Sunday, October 12, 2003

By the time he was on his knees in front of me, it took only 4 forceful thrusts as I held the back of his head before I had to pull out, shooting all over his muscled-up chest. We both laughed, probably for slightly different reasons, as he got up, I patted his head and pulled my jockstrap back on. We had done the cat-and-mouse thing for a while, and only 15 minutes earlier I had finally gotten the clearest signal from him yet - while some guy was chomping on him, he reached into the air for me, standing and watching 4 feet away, and as I got closer, he grabbed my balls and held them tight. He suddenly stood up, his partner disengaged, and he whispered in my ear, "I gotta piss" as he walked off.

The first time I spotted this unlikely partner (nice body, muscular, but smooth and he had one of those baseball caps hiding most of his face), we were both in the basement room, several men standing around, stroking while looking at the others in the room. Without my glasses, I have a hard time telling if someone is looking at me, or past me, and so I couldn't tell if he was looking in my direction, or towards one of the other guys. And one of the other guys near me was quite handsome, much more my type. His hair was practically white, with some grey, silver and a bit of black. His mustache was the opposite, mostly black, with bits of white, grey, and silver sprinkled in - and it was thick and full. Muscled up as well in a smaller frame, but covered in fuzz - his chest hair matching his head, mostly white, and I yearned to stroke it. But I couldn't get a read on this guy, despite him standing only 2 feet away.

During the course of the night, he and I passed each other several times, but each time he gave me the look-through - that not-seeing look, which wasn't a look of no interest, but more "I don't see you yet and therefore I'll make up my mind later" look. Which is what happened. While walking past him in that darkest room in the back, some guy slurping on his clearly tasty cock, he made up his mind by grabbing my balls and pulling me close. The cocksucker below him was one of those easily distracted types, constantly looking around the room as he did a "I'm not really into this" blowjob. Ugh. I hate that type. But anyway, white-hair-guy pulls me closer, and his mustache is soon on my beard, and he tastes good. His kissing is passionate, the cocksucker strays off, and we are now chest to chest, and I can tell this man is gonna cum soon. His chest hair is soft - the kind you'd like to wake up to, irresistibly touchable. He's whacking as I'm pulling hard and slightly twisting his full balls. His mouth gets more passionate, I'm pulling his head deeper into my face with my hand on the back of his head. And boom (or splurt), he's shooting all over my crotch. We're still kissing, but at a slower pace, and he's still holding my balls. We slowly come apart, smile into each other's eyes, and silently break away, me not sure if I really want to wash up just yet, pulling the jockstrap back up, full of his cum and my hard-on.