Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Hallelujah! He was shorter than me! This was going to be a fine working relationship. Dark-haired, with a rugged Gentleman's Quarterly face and the body of a well-endowed gorilla, Roger was a natural. He was born to be a sex idol. It was immediately apparent to me that there was a vast difference between us. Evan as we were being introduced I was painfully aware that I was a carefully merchandised, somewhat handsome actor playing the role of a virile male animal. He was the real thing. Roger the hunk. Roger the perfect sex machine. Even his teeth were perfect. His smile was natural. His naiveté' was honest. Maybe I had been able to create a pretty convincing portrait of a sex symbol, but next to Roger I was no longer a portrait. I was a cheap print, and I was absolutely sure that everyone in the room knew it. - Jack Wrangler, from: The Jack Wrangler Story: What's A Nice Guy Like You Doing?

Arrgghhhh! Goshdarnit! I tried, really I did - 3 friggin times - to covert a clip from that classic 3-D gay porno film, Heavy Equipment from VHS to a digital file, but ARRGGHHHH!