Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Gosh, I gotta get rid of a lot of stuff in this place, and fast. Speaking of - I finally have an extra copy of that 1966 Greenleaf Classic Song Of The Loon, so that's up for auction; plus I grabbed several Joseph Hansen / Dave Brandstetter mystery books - a gay detective (nope, not a sex book, so go ahead, take a look at the current auctions) series. I'm currently reading Glory Hole Murders, set in New Orleans in the 1980's, but by a different author, Tony Fennelly - I'm about half way through it - so far, not bad.

I almost had a pornoclip, but I ain't much in the mood, and then the programs I use to convert VHS to .avi to .wmv files seems to be acting erratically (like me, I suppose) so no promises on that front.