Sunday, July 31, 2005

Mike Radcliffe!
I'm sure you won't believe me when I say I was pretty sure it was Mr Radcliffe (who you may remember from such films as: Missing Link, Escape to Echo Beach, Walk on the Wild Side, My Best Friend's Lover, Bathhouse Bears , and of course, probably his best role, starring as The Slutty Professor ) but I got an email last night/this morning from a buddy in Wisconsin who says:

"It's from "The Coach," which was headlined by Chris Steele and Caesar. The cap you have is from a great scene with Zachary Scott (giant cock) and a guy named Mike Radcliffe as the coach. I know something about porn that you don't? That's just craziness!"

And I could probably count on another buddy in Kansas to also confirm that the pic is indeed Mr Mike getting ready for some bigcock (why am I humming Nice Work If You Can Get It....?)

Saturday, July 30, 2005

bad blogger
i'm not even good at being bad (bad = not posting) I just couldn't leave this 2-days with nothing, so here's a pic, and my God, I really should know who this is, I'm pretty sure it's one of those personal ad pics that is actual a pornstar, but of course the guy's face is a tad obscured....

Thursday, July 28, 2005

free porno!
don't get too excited, it's a 30 minute Vivid Video compilation VHS tape called BEAR that doesn't work so well. One VCR it plays poorly, with lots of lines and distorted audio; the other VCR it plays "adequately" - lines, but they don't really interfere too much. So, first guy (sorry, U.S. only) who emails and says "I WANT THAT CRAPPY BEAR TAPE" gets it, shipped via Media Mail.
this is really stupid, but not 5 minutes after typing the previous post, as I was contemplating what old pics I might be able to re-post as a substitute for new content, I figured out the FTP thingee (I was able to transfer the old program and all it's settings successfully from the old computer to the new one). But I just happened to have a dumb song playing, and found a dumb picture, and got the giggles at the combination of the two. I'm sure I could've come up with better music, but better shorts? I don't think so!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

NEW! IMPROVED! All-Text Porno-Crazed Blog!
seriously folks, i can't upload pics, or videos, or music. You forget about all those applications, shortcuts, passwords, etc., that make this so easy. And then you go to a new improved kick-ass Media-Center 2005 computer, and woops! WTF! I have to re-learn FTP? And dig out that notebook from 2001 with my passwords and shit...? There must be a tutorial or something at Dreamhost........ ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz yeah, come back in a day or two, and maybe some pretty, throbbing pictures. Otherwise I'll have to WRITE something!

BTW, can someone explain why I have about 6 versions of Viola Wills's If You Could Read My Mind on my new harddrive??? It's just awful, especially since I can't help humming along...

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

new toy

If having a "boy who is a friend" in my life wasn't enough to keep me out of the bars and such, certainly this new welcome-to-the-current-century toy should. A bit of a whim, but I've been talking about getting a new PC for a coupla years, and every month or so I go to or, and build some kick-ass $3,000 computer (about $3500 more than I can afford). Then my old one crashes.... At this point, before I've even opened the box to get all frustrated when it doesn't get put together smoothly, all I can say is WOO-HOO FOR 24 MONTH 0% FINANCING!

So, if you don't see/hear from me for a few days, it means I have either broken it, or it has broken me.

Monday, July 25, 2005

it's not all porn (but most of it is)
Hot Desert Knights HOT SWEATY KNIGHTS bareback
NIGHT G.A.A. DIED Gay Activists Alliance 70's mystery
MEN May 03 Rob Rossi DAMIAN FORD
STOCK RELEASED JVP090 Gregor Yelson SPIKE Thom Barron
BUDDY'S BUTT 1973 MANHARD #MH422 by Rich Cummings
MEN Nov 96 Cicero Scott ACE HARDEN Taylor Bennett
MEN 03/01 Tony Acosta - hairy Titan JON GALT Neal Shaw
THE RUNNING MAN 1976 Blueboy Library by Jack Stone
GROUND ZERO Andrew Holleran 1989 GAY / AIDS
STUDIO STUD hot action magazine from 1973
HOMO PLAYBOY 1969 Brandon House #3063
WANTING JAMIE Bobby Stiles, Kyle West YMAC
NUMBERS by John Rechy 60'S male hustler GAY
THE BROTHERHOOD young guys in a monastery YMAC
NEW GUINEA SEX CULT NM-183 Craig Esposito cover
SPLASH TOPS Jake Andrews TOM KATT Blade Thompson

I got so much stuff to sell; but time to get some sleep

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Drawing Restraint 9
Here's the first track from Bjork's new release, Drawing Restraint 9, which is actually the soundtrack to her boyfriend Matthew Barney's newest work, a film by the same name - Gratitude (vocal by Will Oldham). I have to tell you, within minutes of pre-ordering the album online, with hopes of getting it before its official release date of July 25th, I regretted the purchase. Why am I spending 22 bucks on a movie soundtrack, that will in all likelihood not even have that much Bjork on it? But I got the disc at the beginning of the week (first one on my block, if not the whole island!), and while I can't yet tell you I love it, and I won't recommend it (there are some rather odd and disturbing sounds emanating from it at times!), it is a very enjoyable album. Hard to explain, but it has enough elements from her two previous works, Medulla and Vespertine to feel like the next logical album, mostly because of the use of instruments like harp, celeste, and yes, "throat singing" etc., to feel comfortably next, but it's just not an album that makes you run home, drop your stuff on the floor and run to the stereo to listen to after a hard day's work. It's moody, odd, disturbing, challenging - maybe for late late nights alone in the dark.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Fully revised and expanded

Recently someone gave me a copy of The Joy of Gay Sex. I immediately thought eBay! but figured maybe I could learn something (ya never know when you might be having gay sex), so I began to flip through the pages. Page after page of illustrated huge, hard, throbbing dicks, then the chapter on Cock Size admonishing me not to put so much emphasis on the size of my, or my partner's, cock size. And then there's the Webcam page, with the drawing of the "hot" tattooed guys, careful not to get in the way of the product placement for the MAC computer. And from the illustration in the chapter on Sadomasochism, I learned that S & M tops always wear harnesses that accommodate their cell phones. Learning is fun.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

brothers should do it

"Dad put me in charge, boy. Don't you fuckin' forget it!"

Director: Bruce Cam (1995)

Starring:Cliff Parker, Michel D'Amours, Sean Rider, Bill Zackary, Rusty Samuels, Tom Turrell, Max Holden and York Powers.

Here's a clip from the first DVD I ever bought, and Titan Media's first release, the fantastic River Patrol. I was already crazy about Cliff Parker, and once he had gotten his hair cut (remember the long-on-top, short-on-the-sides haircut he had in such films as: Desert Drifters, Summer Buddies, Wild Country, and one of my faves, Reunion - the scene WITH Aiden Shaw on the hammock, then in the tree?) and started letting his body hair grow, yumfuckinyummy! And MyGod! What's better, that cute little fuckable goatee, or that round, hard, perfect little lickable ass? Anyway, back to this movie. Cliff Parker is caught by his brother York Powers (real life boyfriend at the time) naked and masturbating; Powers shoves him around a bit in the mud, and then they have very hot sex on the river's shore. This continues back at the cabin with a shower scene, as well as a passionate scene in front of a fireplace. The entire scene is very passionate, and Cliff Parker won an award for assistant director for this scene (which award slips my mind). Of course, selling this on eBay.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


am trying to get a brief clip from River Patrol up, with one of my all-time fave pornstars, Cliff Parker (and his BF, York Powers). The late 80's/early 90's was a sad time for gay porno, low budgets, poor production values, etc. But a few bright spots began to show, with guys like Cliff Parker and Aiden Shaw popping up in videos by 1992/93. Then, studios like Hot House Entertainment (1994)and Titan Media (1995) upped the ante with much better production, good directors, etc.

Monday, July 18, 2005

i dunnowhy, but last night, saying goodnight to my TV buddies, settling in sometime after midnight, at this desk, on the computer, I had to hear that Pet Shop Boys song. I'm sure bazillions of gay men have specific memories of the song - events, summers, people they associate the song with. Oddly enough, this song and the person it makes me think of aren't even in the same story, but the song makes me think of him, nonetheless. It's one of those "he loved this group, I've grown to love this song by that group" kinda association.

"Some are here, and some are missing" is, (probably not unique to me), where I get choked up and think about a good friend from years back. I couldn't tell you of any time we actually listened to or heard the song together, but he was a huge PetShopBoys fan. I was not; and, as usual, dismissed songs like West End Girls as, well, pop crap. A few months after he died, his best friend called me, saying he was sorting through things, and David had left something for me. I couldn't go; I couldn't not go. The thought of being in that apartment without David, remembering specific times together there was too much; but we all go through that, and have to get over it and do what we gotta do. So I got on the bike, rode up, got buzzed in, and found 2 good friends sorting through stuff. We hugged, they chatted about nothing, then one showed me two items he said David had left for me - a Robot cookie jar, and a large photo print of David naked on his bed (with the cookie jar in the frame!) god, the man was handsome..... Crying isn't the word, this was just tears, freely flowing, as I hugged the cookie jar and re-rolled the picture. Then I was instructed to go thru designated piles of stuff and take as much as I wanted. They had all this stuff to sort, and give away, and assured me taking stuff would help a great deal. I knew I really couldn't, but politely looked thru the piles. When I got to the CD's, they joked how most of the good stuff was gone, but to take everything that i even remotely might want. Nothing, really. Then I noticed the orange casing, picked it up, and saw it was Very, from one of David's favorites groups. Most likely all his other friends had the disc, and looking through the tracklist I saw Go West, which, funny enough, I had indeed really liked, so now I would have it. I may have grabbed a couple of books, but that was about it, eventually said my goodbyes, and headed home.

Later that day, I loaded the disc into the stereo, and was pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable the album was. Those of you familiar with the album know how it ends, and I was already lost in my own thoughts, the music playing as the last track (their version of the Village People's Go West) came on, and it was as great as ever. When the song was over, i was pre-occupied, and hadn't noticed that it wasn't actually over. A couple minutes of silence pass, and then out of the speakers, the sweet notes drift out, and what I guess would be called a "postscript" a bit more soft singing, chills down my back as I thought something, someone had possessed my stereo.

I believe in ecstasy
The times we've had, you and me

Friends we've met along the way
Partied every night and day

And I know we'll meet again

Glasses fogged up as I stared through watery eyes at the stereo, which had once again gone silent.

Sunday, July 17, 2005


selling porno on eBay.
THE PLOWBOYS Martin Valko Johan Paulik FALCON INT'L
FADE OUT Michael Christopher, Jon King PRE-CONDOM
WET DREAMS 2 - uncut, int'l cast! KRISTEN BJORN
HARD TO BELIEVE Tex Anthony Joe Cade Melchor PRECONDOM
NORTHWEST PASSAGE bears ADAM & CO pre-condom
Bound, Beaten & Banged RAGING STALLION Joe Stack
THE CHOSEN Jeff Palmer Mike Branson Tom Chase
101 MEN PART 5 lots of young guys - - - - - - - - BEL AMI
THE PUMP Karl Thomas Eric Evans Rod Garetto

Saturday, July 16, 2005

a family that showers together...

(AKA Popular Mechanics)

Director: Richard Morgan (1985)

Starring: Kyle Carrington, Dan (Danny)Parks, John Von Crouche, Shawn Michaels, Scott Avery; with Jamie Wingo, Paul Baressi (spelled Paul Barressi here), Ron Chambers, Tony James, Eric Martinez, David Leslie, Russ Starchild, Christopher James

OK, so that don't actually shower together. Still, both men, "daddy" Paul Baressi, and "son" Kyle Carrington (this and Tough Competition were Carrington's only films, if you don't count the compilation of the two - All American Boy) do a fine job getting their morning "business" done. Note the different music being played for each character, just to make sure you can tell which one is the kid, and which one is the older guy. The film was originally released as Popular Mechanics and the rumor was that the magazine of the same name sued, or threatened to sue, so they changed the name. Of course, I'm selling this on eBay.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Friends of mine know I love getting postcards, so of course one must be willing to send them, too. Last week, I decided to print out a postcard-sized print of this photo a pal took of me and the man I've been, um, smooching lately. I thought he might enjoy the photo from our Gay Pride together, so I slapped a couple of stamps on it, and popped it into the mailbox. Several days pass, he doesn't mention it, but we're still, um, smooching, so I figure it got lost. Nearly a week after mailing it, when I got home from work Tuesday night, there's an email. Yup, he got it. Yup, he liked it. yeah

Last night, we saw Female Trouble, not exactly a sentimental movie, but our first together in a movie theatre, bare legs entwined for most of the film. We go back to his apartment, he's showing me something in his bedroom (no, not that - not then, at least), a book he's paging through. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice the picture/postcard, and realize he's framed it, and put it up on his bureau. I nearly, well....

Thursday, July 14, 2005

more music
  • Feel Up - Barely a day after I post how I don't care much for 90's remixes of Grace Jones stuff, I get a reguest to post one that I really do like! Back in 1994 Danny Tenaglia remixed this track for "The Project" which was a compilation put out by Great Jones/Island records as a benefit for LIFEbeat, a music industry charity fighting HIV/AIDS.

  • Run Faye Run - some of you may recognize this from the Kill Bill soundtrack, but it's origin is of course a blaxploitation soundtrack- namely 1974's Tough Guys from Issac Hayes. It was used again in 1979, in Joe Gage's L.A. Tool & Die during the first scene's orgy. Probably not a coincidence that Gage later made a film in 1982 called Tough Guys.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

"screaming twenty-year olds trying to take photos of each other with their cell phone cameras"

Haven't been to "New" Cock yet, but early reports aren't encouraging. The last night at Old Cock was OK. I shouldn't have been surprised to have seen NONE of my friends (after all, most are partnered and/or have 9-5 M-F jobs), but I was surprised to see a good number of men who I've had sex with over the years. And not just COCK-related sex (either on the premises, or at my place, or some bush between the two hot spots), but actually guys I haven't seen around in years - from The Bar, The Bijou, Crowbar, ferchrissakes, even Tunnel Bar. A few of us exchanged friendly "I recognize you" smiles, but besides one grope, no actual communication with any of them. (That was funny, the guy grabs my stuff, then attempts to kiss, then says "you don't remember me, do you?" I responded, "sure I do, you've got that huge uncut meat," which I didn't attempt to locate. His face begins to move away, but not yet his hand, so I added: "They've opened up the backroom" and before I could say "play safe" he was gone. But I drank a lot, and the music eventually got good, and the bartender was unusually generous - 3 free beers? - so it was a nice, somewhat odd, goodbye.

not gay confessions

A couple weeks back, during another downloading music frenzy, I realized that I had never, ever bought any Grace Jones albums! It's a terrible thing for a gay man of my age (45ish) to admit, but it's true. No doubt there was some sort of lingering anti-disco thing involved, but of course I knew more folks into New Wave who just loved her and couldn't get enough. Perhaps the fact that everyone I knew had her music in the early 80's, and it was played most places I hung out, that it wasn't necessary.

I thought I would finally give in and BUY something (I've uploaded several songs here recently, as well as blast them out of my little PC), as there is something to having the object in your hand, even if it isn't vinyl, but the CD folder, as opposed to the seemingly non-physical aspect of having in on the ol' hard drive. Consulting my pal Jeff, he more or less confirmed what i thought - Warm Leatherette (1980) and Nightclubbing (1981) would be the best candidates if I were to only buy one disc. But he highly recommended a 1998 compilation disc, Private Life: The Compass Point Sessions. He said it had lots of the Sly & Robbie material from the early '80's, several good dub versions, and many of the 12 inch versions (Not the late '90's and beyond megamixes that I usually can't stand). He was right, and I got my Amazon disc yesterday, and love especially disc 2. Here's 2 tunes from it:

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Director: Richard Morgan (1985)

Starring: Lance, Leo Ford, Shawn Michaels; introducing: Ty Cashe, Mark Sheldon; with: Chris Carns (AKA Chris Thompson), Brandon Wilde, John Tracey, Christopher James

I'll try to make this brief. If you're looking for hot, precondom sex involving blonds, you might be disappointed by this video. I mean, there are plenty of great sex scenes, 3 with adorable LANCE, but, ahem - blonds??? The first scene doesn't even try - with 3 non-blonds whacking it (one furry guy looks great once he gets sweaty, his chest glistening... oh, i said I'd make this short). And of course, neither Leo Ford (white-blond) nor Lance are real blonds, but at least the effort is there. Shawn Michaels (who you probably remember best for his memorable debut in Getting It), who has appeared in video with badly blonded hair, isn't blond here. So, ignoring the title, it's actually pretty good, except the version I am selling on eBay (99 cents!) appears to be another chopped up job from MIDNIGHT MEN - a good chunk of scene 4 (the 3 way with Shawn Michaels, Ty Cashe and Leo Ford) is missing! Grrrrr! But Lance! Not my usual type ("blond" and fairly hairless) but with that killer smile, and fantastic, uncut, bouncing thick meat, what's not to like?

i know, i know

only last week I promised MORE video, music, etc....and have only posted that one silly stripper clip. But is it my fault a hot handsome hairy guy has been taking up a good amount of my free time? (OK, maybe if i was a bit less charming, sexy and fun to be with - not to mention my uncontrollable habit of crotch-sniffing - he'd lose interest, but do you really want that? really?) Cereally, I'm working on a clip now; hope to have it up late this afternoon.

In the meanwhile enjoy some eBay beefcake here and here provided by fantastic eBay seller BIGKUGELS.

Monday, July 11, 2005

box o' porno
had to work day time today - OUCH! after staying at COCK's last night til (nearly) closing (some lights on, music still playing). The hangover wasn't so bad, despite all the junk food I ate after getting home and before (during) passing out. But, at work, they were renovating or something, which meant these big ol' guys are on the opposite side of the wall i have my station at, pounding and hammering and drilling. OUCH OUCH OUCH!

But, a box of porn was awaiting me when i got home, courtesy of eBay, UPS, and my roommate who must've been home when the brown shirt & shorts man arrived with the big package. I am fairly sure most will get sold, so going thru the stack of 40+ now. Stay tuned.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

let the licking begin

Friday, July 08, 2005



Just figured a little distraction might be cool. This is the promo/preview at the end of Head To Toe, Vol. 4, promoting the other fine male stripper tapes this company had to offer back in 1987. For those of us gay boys who can't dance, it's reassuring to see that even "professional gay men" can't dance, either! Now if only someone can help me find a pair of those zebra stripe gloves.....

Bjork at LIVE8, Tokyo

Thursday, July 07, 2005

It's one of those awful days when I can't pull myself away from the TV, even though there really is nothing more to see now than the first 6 hours of watching. There is nothing to say here, and yet saying nothing - ignoring the London Bombings - doesn't feel right, either. Music from my PC speakers alternates between angry and sad sounds, and somehow this CD, NO ALTERNATIVE, pulled itself out of the piles of unorganized discs in the kitchen. For some reason I often get up early on my days off, and today, coffee in hand, PC coming on, I see the news, and flick to the TV for more info. I watched for a long time with brain churning and processing what the hell is going on, and then, oddly, one bit of imagery hit me hard. Two people handing out paper cups of water to injured, dazed, fellow citizens. Brought me back, not surprisingly, to nearly 4 years ago here in NYC, biking towards downtown seeing the same thing in the streets. What else to do but let the tears flow, and say a prayer to a god i still don't believe in, but get angry at all the time.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

requests, por favor? or EAT MY BANDWIDTH

I'm sure I've previously (and perhaps too often) mentioned how great my webhosting company, dreamhost is, BUT - they've done it again! Many many months ago they tripled my bandwidth, which was fantastic news since it meant i could post more video clips, more mp3's, and keep them up longer so those of you who inexplicably don't come here everyday can still view/hear them. But now they're rewarding those of us who stay with them, and have added even more bandwidth to my account - an increase of about 40% ferchrissakes! So, while not promising anything, I would like to hear some suggestions, and will try my best to accommodate reasonable requests (depending on bandwidth, technical ability, availability, mood swings, etc.) for upcoming posts. And, some months ago some guy asked for mp3's from the CRUISING soundtrack - if that's you, email me and we'll work something out for ya. Meanwhile, two bjork remixes from one of the CD singles.

best post-Pride post
Sometimes I wanna throw up reading the multitudes of "joe, you're the best" comments after yet another fantastic piece of writing from this guy, but this time, despite the lovely shade of green I am wearing, I urge you to go read the latest from my favorite hyperbole-laden drama queen.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

it can not possibly be after 1pm, and I'm on my first cup of coffee! Jeez, didn't even go out after work, just came home flipped thru TV channels, surfed around the web, did some porn (I mean watch, of course), and then sleep. With, of course, the too-often interruption late in the night/early in the morning of the attack of the mosquitoes. Why do they go for fingers and toes, I'll never figure out. Half a gallon of witch hazel later, I was able to get back to sleep. Exciting, eh?

My Saturday night date was even better than hoped for, for no particular reason besides the wonderfulness of spending more time, and getting to know better, this hot sweet man. Didn't hurt that the "festivities" began Friday night when he popped into the Eagle (I had mentioned it a couple of times, both as an invite to join me and a buddy for our usual night out, and as a warning - if I'm there 'single' the north urinals are spoken for), silly and adorable as ever. Not much sleep, I managed to get to work on time. Then we had dinner Saturday night, walking around both the West Village and Chelsea looking at building afterwards, arms sometimes entwined, hips often touching, and the little kisses on the back of the neck that we both seem to enjoy getting and giving. A tad more sleep Saturday night before work again Sunday, but not before he quickly accepted my invite to go to SPERM.

The club was packed, the show later than expected (jeez, almost 2:30 before The Ones performed - but well worth the wait!), and my date sillier and more fun than ever. Of course, walking up to the place, and Mr. Parrish himself escorting us in past the doormen was way cool (except, of course, the part where he loudly proclaimed "No need to I.D. these old farts!") Of course, I don't dance, but was forced into some silly, sometimes slutty, movements as we dranks our beers and enjoyed the incredibly loud sounds (thinking he was about to blow me when he yanked open my shorts only to spit cold beer onto my cock was a bit disappointing, until i made him go back down and not waste a drop of the beer) on the dancefloor.

Sometime late Monday afternoon, silliness turned to a semi-serious discussion of dating, past boyfriends, expectations, etc. Nothing specific about "us" but more each saying where i've been and what i like / don't like / hope for. It was good, but somehow, once I got to work, I got rather sad. And the feeling didn't really make sense, except if you know me real well, and fortunately I do think I know myself pretty good, so I was OK with being sad (sad isn't the right word, but it'll do). Just a processing moment - the more I get to know this guy, the more I like him, and the idea of "us" - so the inevitable thoughts of what if this ended? come floating thru and in and around my brain. Work got busy, hectic, as people who'd been drinking beer all day to celebrate FREEDOM decided they needed burritos with all sorts of complicated and barely articulateable add-ons and substitutions. Things were momentarily quiet when the phone rang again, I did my happy perky "Hello B----'s, May I Help You?", and then I hear a (familiar) male voice say 4 simple words: "I WANT A COOKIE" and the voice, and the 4 words, brought me back to here, my apartment the previous night when I was playing songs for him, and the one that really grabbed him, so I'm immediately laughing hysterically as he apologizes for disturbing me at work, but just had to tell me how cool the song is (I emailed it to him before we said goodbye on the way to work), and that he shared it with a good buddy, who also loved it and had to have it......

and then, I'm smiling, and glad I got the little obsessive worry thing out of the way, and his brief but wonderful phone call let me enjoy the rest of the night, even getting a chance to stand out on Avenue A to watch fireworks thru the trees of Thompkins square Park, remembering only 8 nights ago, standing on the West Side Highway, his warm embrace, and our WOO-HOO's during the previous fireworks display.


Saturday, July 02, 2005

holiday weekend

Not one to complain, even though I work each day this weekend. It helps (a lot!) that I have a date scheduled with the man I "bumped into" last night for tonight, Saturday. Can't imagine this handsome man wanting to spend a 3rd night with me (although he seemed OK with that last weekend), but who knows, maybe he'll want to join me for this show/party on Sunday.

Friday, July 01, 2005

something weird

SHHHHHHHHHH! Something Weird is having a sale - videos and DVD-R's for 10 bucks each (plus shipping). At that price, I can ignore the horrible, horrible "All-Male Beavers" super-title above most of my picks. I've just ordered, surprise, some of their homo classics: Sons of Satan, How To Make A Homo Movie, Chains, and alas, with budget constraints, only one from the LOCKER ROOM LOOPS series. But don't feel limited to the XXX stuff, there's plenty of Classics, Scare Films, Sexploitation, etc., like: Attack Of The Robots, The Curious Dr. Humpp, Satan In High Heels, Anatomy of a Psycho, and Dominique, Daughter of Lesbos.