Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Just because you're paranoid............
Finally back in the eBay auction business, and guess what? Took them less than 5 hours from posting a Drummer magazine to ending that auction as a violation. Which has to mean I am either on a "watch" list of theirs, or someone who has an inside track has something against me. Ok, that does sound paranoid. But eBay just doesn't move that fast! The funny thing is, it's merely a special SPANKING issue - hence this "rule" was violated:

"Titles or descriptions containing terms that imply any kind of graphic violence or bodily injury in a sexual setting or otherwise. Some examples of prohibited information would be reference to “BDSM” (S & M), “spanking”, or “gangbang”".

The first sentence is in their rules; the "examples" part of that is nowhere to be found. A quick look through their non-adult sections will yield plenty of "spanking" items, including info on how to spank your children, and an unusual amount of spanking stuff from Great Britain. Within the adult section, more spanking, and tons and tons of BONDAGE items. I can only guess that the good folks at eBay just don't know what the letter B D S M stand for, eh?