Saturday, August 14, 2004

He seemed to be trying to make eye contact as I brushed past him and entered the dark room, but he seemed to be leaving it. So I didn't move too far past, standing in the middle of the room, my back to him. But I could tell that he had stopped, now leaning against a wall. I surveyed the room - a blowjob here, two butts propped up there. I slowly turned halfway around, trying to be noncommittal as I tried to see what he was doing. Our eyes met, and he let out a sheepish half-smile. Even cuter that way. Tall, somewhat boyish, and one of those small bits of below-the-lip, above the chin triangles of hair. As I moved closer, his hand touched my chest, and I grabbed his chin lightly. It was a while before our mouths dared to meet, but we used our hands on each other's chests, balls, and eventually cocks. Then mouths on necks, mouth on nipple, mouth on balls. Then kissing. Sweet boy, with his playful teasing kisses, but as good as that was, I also wanted to go lower. His crotch smelled like he might have cum earlier, but this just meant he'd take longer, and we had more time.