Thursday, October 16, 2003

It's hard

to pick out just the right Jack Wrangler scene, ya know? Last night I watched Steve Scott's Wanted, and Jack's opening scene blowjob (complete with slo-mo cumshot) is quite good. Then today I'm watching Lancer Brooks's (aka Tom DeSimone) Heavy Equipment, and the 3-way scene with Jack and 2 construction guys is great. And of course I realize I am looking at the LUCKIEST MAN EVER IN PORNO, EVER - Chris Adams! Handsome enough in his own right (slim, trim build, yummy mustache) but he's smack dab in the middle of the only filmed scene of Jack Wrangler and Al Parker having sex! At one point he's got both their cocks pointed in his face, and soon enough, he's sitting on Al's schlong while Jack is face-fucking him from above. Nice work if you can get it, eh?

But, alas dear readers, as good as the scene is, I'm not sure I can show it. For one, it's in 3-D, so there would be that blurry look, not to mention parts of it aren't filmed too well (actually, the print that the video producers used is the problem, the original film might be just fine) and more importantly, the scene is over 12 minutes long, and it's just too difficult to know which 4 or 5 minute bit would really give you the right feel for the scene. And of course, there are other Wrangler films that I must skim through (the scenes in Gemini with Richard Locke, the orgy scene in Jack Deveau's A Night at the Adonis, or Jack as the window washer in Sex Magic with Roger; then there's the 3-way gloryhole scene in Dynamite.....) And of course, one of his best is his whack-off scene in Joe Gage's Kansas City Trucking, but I've already showed that here, and my dear Chas already has a copy (as should everyone). OK, wish me luck in finding just the right Jack Wrangler scene.