Sunday, March 14, 2010

workin on it...

i think the answer is moving on to another blogging application. blogger changed several things, not the least of which is you no longer have a choice about the NAVBAR (thanks to all the emailers, but all those instructions work on the OLD blogger). So, wordpress? i dunno; taking me a long time jsut to get the template to resemble somethign i would like, and by default everything has "comments" - which i don't want on my site - and while you can "disable comments" the actual clickable link for it stays up, which would only prove frustrating to any reader clicking and not being able to do the thing i don't want them to do but they wouldn't know that cuz the linky thing is there.

the other annoying thing blogger did was require me to create a subdomain - - and even though after that, and seeing some of the problems it created, i tried to convert my archives BACK to this format: - something in blogger converts them to the new format, ( which disables the pics, and the videolinks..... grrrrrrr

so, if i get my hand out of my ass later, who knows, maybe i can get a better handle on this. wish me luck!