Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Screen Play

directed by: Steve Scott (1984)

Starring: Lee Ryder, Eric Ryan, Jon King, Michael Carr, Robert Vega, Brian Palmer, Champ Larue, Michael Braun, Danny Combs

So let's say you're Eric Ryan (who you may remember from such films as: Boys of Venice, Jobsite, Tough Guys, Non-Stop and various Target/Bullet loops), directing a porno flick, and you've just fallen for drifter Lee Ryder (who you may remember from such films as: Spokes, Huge I, Huge II, The Biggest One I Ever Saw and A Few Good Men). Then you're assistant, Robert Vega (who you may remember from such films as: Daddy Dearest, Juice, and International Skin) telephones your bearded hairy lover Michael Braun (aka Mike Braun) (who you may remember from his first porno performance in Dangerous as well as in Gold Rush Boys) to let him know that this doesn't seem to be the usual temporary crush. Arriving on the scene, Braun sets up Jon King (who you certainly remember from such films as Members Only, The Biggest One I Ever Saw, Fade In, the "sequel," Fade Out, Brothers Should Do It and He's Gotta Have It) - your other assistant, who you've already boinked earlier in the plot - to have sex with Lee Ryder to prove he's nothing special. Throw in some voyeurism/exhibitionism, roommate whacking off while sniffing sleeping naked roommate's crotch (with the T.V. on, Martin Sheen's and Harvey Keitel's voices from the 1979 film Eagle's Wing as a unique erotic soundtrack), a just-out-on the shower blowjob for Ryder from Vega (this was before Eric Ryan got his hands on Ryder), and a few other nice tidbits, and you have this great film. Anyway, this is the final scene, where Jon King doesn't mind being used to show Lee Ryder isn't a one-man man, and Braun brings his lover Eric Ryan over to see. I won't spoil the ending, but you could always bid on my extra copy I have up on eBay, eh? And there's always one available from my good friends at Bijou Video.