Tuesday, January 31, 2006


JUICE, it's a wild sensation; JUICE, it's an inspiration"

director: Arthur Bressan, Jr. (1984)

Starring: Michael Christopher, Butch LaCross, Vincent Thomas, Robert Vega, Emilio Leone, Eric Ryan, Francesco Lorca, Jeff Stone, Jeremy Scott

"Juice is a photo porn mag run by demanding sexpot Eric Ryan, who interrupts photographer Michael Christopher with a sexbuddy to give a seemingly impossible deadline: new photos by Monday."

I think Michael Christopher is excellent here, as he was in another Arthur Bressan Jr film, Pleasure Beach - and not just because he has that huge thick piece of meat, and fantastic cum loads, but he's also a sensitive actor, who can really feel the anguish and pain his characters....... heheHE!! Like that film, this one also has a theme song - and here's another attempt at a contest - be the first to submit the full lyrics to the tune heard in the trailer, and I might let you pic out a DVD-R copy from my list of videos.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Haven't spent much time here at this blog, other than to post pics and videos from stuff I'm selling (although I don't think many of you are worried about that, the stats tell me folks keep coming back - thanks!) Am just beginning my new schedule at work, which means only 4 workdays at the restaurant, and 3 "free days" - most notably Saturdays off, so me and the BF have ONE day a week where we both have the full day off. We lucked out this weekend, with temps here in NYC hitting the mid 50's. We wound up spending a good chunk of the day in Central Park, a place I rarely go to (uptown, ya know?) but such a great day!

We had been walking around for hours, as were a bazillion other people - birdwatching, people-watching, dog-watching, sunning on a rock near one of the ponds like seals, stuff like that. As we were getting tired and were heading out of the park, I noticed in the trees an owl. I got very excited, as not until our trip to Ohio last week had I ever actually seen an owl in the wild/outdoors before - it happened twice, in fact. So, we're slowly walking towards it, perched in a tree in a ravine, so he was still more or less at eyelevel as we walked towards him carefully and quietly. Then I realized he wasn't an owl at all, and I called out in a whisper: "honey, it's NOT an owl, what the... oh my, it's a hawk!" Just then I realized a couple of young boys, and their Dad, were doing the same thing, slowly walking over in awe. As I got to the edge of the little ravine's wall, I stopped and knelt down. The kids sat down with Dad, and my BF attempted to get some decent pics with his digital camera. After a short while, we noticed other people joining us, but all were quiet and respectful, no sudden noises, just subtle pointing and whispers. By the time we left, a crowd of about 20-25 people were gathered, admiring the beautiful bird, and probably equally as happy as us that they came to the park.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Brothers Should Do It

Director: William Higgins (1981)

Starring: J.W. King, Jon King, Giorgio Canali, Jamie Wingo, Derrick Stanton, Brad Peters, Jack Burke, Brad Scott, Jimmy Jagger, Kip Noll

"There has always been something special between J.W. and his kid brother Jon, who idolizes him. Jon and J.W. King are reunited following a four-year separation, and Jon brings his big brother up to date on what's been happening in the big city." - basically - SEX! (duh) - but the two brothers exchange sex stories, and the one where Jon (little brother) is both top and bottom for Jamie Wingo is fantastic. Needless to say, all this sex talk gets the brothers quite horny, and the final scene is the two of them getting it on. It's actually quite fantastic, as each performer is always a pro, and here there is clearly some serious passion between these two men.

Of course, selling this on eBay!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


director: Spencer Logan (1975)

Starring: Michael Hardwick, Dwayne Carter, James Rugman (AKA Jamie Gillis), Wade Nichols (Dennis Parker), Bobby Niles

"The story revolves around a hunky athlete of a wealthy background and his college roommate just getting into sex when they are kidnapped, held for ransom, and fucked silly. A vehicle for good-looking singer and actor Wade Nichols (a.k.a. Dennis Parker, who later had a recurring role on the daily soap "The Edge Of Night" as Police Chief Derek A. Mallory), - not too mention his disco album, "Fly Like An Eagle."

This scene shows Jamie Gillis (credited as James Rugman) seeming to try to make his kidnapping cohort Wade Nichols jealous by kissing, smacking, and otherwise fooling around with Dwayne Carter (while Wade keeps busy with Michael Hardwick). I like the Che Guevara poster in the background; nice touch, isn't it? I've ommited the CRISCO portion of the scene (yes, Jamie's manly hand goes right up his captive's little bee-hind), which is no longer in print (of course the full version IS the video I'm selling on eBay).

Monday, January 23, 2006

working hard on posting some videos - (see my Ebay page if interested) - so far: Hot Shots 45: Latin Fever, Dirk Yates Private Collection 33, Carnival Tails, Ranger Nick II, BULLET PAC 10: Hot Latinos and Cops, Jocks & Military Feet (a non-sex foot fetish video, with about 20 minutes with PAUL BARESSI's feet!)
Sex Magic

This picture of Jack Wrangler must be from the Jack Deveau's film "Sex Magic", as I recognize the outfit. Jack portrays a window washer who jacks off outside of Roger's apartment before being invited in for more hot sex. They really strapped him outside of this Upper West Side apartment's window for the film shoot!

So yes, I'm back in town, but a bit busy catching up on bills, shipping off some porno that got paid for whilst I was out of town, and then of course getting some new auctions ready tonight and this week. Wish me luck

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

gone fishin'

director: Joe Gage (1977)

Starring: starring: Richard Locke and Fred Halsted; plus Clay Russell, Guillermo Ricardo, Keith Anthoni, Mike Morris , Jared Benson , Lou Davis, Steve King, Aaron Taylor, Robert Snowden, Ken Brown, Rob Carter, Jeanne Marie Marchaud, Veronica Compton, and in non-sexual roles Georgina Spelvin, and Stan Braddock; plus "The Wrecking Corps" - Hal Dorn, Joe Gage, Ty Harper, Delmer Jackson, Yank Jankowski, Christian Laage, Buck Lingren, Ed Murray, Bill Oberfeldt, and Al Yeager

OK, boys, no doubt I am out of town when you read this. Sorry, no actual pornography in this clip, just the opening sequence from one of my all-time fave films, El Paso Wrecking Corp. If you have one of those bad later copies of this video, this scene is rather chopped up and unintelligable (sp?) - but this is the scene where Richard Locke and Fred Halsted get fired from their jobs at the Kansas City Trucking Company, and therefore are off, on the road, to El Paso in search of work. The haunting theme music alone always gives me a woody!

Saturday, January 14, 2006


director: Toby Ross (1979)

Starring:Clayton Erp, Terry Winter, Peanuts, Michael Mooney, David Larson, Gary Nelson

"Toby Ross's gander at the bitchin' 1950's, a time when young manhood was innocent, yet rampant, and everyone was doin' it like bunnies; in a light-hearted sex comedy that's been called the Gay American Graffiti. A finger-snapping soundtrack (with a bit of narration) captures music of the time while sex takes place and the cast hang around a car hop and elsewhere."

Thursday, January 12, 2006

who is he f^*king?

Chances are you porno fans can figure out who the top guy is (f^*ker), but can you name the f^*kee (bottom guy with clothespins), and which film this is from? Interestingly enough, the magazine I got this shot from has a whole section on this scene, which I've never seen in my copy of this film from 1981. Which makes me wonder if the BETA version that I've never been able to view might have the complete film, including this scene. So, if you can name both men, and the film this was (supposed to be) in, I will "lend you, indefinately" a DVD copy of something from my collection. One winner only, so first person who gets it, gets it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I needed to re-scan the pic below (if you saw it earlier you saw those annoying white specs), so I decided to scan this man's butt, too.

say cheese!

lovely Steve Taylor (Al Parker's BF) anticipating lunch

From an upcoming auction, A Surge Studio magazine called SURF'S UP, 1980 - with Steve Taylor, Jack Hudson, and Brad Scott. Another magazine from this series, called The Stretch, looks like a real collector's item - it has luscious MIKE DAVIS in a stretch limo with Steve Taylor (and you'd think having Al Parker for a boyfriend would be enuf for a man - this Steve really gets around!)

Monday, January 09, 2006

another tune I love, and have probably posted about before....

A good chunk my weekend I was enjoying (maybe "enjoy" isn't quite right word, but it'll do for now) Marianne Faithfull's A Perfect Stranger C D compilation. I know a bazillion folks have done it; I even just listened to both Muddy Water's and Nina Simone's version, but Faithfull's version from the film of the same name - Trouble In Mind, is just fantastic. I think it would be cool, as well, to hear George Jone's 1965 version of the tune. Anyone out there got it?

ride me
3 days without posting means either lots of time with boyfriend, or fighting with boyfriend, right? I'll never tell. (but have I ever mentioned how much I love MAKE UP SEX?) meanwhile, we (BF and I) are planning a trip out of town (who the hell goes to OHIO in January???) next week, and I am struggling with what to do with the blogpage. I thought I would just post a link to Best Bear Blogs, but not all the guys on the list update that regularly. Then I figured I could just list all the links contained in the drop-down menu above, [elsewhere], but that's kinda lame, too. So maybe I should just ask for suggestions - folks out there who want a few more hits and think their website is kinda cool, interesting, or just different (lame, boring, and pitiful also have their place, so don't hesitate it those descriptions are more apt). I will warn ya that asking alone ain't gonna get a link posted in my "GONE FISHING, check out these cool places" post next Monday. And websites that are just a bunch of nekkid hairless allegedly str8 guys doing it with other alleged str8 guys with links to paysex sites ain't gonna get posted (but thanks for linking to me, guys!).... but entertain me with why you wanna get linked up here, by emailing me.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


director: Steve Scott (1982)

Starring: Mike Braun & Jim Rogers; Chris Burns, Rick Faulkner, Steve Taylor, Dixon Hardy, Jeff Stevens, Mike McDonald (not to mention the 'cameo' appearance in the last scene of Al Parker's cock thru the glory hole!)

A typical old-fashioned love story. Lover (bearded Mike Braun in his first porn movie) calls Jim Rogers (who you may recognize from the Tenderfoot and the Cowboy clip I posted a few weeks back) in the middle of the night to get him out of jail. He's been arrested - again - for tearoom sex. After getting him out of jail, they make up and have passionate bedsex. But Rogers wants to know why (WHY, WHY!) his BF seeks this sort of Dangerous activity. So he consults a professional to get advise on this problem - the local bartender, who tells him a few hot stories (like the clip above with Al Parker's real-life BF Steve Taylor as the "businessman" who blows, and gets fucked thru a gloryhole by the bartender, Rick Faulkner, who shoots a lovely, lovely load). It's not long before he decides to try it out for himself. As with any good porno story, this one has a happy and satisfying ending, with the two lovers going to the tearooms and working on hard thick cock together. (And the final scene is great, them doing an uncredited AL PARKER!) And of course, I'm selling this on eBay. sorry, but auction ends this evening, January 5th.

just a pic I took today

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Well, that's what I thought the sign in Thompkins Square Park said. I was imagining all these hairy bear asses cruising the park waiting for my mouth to (oh, wait, I only do ONE hairy bear ass these days).... oh, wait - I was imagining it, so it's still ok, right honey?

anyhoo, in all seriousness, it's one of those post-holiday events that makes the winter here somewhat bearable (there's that word again); I just love the scent of these piles of Xmas trees lying in the park, waiting to get munched, er, mulched. And then the entire park smells just amazing, the pinemulch scent fills the air for a good week after it's spread around the park. For you locals - check it out: MulchFest 2006 - apparently, if you get there between 10am and 2pm this weekend, you can even get your very own bag of mulch for your gardening purposes.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

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