated my jerking for awhile as I then tried to tune him out, I stood up over him, and despite his "wait, waits" he finally gave up and started encouraging and splat! splat! splat! I was done.

Surprisingly, he pulled me down to lie on top of him, and wanted to cuddle. His hands were gently stroking my body, it felt good, and I was lulled into a half-sleep. I could hear him maneuvering around again, and he was doing some sort of squish squish on the other side of the bed, but I kept my eyes shut and prayed he'd finish up. I'm pretty sure I did fall asleep, if still aware of his presence while dozing, and he alternated touching me and squishing on himself. Finally he says, "gee, I should let you get some sleep" I opened my eyes, and said "yeah, it's been more than 15 minutes" He responded with "can you suck my dick for just one more minute and I'll leave" I couldn't contain my laughter, but tried to make it good-hearted laughter with a bit of weariness as I said, "man, you gotta be kidding, I'm going to sleep" He laughed, asked if he could shower (that quart of lube on his body must've been getting to him finally) and I agreed, and 5 minutes later, ushering him out, I see it's 6:07 Monday morning. Ugh