Tuesday, July 20, 2004


I'm really bad on following up on stuff (ask the guys who got the velcro cockrings,and now I can't find the pics they submitted; or the guys who keep asking about EYEBROWMAN). But short term, here we go. - remember the bandwidth hog? The following day, a different #pops up, and thanks to 2 dozen emails telling me how to trace these things, it's coming from the same source. But then it died down, and no one place seems to be grabbing bandwidth. But to me, the funniest thing is that of all the stuff I've been posting about lately, that one got the most responses of all - possibly about ANYTHING ever. I thought you guys were porno fans, not geeks! FREE STUFF. First time around, no one wanted any of those books; 2nd time around 2 emails. (I realize it wasn't great stuff, but.. hey, both you guys, it's in the mail) Jesse Ditmar = Michael Kearns? - 3 responses, all saying they were sure I was wrong. Finally I realized I had the BUCKSHOT/COLT video Private Party with Ditmars, and checked it out. Nope, I was wrong (it ain't often you'll see that in print, so note the date). Both men are hot,hot hot - but they are 2 different guys - each only doing a porno once. Ditmar a solo, and Kearns, cocksucking/dirtytalk without ever showing his stuff. (and an interesting guess at the TUNE that played during the L A TOOL scene - swearing it was from Jesus Christ Superstar; which compelled me (I know, I know, THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU) to do the WinMX thing and find the song, compare, and email the guy back that he was mistaken.) SEND ME YOUR BOXERS - nothing, nada, no one, WTF? Seriously, men. I've torn 2 pairs this week - surely some of you must have some boxers you dont need? Medium or large, 100% cotton (I know beggars shouldn't be choosers, but these balls need an all-cotton home). What do I have to do, promise to look for more discardable VHS gay porno? Show a little cock to get some attention here? (and please, no jokes about my little cock; very very thenthitive lately)