Friday, February 28, 2003

Oh by the way, which one's Pink?


Andy just posted the B-52's song Give Me Back My Man, which always takes me back to Mobile Alabama, spring of 1982. My first boyfriend, a hairdresser, and his 3 drag queen best friends. We spent all our time at the Hard Act, this gay bar that had just opened (the night I met the bf, my Members Only jacket got stolen). The club had drag shows, mostly the usual "Over The Rainbow" and other wailing diva-ish stuff. I'm sure I've written about this before. It wasn't much my thing, but having a bf twice as hairy as me, and the chance to get off campus to do my drinking and dope-smoking was enuf of an excuse to hang out. But it was the older of the 3 drag queens who got me to begin to appreciate the drag queens (typical sitcom types - one older, wiser, quieter one - the other 2 always listened attentively when she spoke; one obnoxious bigoted boisterous one; and my fave, the sweet one who was saving money for "the operation" while putting herself thru secretary school) She's the one who suprised me one night coming out on stage with hair about 3 stories high as the opening notes of Give Me Back My Man blasted from the speakers - strutting around like mad, and I swear she had a plastic fish that she threw at the unknowing and mostly "uncool" audience as she lip synced "i'll give you fish" - and I was in heaven!
Has anyone seen PAUL BARRESI, SUPERSTAR? I'm just wondering how much, if any, actual gay sex there is - all the "gay" stuff of him I've seen is either solo jerk-offs, or the Control T Studios "spanking coach/daddy" stuff (and the str8 fuck in L A Tool & Die). Anyone?
speedo boner

Thursday, February 27, 2003

HEY! eBay seller jxbyd999 has several of those hard-to-find, no-longer-manufactured, TRU-FIT JOCKSTRAPs w/Mesh Pouch (I got both of mine from him awhile back).

One man on a lonely platform
Speaking of orange, us lucky New Yorkers get to stay orange (as we have for 17+ months now) while the rest of you (Americans) go from orange to yellow; meanwhile, those still stuck in the pre-terror 80's simply Fade To Grey.
I'm kinda new to this "referral" thing, but apparently if you go to NAUGHTYBITS via my auctionpage link above, and you sign up, or bid and win something, I get a few cents! 2 bucks in my account so far - thanks fellas! Also, I just noticed someone posted Getting It, the magazine over there - looks good!

Wednesday, February 26, 2003


"Hey, I don't wanna hear about your girlfriend"

director: Philip St. John (1985)

Starring: Jim Bentley, Shawn Michaels, Dane Ford, Rick Donovan, Jon King, M Ramsey, Erick Stevens, Tiege Thomas, Chris Thompson, Biff Warner, Chris Burns, Chris Allen, Tony Garret.

Jim Bentley has the hots for roommate Shawn Michaels (who wouldn't after the sexy way he puts his short short running shorts on?). They are supposed to go to a party (guys only, who only talk about wanting chicks) but Shawn takes off with some chick before they get there, and Jim gets stoned in a van with two blond guys, who notice his hardon and can't help themselves. Later at the party, Shawn catches Chris Allen looking at his dick, and to "punish" him, he makes him suck it. Then a bunch of guys line up to screw someone near the pool, and some other guys have sex upstairs, and of course there's the fantasy scen (you can tell it's a fantasy, since there's a smoke machine blowing while guys are in leather gear). Oh yeah, the theme song, "Getting It" - it totally rocks.

Gosh, 2:30, still in my underwears and drinking coffee. That box of porn that arrived yesterday has been keeping me busy. Busy cataloguing, of course. Speaking of porno, Jhames (who, by the way, is such a sweetheart - somehow he found out I don't have a driver's license, and has offered me a ride somewhere....... not sure where, though... but I digress) is still reviewing those GAY PORNO DVD's. Speaking of porno (am I repeating myself?) the YOKO VOTES still outnumber the GETTING IT votes, so, I'll just leave the Yoko link up, and delete the Porno clip I worked so hard on uploading and all...

ok - so I didn't actually say to write in and vote..... but after counting the ballots - er, ballot, which basically said:

More Yoko-Less Porno!!!!!!!!

(actually, the email said "Ono PLEASE OH PLEASE Ono" approximately 7 million times, then "more Ono, less Porno") -- so, here ya go ---- Walking Tenaglia Mix

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

I knew a girl who tried to walk across the lake....
hmmm. I have to pick which to post - the 12 minute Danny Tenaglia 2003 remix of Yoko Ono's Walking On Thin Ice
the movie trailer clip of Philip St. John's 1985 porno film Getting It - which starred Jim Bentley and Shawn Michaels as roommates who go to a party with 30 other "hot studs" including Jon King, Rick Donovan, David Ashfield and other stars of the era.

testing, testing...
OK, who's got a copy of BUTT #5 and is it true that there are naked Matmos pics? And if so, please please please scan and email them to me, please.
POST TO WATCH --- 40 GAY DVD Reviews from Jhames - I see one so far....
Can I watch?
From the "couples i love to hate/hate to love" department - Spike and Fur In L.A.

Monday, February 24, 2003

Here I am, sitting around in my boxers, sipping coffee, reading crap blogs, having just made some phonecalls to straighten a few things out and enjoying my new disc, 100th Window, when the phone rings. Ya know, normally I don't answer the phone, but let the answering machine pick up (bill-collectors), but as I had several conversations, including a few left messages, this morning, I figured I ought to answer. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Work. And he asks for "Mike" - ya gotta love it when your boss doesn't even remember your name after 6 months of work! Granted, he's not a morning person either (even though he works during the day), and after I said "you have the wrong number" he remembered my name (we don't even have a "Mike" at work!). Day shift counter clerk called out sick at the last minute, so I promised I would be there no later than 1pm. Which means, rush to post office, come back, clean up, and head over to Ave A for a double shift -- 1pm until midnight (but hell, i need the money!)

p.s. the album is great, I'm loving it!

The rumour is that Mr. Aiden Shaw (and The Whatever - I think that's the name of his band) will be performing at Bowery Bar tomorrow, Tuesday night. Never been there, but I have greeted some of the patrons fleeing that place on Tuesday nights (Beige Bar, or Beige Night, or Bland Night, whatever...) at House of Regrets, which is conveniently located one block east of Bowery Bar. Not sure I'll make it, but ya never know.

Sunday, February 23, 2003

This gentleman works for Colt. He also happens to be modeling a simple leather cockring, one much like what I've been wearing for the past 2 days, which will be posted on NAUGHTYBITS tonight or tomorrow. Now, I'm not saying that buying my cockring and wearing it will make you look like this guy, but....

Saturday, February 22, 2003


Colt model Toby did much of his modeling work in the early to mid 70's, plus a couple of films for Colt as well. I can think of that great one with Bruno, plus perhaps the most famous, Chute, with Al Parker. Then he popped up in a 1982 film called Workout, from Britain's fashion photographer Alan Purnell (who was also editor of Him Monthly (aka Him Exclusive), published from 1976 thru the early 80's, I think, which also produced the film), but there appears to be little or no info on him since. The folks at Colt Studios rarely, if ever, answer questions about thier models, and I've been asked recently about the whereabouts of Toby; anyone out there have an idea?

Friday, February 21, 2003

the scent of soldier, ex-fratjock, and shiny snap pants

OH MY! - this Hot Jock Lycra Bare Front Swim / Pool Thong is definately the best auction I've seen today!

WHAT THE HELL WAS I SMOKING LAST NIGHT???? (oh yeah, it was actually some pretty good dope, that a friend passed on to me for free!) - so, excuse the momentary lapse in judement and taste - I listened to t.A.T.u. again, and they sound like friggin' chipmunks! I need to return to what I'm good at, porno, and the occasional liberal rant about whatever's buggin me. Got some free porn yesterday, in fact. Something called Truckstop Daddy which looked promising at first, as it looked like Steve Hurley (aka Titpig) was gonna get it on with his thick-dicked subboy, stay-at-home lover Eric Masterson (remember him in that great scene in Titan's Boner with Blake Harper?) - but alas, Eric's scene has him cheating with some bland guy (although, even though it's the third scene in the video, it's the first with actual kissing, which Masterson is clearly into), and Titpig does the usual with a frequent video partner, Buster. Too bad Masterson doesn't have a webpage!
MMMMMMMMMM, can you say Canali?

I'm probably the last one on the block to hear about this pseudo lesbian teen girl Eastern European import known as t.A.T.u, but the tune and video ain't bad (that is, if you like teen girls making out in the rain wearing their school uniforms). So of course it's rather fitting that they cover The Smith's How Soon Is Now? - (yeah, dude , you'll probably hate it, but go ahead and download it anyway)

Thursday, February 20, 2003

I'm sure the Welcome Back Committee is quite busy for this guy; but I certainly didn't expect to see the word "backroom" 5 times in one post on his page! (Link courtesy of submeat, another delightful name for a blog.)
gosh, I'm looking forward to tommorrow; finally a full day off. I realize that getting out of the house by 11am 4 days in a row, then by noon the next 2 days, isn't a big deal for most people, but I have the HARDEST time getting my act together so early! Of course, having the extra work this week will certainly help the dent the dental work did to my finances, so when I get the money for the work, I'll be grateful.

Sex? Did someone mention sex? I did try to have sex Sunday night, venturing out on my bike during the snowstorm, having a beer, but seeing no one of particular interest (and being the shy one, more importantly, no one seemed interested in me) so I headed back downtown for House of Regrets. Despite the weather, but probably because many had President's Day off, there was a good amount of men roaming and pacing and leering. After several minutes of joining in this activity myself, a man older than myself smiled as I passed his cubicle, so I invited myself in. Up and down, back and forth exchanges of kneeling and thrusting, soon he started the dirty talk. But it was lame dirty talk, like he was reading the back of a cereal box. Descriptions of what he would do with his "boy" if he could take his "boy" home plus 2 grams of polyunsaturatedfat and 100% of my RDA of vitamins floated through my head as it became harder and harder for me to stay, well, hard. I gave him the ol' pat-pat on the back "gee I need a break" routine, we both smiled weakly and zipped up, me leaving him in his stuffy room.

More pacing, and I went to one of the back cubicles, shut the door and smoked a bit of dope. I continued the pacing, then settled on a different cubicle and leaned against the door, glaring at eyeing the other men as they paced. Soon a man parked himself in a booth across the aisle, did the grab-grab thing through his pocket to show he had a cock while half-looking in my direction, then boldly moved out of his booth and within inches of me. I tried the "I'm not sure yet" look, but the warmth of his body nearing mine forced me to slowly move a few inches back into the booth, still looking in his direction, the universal code for "c'mon in, let's see what ya got." Another guy a few years older than me, he was slim, and his jeans were loose, hanging low, and showing off a hairy torso as I lifted his shirt for inspection. Light kissing, then ball-licking, lots of grabbing, kneeling, slurping, and it was clear he was much closer to finishing up than me, so I asked him to. Lifting my shirt, and clearly indicating where he ought to shoot, he did just as instructed; then with sheepish smiles we got dressed.

Bachelor number 3, otherwise known as "old reliable" kept giving me the old "c'mere smile", so I did, we said our hellos, we hugged like old friends, and started the grabfest. We've gone through the motions several times before, but I had forgotten what a nice set of balls he has, and how much he likes them played with. Grabbing, licking, and especially twisting, he was getting very excited, moaning and groaning, we switched places, things were going in the right direction, we swithced back, I was getting very ready and very close, then I got the ol' pat-pat on the back "gee I need a break" routine from him! Oh. Okay. Well, guess I'll pull my pants off from the floor, and untwist my longjohns, and see if I can stuff my inflated cock back inside without hurting myself.

By then it was 3:30 in the morning, and I paced for only a few more minutes before I did a reality check. Any newcomers would be quite drunk, and by now the snow would probably be quite beautiful, so it wasn't hard to pull myself away from all these stumbling men in this dank, dark place. The ride home was treacherous, but in a fun way - slipping and sliding, cars honking, me ignoring them, and finally get to my block, where a plow had basically made the street impossible to get to without getting off the bike and walking it thru the huge mounds of snow. Of course I did the obligatory snow-angel in front of my building, then headed inside for a raid on the refrigerator.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

'Coz I'm looking for something to believe in

Don't ask me how I missed this one, but parusing the web the other day, I found that The Pretenders recorded a version of Something To Believe In!! It's pretty good, but such a different feel from the Ramones's original version of Something To Believe In

Remember the velcro cockring give-away? Finally heard from the 2nd of 4 or 5 guys, so I may need to hound the others, or should I just embarrass them publicly here? But even though I am in a rush (late for some work for a friend), I must say the photos I got today were quite delicious! I love hard-ons (like you didn't know that already...)

Tuesday, February 18, 2003


director: Arch Brown (1976?)
starring: Chuck Woods, B.J. Sampson, Scott Reynolds, and Nick Carpenter

I knw very little about this one, except that it's about a young man who imagines various sex scenarios.

Monday, February 17, 2003

ugh. everyone but me has the day off! Actually, I'm working a double - 11a.m. to midnite! Ooops, where are my clothes?

Sunday, February 16, 2003

ya know....... if there weren't THREE SIMPSONS EPISODES ON TONIGHT, I might care that it's been 22 days since I've had sex.

But then again, snowstorms make me very horny.

Well, work Saturday wasn't so bad; we had the news on all day, and I got to hear bits and pieces regarding the Peace Demonstrations. Patti Smith spoke, huge parts of the East Side of Manhattan were shut down... and of course, this was going on all over (link thanks to Barry) - speaking of, check out his page for some pics from the demo.

Two tidbits from work that made me smile - first, my co-worker, the delivery guy, during a slow moment, asked me: Hey, do you like war?" I giggled at first, but of course it was simply that neither of us is fluent in the other's native language (actually, I know 4 Spanish words, he does just fine in English) - but we both agreed we didn't like war. Then, a woman was calling in her order on the phone, then stopped and said: "Hold on a second, the TV is saying something stupid. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU HATE TO SHOW THIS FOOTAGE 'CAUSE THE DEMONSTRATIONS DON'T REPRESENT ALL AMERICANS??? WELL IT FUCKIN' BLOODY WELL REPRESENTS ME!!! oh, sorry for yelling, but CNN can really piss me off sometimes."

Saturday, February 15, 2003

Yesterday was a decent day, highlighted by having lunch with a great buddy - some silly talk, some gossip, some semi-serious talk about peace, the Anti-War Rally scheduled for today, etc. Last night I spent a good amount of time just listening to music, trolling chatrooms, the usual Friday Night in Manhattan. In the middle of this, I suddenly had to hear Devo's Beautiful World. Then I rememberred that someone had used the song for a T V commerical, and I knew I had to find Devo's video - one of the few videos from 20 years ago that actually added to a song, rather than distracting like most musicvideos do. Beautiful World is a great song, but I had to find the video (thanks winMX!), while searching for that, and thinking about Andy's pessimism (which I share, except when someone else articulates it, I feel the need to argue), I went to an old box in a closet looking for old buttons - you know, back in the 80's when we all wore our fave bands, or anti-Reagan slogans proudly on our jackets (my fave was "Jane Wyman Was Right"). Seems I had saved tons of Jesse Jackson '88 buttons; but I found one small button that alleviated a small amount of my pessimism, and helped my teeny tiny bit of optimism for today's Peace Rallies around the world - my Free Nelson Mandela button - a sentiment that meant a lot to me, but way back then, I honestly didn't think I'd see the day. I'm rambling again, not terribly coherent, and quite conscious that I need to get my ass (and assorted other body parts) into the shower and off to work. My heart and mind will be with everyone out there in the cold saying Not In Our Name; but I will readily admit to a hefty amount of pessimism, and know that at the same time, the Beautiful World video will also be playing in my mind.

Friday, February 14, 2003

New York By Night (Such A Pretty City)

Remember the other day I mentioned that I had several 8mm films? Well, while scanning them, I noticed the artwork for one had something I had never seen before - an image of BRUNO in what might be a 3-way! I don't recall Bruno ever being in a 3-way, and upon closer inspection, one of the men appears to be none other than Wade Nichols (aka Edge of Night star Dennis Parker) - of course, I knew Nichols had done porn, mostly str8 porn, but I also happen to have a copy of BOYNAPPED! where he costarred with Jamie Gillis, so I knew he had done gay porn at least the one time. But these Bullet films were actually 70's films produced by Target Studios, which was always high quality stuff, including lots of great still photography and magazines that rivaled Colt Studios way back when. But alas, this is just a generic box for these LeSalon released films, and the film itself is Kyle Hazard and Mark Anthony ( which is alright with me, of course - yum). The 3rd guy in the pic (I'm referring to the pic on the right, by the way) - don't have the foggiest idea who he is (Lucky Pierre, perhaps?) but I would love to find this film, if indeed it exists. Maybe it was just a magazine layout, and that would be cool, too.

Meanwhile, of course, some of you may know that Wade, er, Dennis Parker, released a disco album in 1978, I think - well, I had posted the single once before, but the album version of New York By Night is so much better - so here (there) it is! Lush strings, real bass thump thump thumping, and killer lyrics that couldn't be more 70's!

Happy Valentine's Day

Name: zeusieboy ( my dog zeus and apollo)
Location: edison nj
Marital Status: masc romantic italian daddy bear
Hobbies & Interests: collecting all different typs of things, out doors, road trips, entertaining, dining out ,cooking, animals, sports and so on
Favorite Gadgets: 45yo 5'9" 56"c 46"w @260 lbs br/br buzz cut clean shaven nice handsome guy
Occupation: cpa ( constant pain in the ass ) please have a pic and a profile i do
Personal Quote: interested in white only, just be a cool person. i have a big heart to share with the right person

ZEUSIEBOY [10:26 AM]: whats going on gino here in jersey masc italian romantic daddy bear type of guy
Bjland7820 [10:27 AM]: not much here, just coffee
ZEUSIEBOY [10:27 AM]: yeah same here still in myunderwear just got finished with ms with problems wit ms xp system
Bjland7820 [10:28 AM]: i dont know what that means
ZEUSIEBOY [10:29 AM]: had a problem with microsoft xp system
Bjland7820 [10:29 AM]: oh
ZEUSIEBOY [10:29 AM]: yeah so was going round and round in circles this morning since 5am
ZEUSIEBOY [10:31 AM]: so you having fun this morning i have to hit the shower yet
Bjland7820 [10:32 AM]: ok, man
ZEUSIEBOY [10:32 AM]: nice talking to you bud would enjoy meeting you some time
Bjland7820 [10:32 AM]: well, i doubt i'm white enough
ZEUSIEBOY [10:33 AM]: ok cool


Thursday, February 13, 2003

In the unlikely event that there isn't a chemical and/or biological attack, and you find yourself with too much duct tape on hand, what to do?

Mistakenly I thought this party was the usual late-night thing; alas, it's from 8pm to 11pm tonight, so I can't make it. But the rest of you locals should go - it promises to be really fun, and it's easy to get to, just a few steps south of E 4th st on the Bowery (right near Bowery Bar for folks who know what that is). With hostess Linda Simpson, and excellent spinning by Jeff Jackson, how can you go wrong?

Meanwhile, I really didn't think I'd be commenting on that TV commmerical guy getting arrested for buying a dime bag of pot. Like, who cares, right? But when we can afford cops looking for dopey celebs buying miniscule amounts of marijuana on the Lower East Side, and we can't afford to allow a peaceful protest against the madness of this friggin' war-mongering - how stoopid is that? So, the latest seems to be - no permit for an actual march, but a permit for the rally (yes, I'm secretly glad I am working and can't go, as I would most likely be cringing at most of the speaker's speaches, but that's another story; I don't have to agree with you to listen to you, or support everyone's right to be heard). Interestingly enough, dozens of groups are organizing "assembly points" blocks away from the rally, so it'll be interesting to see how the city handles multiple groups converging on the rallying point from various parts of Midtown. (several seem to be starting off at the NY Public Library, like the Glamericans, and handsome couple James and Barry will be at the CARNIVAL BLOC FEEDER MARCH).

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

ooops! I didn't realize you had to register with NAUGHTYBIDS to actually see the auctions --- but if you are curious, why not register by using this link and getting me a few pennies?? (actually, I think I get a buck!)

nice BASKETball jersey, dooood!
A Very Wet Dream

"Bo's final exam nightmares include an experience where he is reluctantly torn away from his studies by two very active buddies for some wet and wild action that brings him off all over again."

I have like 10 of these 8mm/Super8mm films that I stupidly bought on eBay (stupid because I ought to be selling, not buying). But, now that I have them, I'd like to see them. Of course I don't have a projector - is there like some cheap way to view these things (and don't tell me to hold them up to a lamp)?

Well, yesterday's dentist bill hurt alot more than the rotting tooth I had pulled 2 weeks ago... speaking of $$$$$, click JOSH WESTON's butt over there and check out some PORNO 4 SALE.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

You'd think that this picture could entice a cocksucker like me, right? But I just know that the Phil Collins picture in the background would be more of a turn-off than if the guy used the p-word, ya know?
Trouble Sleep
There's a case to be made for Red Hot + Riot: A Tribute to the Music and Spirit of Fela Kuti being one of the year's best albums. I've listened to this album for a couple of months now, and am still immensely impressed with it's greatness; but somehow, I haven't been able to figure out a way to write about it adequately. So I won't worry about that - it's just a beautiful album. I was trying to think why this album grabs me in much the same way as my not-too-secret fave, Bjork, as well as another fave from 2002, the 2nd Sigur Ros album. It's how emotional it is, I suppose; and then I realized that it expresses something I rarely, if ever, hear in Bjork's music - anger. I've avoided posting any clips from it, as no one song could adequately represent the flavor of the album, but the final track - Taj Mahal’s magical and gentle take on ‘Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake Am’, featuring Baaba Maal and Kaouding Cissoko - so different from the rest of the album, is of such haunting beauty. It draws me in, makes me pull myself away from whatever I am doing, and I can just quietly listen, enjoy, and be enveloped by it's sadness. It's a long download, the tune itself is over 10 minutes long; I suggest saving it for when you can turn it up, and have the time to really appreciate it (of course, buying the disc is even better!) ---- Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake Am.

Monday, February 10, 2003

While I will admit to fairly tepid anti-war sentiment on my own part (old age, hopelessness, and yes, a questioning of my so-called youthful idealism that all war is wrong) - I have to say this really disturbs me ------ Judge Blocks Anti - War March Near U.N.. What the New York Times/ A P wire story doesn't mention is that the NYC Police Department has denied all protest marches south of 59th st, and the organizers of this march claim the city won't let them march anywhere. The organizers plan an immediate appeal, and are rightfully not content with the police's idea of one of those fenced in little areas far away from where anyone can see them. I can't go, as I work that day, but being a Saturday, I sure hope whatever does materialize gets a good turn-out.

OK, time to get back on the bike and into the snowy weather, and get some work done before the night job.

Please lord, why are you making it snow on a day I have to spend the afternoon riding my bike around town? I am barely awake, the coffee ain't working, and looking thru my referral logs ( which I only do 9 times a day, unless I'm not working, then it's more) I wonder if the guy searching for big+gay+balls liked my site, or P R Simon's better. OOOOOOO - lookey - another stinking blog! Sounds like a local, and it's his first post today - should be interesting to follow.

Sunday, February 09, 2003

not that I know 72 Medium sized men..... but the mind does wander...

Saturday, February 08, 2003

Well, thanks to all you kind folks who let me know that the link to NAUGHTYBIDS works. I'll slowly be adding more stuff there; but of course, it's an adult site, so you have to register, I think, to view - and certainly to bid on anything. Spent a good part of yesterday watching The Best of Ray Harley - (which was generously donated to me by a nice guy in Jersey) - of course I only watched it in 10-12 minute bits, cuz everytime someone's mouth went near that fuzzy Canadian's butthole ---- splll-att! Damn, he's one of those guys that makes you think, "yeah, I could fuck that."

And I'm still seeing the residuals (hits) of folks poking around my site looking for that BIGGERBETTERRAMSEYCLIP - as I asked one friend, what is is about gay men getting such a big kick out of seeing a big-dicked str8 man getting the fuck fucked out of him? Well, time for dinner, and time to go through my underwear drawer and see what I can, um, er, unload on NAUGHTYBIDS.

HELP ME: click this link, and email me and let me know if it takes you to a list of my NAUGHTYBIDS AUCTIONS.

Friday, February 07, 2003

.......just because I'm having a rotten day, am in a foul mood, and think the world is out to get me, doesn't mean I need to be stingy with that BIGGERBETTERRAMSEY clip. the pic-link below has been adjusted, and let's just hope the message board folks don't go posting it again. Clip comes down by midnite tonight.

NOTE: sorry, had to take clip down completely, just too many downloads. Time to go back to the less popular GAY actors in gay porn, eh?

While it's a beautiful snowy day out there, it'll be a struggle to enjoy it. Another stupid message board posted a direct link to the movie clip below (80 hits in one hour, what'll that cost me??), so I had to take it down (regular readers can email me and I can give you the new link for the remainder of the day). But, during a restless night last night (this morning), I was checking email, and got a notice from eBay that they have suspended my account. No selling, no buying, no feedback, no nothing. No new violation cited, merely the 2 previous recent auctions that they had problems with were cited as the reason. Needless to say, I am bummed. While I don't feel like going into their reasons, and trying to explain their mentality - it's the same old thing; i feel bad, and i feel bad about feeling bad about something stupid -- but i work damn hard at doing my auctions well: fast shipping, detailed information on what you're bidding on, etc., etc., etc., ---- so it sucks bigtime.

Thursday, February 06, 2003


"C'mere; I want you to come over here; I want you to have a seat"

director: Matt Sterling (1984)

Starring: Rick Donovan, Matt Ramsey (aka Peter North), Brian Michaels (aka Bobby Madison), Mike Ramsey, Buster, Shawn McIvan (aka Brian Hawks), Joe Craig, Greg Stopes, Doug Weston, John Thomas

In NIGHTCHARM's Best Gay Porn Ever, this topped their TOP TEN list, coming in at #1 (although my own personal list would be much different than theirs - like it would include something from before 1983!) Matt Ramsey narrates this one, and performs in 2 full scenes (and if I remember correctly, 4 generous ejaculations), unlike many other appearances he made in gay porn videos before he fled to the exclusively hetero market, using the name Peter North.

Be warned, Mr. Donovan and Miss Ramsey are mid-fuck as the clip begins, Ramsey is a tad vocal about what's bumping into him (crank the volume and let your co-workers enjoy!), and there are a few of those video-pauses (and the rather scarey "dick-eye view" of Ramsey's butthole coming down at you!); but you should get a good enuf glimpse, plus a tease of a true porn great, Brian Michaels - such a hottie! (and yes, I will be posting the video on eBay tomorrow, Friday, in it's full-color box)

Eat My Bandwidth

oooh, I forget that tomorrow is the end of my billing cycle for DREAMHOST, so I ought to get this The Bigger The Better clip I promised a few days back ready before I head off to work, eh?

Mark this on your calendar, one week from tonight - go here for more info.

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

PI NOTICE: eBay Auctions Ended by Customer Support

"Dear BJLAND (,
We regret to inform you that your eBay auctions:

2909376971 HAIRY JOCK WORN Neiman Marcus TANK TOP
2909377382 Reflections of Youth TOBY ROSS Big Bill Eld
2909391514 CAMP PALM SPRINGS Hot Desert Knights BAREBACK
2909391653 DONUT C-RING lite, rubber, STAY AROUSED!
2909414217 HONCHO Dec 02 CHRIS STEELE
2909418879 HONCHO Sept 01 STEVE CASSIDY
2909419353 HONCHO Feb 02 hairy Jon Galt
2909433795 HONCHO Feb 03 Diego Alvarez
2909496666 BG EAST Super Hero Heels 2 THE BLACK SPIDER
2909503829 Hairy Jock Worn USED AQUA SPEEDO 32
2909515801 BG EAST Tag Team Torture 1
2909647681 ALL MAN Fallen Angel 2 SPECIAL ISSUE
2909648804 ALL MAN Fallen Angel 3: Initiation SPECIAL
2909656786 ALL MAN Cole Youngblood MARK WOLFF
2909757850 ALL MAN Jeff Palmer BILLY HERRINGTON
2909758219 ALL MAN Will Clark LEX BALDWIN
2909760181 ALL MAN Italian vs. Russian models!
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2910141105 Jack Fritsher's STAND BY YOUR MAN
2910141367 HAIRY GUY'S rubber penis / c-ring
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have been ended. All fees associated with these auctions have been credited to your account.

Your auction Jack Fritsher's STAND BY YOUR MAN Item # 2910141105 was in violation of our policies. The following was included in your auction:

Image of hand to genital contact,

which is not allowed on eBay. As there are several violations of this policy on your account, we have ended all of your auctions.

Needless to say, I'm a tad upset. Yes, more than anyone, even more than most of the people working at eBay, I should've noticed that Frank Vickers's hands weren't merely in his pants, but were, in fact, touching his naughtybits. But that image is what caused ALL of my auctions to be cancelled this morning, as punishment for this most recent violation (their email goes on to explain that since it's one of several lately, that is why they took this action). As some of you know, I love selling porn; and I like giving as much info as possible when selling items (who buys a dirty magazine without seeing the cover, or knowing which models are inside?) - and balancing giving potential buyers info, with eBay's prudishness about what is acceptable for adults who must, each time they go into the "Mature Audiences" section, promise they really really want to see the stuff, and really really won't be offended by it, and still can't see anything close to actual sexual activity - well, apparently I err too often on the side of giving customers info. I'm exhausted just from thinking about the loss of income, all the hard work of scanning, coding, checking for "too naughty" words or images, and then re-doing it, trying to go into "prude mode" so as to not get fucked over again.....

but, if you feel sorry for me, please please don't tell me to go to NAUGHTYBIDS - I sell stuff there too, and unless it's purely filthy stuff like my underwear or a "modeled" cockring, it invariable sells for so little, it's not worth the effort. I need to get out of the house for a bit.

Eyebrows, Man
How long had it been? Two, 3 weeks? So I'm riding the few short blocks to work Sunday morning, and decide I need to nonchalantly ask the manager what's up with Eyebrow Man (but not to use those exact words, of course). As I approach the corner, there's the white truck. I hear sounds, someone-loading-a-truck sounds, and quicken my pace (quicken my pedaling?), park, lock the bike, and walk over toward the back entrance (ahem) and glance toward the truck parked across the street. Walking from it is a tall man, different ethnicity, different headdress than Eyebrow Man. He gets to the door ahead of me, I say hello as I walk in, he says nothing. Hmmpf. Who is this guy? Tall with a big green scarf wrapped up over his head, no beard, no hairy forearms, NO EYEBROWS!!

Maybe two hours later, there's a pause in the workflow for the manager (he bartends and wait tables as well), and having decided I need to ask in the most matter of fact, "oh just curious but no I don't have a huge crush and my head hasn't been aching for 3 weeks wondering kinda way" - since I've noticed my coworkers just love to gossip. "Hey, you know what's going on with the truck driver, haven't noticed him around lately?" "Oh! Last we heard he was in a jail in Virginia."

After struggling to help me pick my jaw from up off the ground, he continues: "Yeah, we got an odd call, he had been arrested, and was very strange on the phone, said he wouldn't be coming back to work. I think he was going to be fired anyway, the boss wasn't too happy with him; I know he seems nice and all on the surface, but he's an odd one. Didn't really seem to know the basics about driving, and parking, and when the boss took a ride with him uptown, was shocked that the guy didn't even know how to signal...." . Um, woah. He's like just gone? And this flood of "information" is too much, but he continued - "Oh yeah, the boss said one day (Eyebrow Man) is just hanging around and says 'Wanna hear a poem I wrote? - here it goes:

Roses are red
Violets are black
There's no sound I like better
Than the sound of a knife in my sister's back' "

Then the manager gets busy again, and that's where the conversation ended. Eyebrow Man's gone, jailed in Virginia, rumours about not particularly liking his sister, sheesh! He used to talk about wanting to check out biker bars, but um, well, for all I know this is all bullshit and it was his weird way of quitting. Still, it's sort of a disappointing ending to this particular fantasy, especially since I had just cleared out my sock drawer so he'd have room for his not-too-distant regular 2-day stayovers with me.

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Confessions Of A Male Groupie
(or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Electric Banana)

"You can't always get what you want"

Tom DeSimone (1971)

The director's description at the time: - "A hard-core pop musical camp expose' of a young country boy led adrift by Sweet Lady Mary in Hollywood" awarded the Mama Cass award in the "Wet Dream Film Festival" in Amsterdam in 1971. Stars Larry Danser as The Groupie; D C Micheals as Steve; Ruffin Tumble as Jeff; Sky Kinque as Frank (the last 3 make up the group Electric Banana); introducing Myona Phetish as Sweet Lady Mary; and The Beautiful People as The Beautiful People.

The plot involves a young man fleeing his home town, Gottagetouttahere, USA, and arriving in L.A. to be taken into the fold by Sweet Lady Mary. The pair are big fans of the new hit group, Electric Banana, a long-haired skinny three-some - 2 are lovers, and the 3rd is finally seduced by The Groupie by the film's end. Excellent opening sequence utilizing George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord", a split-screen with our hero, The Groupie, dancing, and some erotic "still" poses with other nude models, which then segues into a stark, but beautiful solo masturbation scene by Larry. At the time, director DeSimone was contracted to provide gay porno films to two adult theatres, but having also promised his friends to make something other than your typical fuck-film (everyone in this film were personal friends of his, the "freaks" he ran around with), he wasn't too happy having to let this one only be seen in what was then illegal gay porno theatres. But at that time, only the "artist" Andy Warhol could get this sort of film shown outside of those venues. I love this clip - the "faghag" Sweet Lady Mary shoots up, a Rolling Stones song playing, and her erotic dream involving just herself.

I had no idea what had happened, but a co-worker pointed to the tv set playing in the restaurant Saturday morning. I watched for only a few moments, felt quite sad, but quickly returned to my station and busied myself, and instinctively tuned out the sounds from the blaring tv. Most of Saturday night I was here at the computer, with music playing. Later I turned the tv on just to surf for a minute, and the last few minutes of Woody Allen's Radio Days was playing. It was the part where a little girl has fallen in a well, or cave, or something, and there's this huge effort at rescuing her, and the whole country seems to be following the story on the radio. The announcer says that they have the body, it's coming up, and then, his voice lowered, he says "oh my god, this is awful, she's not alive" etc. One or two more lines, then, "we are ending this broadcast now, ladies and gentlemen, our prayers are with the little girl's family" and we see quick glimpses of eveyone who'd been listening to the broadcast; each one still, hugging a loved one, quiet. The radio is turned off.

And I remembered the tragedy of earlier in the day, and my instinct to walk away from the non-stop coverage, knowing how quickly I could get desensitized if I witnessed microphone's getting shoved into family member's faces, "analyists" arguing over NASA budgets, man-on-the-street interviews of witnesses. I'm sure there are important questions to be asked and answered, and I also know people grieve in different ways; I learned what I needed to know very quickly, and perhaps in a few weeks or months, some details about why or how could be interesting to me, but for know I know I want to leave my initial emotional response intact - sadness for the friends and families, admiration for people who take risks for knowledge.

Monday, February 03, 2003

upcumming clips:

I wanna post that "girlie" clip from Confessionsof a Male Groupie sometime tomorrow; then I'll probably do a one-day only clip fom the 1984 classic The Bigger The Better - seems that the st8 guy's performing in gay videos clips get lots of hits, so I need to be careful with this clip of MATT RAMSEY (aka Peter North) taking it up the butt from Rick Donovan. You know, teacher catches student reading a porn mag in detention, and somehow the student (Mr. Donovan) manages to get the teacher to bend over the desk; then the very scarey "have a seat, teach" segment as you see Ramsey's butthole coming right at you as he's about to sit down on Donovan's thang. I can be a bit cynical about these guys, but after previewing the whole tape last night (up for auction soon), it really is an excellent video. One of the last to be shot on film, I have to give Matt Ramsey some credit for decent acting abilities, and no one can ignore his schlong, nor his ability to shoot some hefty loads. No wonder he's done so well in porn for 20 years! Although I have to admit to being partial to the Brian Michaels scene (oddly, his name is missing from the box, and most porno sites selling the dang video) - he's the "kid" who asks to come by Teach Ramsey's home to get some lessons on body-building, and takes all of 40 seconds to get his face in Ramsey's butt. But, Michaels dirty talk is just great, much like his scene in A Matter Of Size where he eggs on two of his buddies for a hot 3-way. But I digress........The sound of Ramsey tearing the kid's grey sweatpants so he can fuck him is extremely arousing!

busy busy day today.

Saturday, February 01, 2003

Fairly quiet night, as usual for me on a Saturday. I try to remember to watch PBS's Nature at 6pm, it's the repeat from the previous Sunday night's show. But, alas, it was about puppies - not that I don't like dogs and all, but TV shows about pets are invariably about people, and well, I don't watch nature shows to hear people yapping away about their "children" Spot and Puss-N-Boots, ya know? Not too much into lions and the like, either, as they're always killing things; but give me some new-age music and weird underwater scenery, and a few minutes of faces of creatures I've never seen, and well... Two weeks ago it was excellent, "Under Antarctic Ice" , the kind of show that makes me wish I was a scientist, or a nature photographer, or both, or married to one.....