Friday, November 30, 2001

I'm sure you'll be hearing the original plenty, but I love these other versions, too -

My Sweet Lord - Hare Krishna, indeed

My Sweet Lord - gospel house mix?

My Sweet Lord - boyish mix

My Sweet Lord - live for Bangladesh, sounding great 30 years later, man

Bangla Desh
"My friend came to me, with sadness in his eyes
He told me that he wanted help
Before his country dies

Although I couldn't feel the pain, I knew I had to try
Now I'm asking all of you
To help us save some lives"

(feel free to insert the needy country of your choice during the refrain)

tuesday's date
do I start with the "he's a nice guy, but" routine? or just the facts? ok, let's try a factual account: He gets here around 10:50 (not that I was watching the clock or anything..) and has a bag with 2 beers, which is cool, cuz I'm not (usually) big on drinking alot with a stranger, especially on a sexdate ( I prefer drinking to excess in a public place, where I can yell obnoxious things at pals randomly, but I digress..). Still looking handsome, and still very tall, very shaved-headed. I get on my tiptoes to kiss him, we do the beer thing, sit on the couch, and start to talk about nothing in particular (AOL chatrooms, computer games, the funny coincidence that I saw the "forceable massage" Seinfeld episode only hours earlier, and this guy is a masseuse (messieur? massage guy? whatever)). Soon some light touching, occasional kissing peppered in the conversation, nice and slow, feeling rather natural and relaxed.

Kissing gets heavier, and although he mentioned he doesn't do massages on "tricks" his hands are firm, and strong, and kneading various parts of my appreciative body. It's all very affectionate, just what I've been missing, and yearning for. And smiles; he has a great face, and it was nice to stop, and just look, grin just a bit, see his grin widen as he eyes my face, grabs, pulls, and strokes my body..... At some point I am naked, totally naked, and he still has his clothes on; I pull his shirt off, feeling a bit exposed; we slobber on each other's body parts, but in a slow, caressing manner, not forced, not in a hurry. Several times he said really sweet things about me, or a body part, that he liked. But somehow, even after stuffing his thick thing down my face for awhile (balls were way too big for my mouth, which normally would be swallowing them), neither of us stayed hard for very long at all.....

We continued for quite awhile, over 2 hours, in fact, of carressing, kissing, slurping, even snuggling. It almost had the feel of being boyfriends who no longer had the need to impress, get the job done, but actually of just enjoying the touching, the grabbing, the smooching...... eventually, without saying anything explicit, we both sort of stopped the heavy petting, etc, and began to talk a bit, again about nothing in particular, just conversation, and when we realized it was after 1:30 a.m., he said he ought to go. I didn't offer for him to stay, not out of the fear of rejection, but more in the needing/wanting time to myself before bed; as he dressed, he said he had fun "playing" - gosh, i hate that word, I know i'm an idiot who's hung up too often on language, but it just makes me think of kids games, and goddamn! this is serious stuff! (hehe) - and as we stood by the door, a few more kisses, he said he'd like to do it again, I nodded in agreement, but already knew that I wouldn't. I can't explain why, other than I just wasn't "grabbed" by him, although i liked him, and liked our evening together. Just nothing made me want to do it, or something like it, again. So, I shut the door, pop the popcorn in the microwave, spoon out some ice cream, and head for the TV, and a game of MARBLES on the computer.

where.....did.....that.......scratch come from?......
ooh, nice email from one of my blogcrushes - this one's not married, just several thousand miles away, but still, I can dream, can't I?

oooh, I remember at one point, sometime after a pal had bought me my FIFTH beer - crossing 2nd ave with some guy, seeing another pal I hadn't seen in over a month get out of a cab, calling to me - and I yell back - "EXCUSE ME, I'M TRYING TO PICK UP THIS GUY, SHEEESHH!" - and I order the guy onto the back of my bike, and rode home

sheesshhhhhh! "what about the date, what about the date?" - so, my ramblings about porno, disco, and cookies ain't as interesting as me describing how some guy's cock is almost too thick for me to get in my..... okay, I just kicked out last night's more "impromptu" date, and the coffee is starting to sink in (mxing in with several Rolling Rocks)..... give me a few to get my bearings, and I'll try to remember what happened Tuesday night.

Thursday, November 29, 2001

avi vs. mov file
I'm struggling with a few short porno movie trailer clips I have, and they are in "avi" form; if anyone out there knows how to transfer to an "mov" file (if that can be done without spending any money) or even if it's worth the trouble, any help is appreciated. Also, I need help to see how the file(s) look; so anyone who is willing to look at a trailer or two, tell me how fast it loaded, etc., that would be most appreciated.

cookies yes, cool overcast days make me wanna bake, and a batch of GINGER SNAPS are already done; next: "HELLO DOLLIES" - yup, sounds pretty faggy, but it's my grandma's recipe for these delicious squares - chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, pecans, graham cracker, coconut......

any local boys are invited to come over and sample my goodies!
........ I realize I shouldn't be writing anything since I havent had any coffee yet, but today being all cold and wet, looks like I might spend even more time than usual at this keyboard, on this page, with little tidbits of info, and PLEAS FOR HELP of various sorts.

#1) I need access to a BETA video player, so that I can make a VHS COPY of a porn tape I just bought. It's a hard-to-come-by film, featuring AL PARKER, so I bought it on eBay thinking it might be in good shape, and possible include some cool porno movie trailers. Anyone in NYC who can help (if you have a set-up of both BETA and VHS, that's ideal; but I could drag my vcr over, with the appropriate connections, if necessary) So, e-mail me if you think you can help, I will be ever so grateful (gosh, too many Simpsons episodes!)

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Don't know if this qualifies, 'cuz I love it, and I luv what it reminds me of; but I'm sure enough of you prefer the original ........ I hope none of you think A Whiter Shade Of Pale is an Annie Lennox song; naw, we need to go back, way back..... (oops, sorry, wrong reference)...anyway, it was a Procol Harum song, but you knew that. I know it better as the theme song from William Higgins' classic The Boys of Venice, performed by Munich Machine. Yup, another one of those porno theatre memories. While you listen, picture blonde long-haired skinny guys on the boardwalk of Venice, California, and Eric Ryan on roller skates (skates, not blades - it's 1981), bumping into Derrick Stanton, knocking him over and injuring him. So they hobble over to Derrick's new apartment, and have a look at the injured leg. Eric decides that a massage is in order, and guess what? Disco music starts playing, and they have sex in the bathroom, all the while the skates are on.

This was Higgins' first big hit, and many of his later films had "original" songs like Brothers Should Do It , Members Only, and of course, These Bases Are Loaded. This one is another of those "wish I could figure out who all the songs are by" porno videos - but, alas, most of my pals wouldn't be able to help me (either not old enough, or not into disco). And the disco dance-floor fantasy scene at the end with Kip Noll and Emanuelle Bravos is soooooooooooo much fun!

I made an avi file of part of it, but it's like 10MB's, so I couldn't figure out how to post it properly (but I can always email it to interested nice boys). Anyone who has a copy of the video and can let me know the other songs, it would be greatly appreciated. (Or some sort of arrangement with me sending you a copy...) Especially the one that's playing when Kip and Emanuelle meet on the dance floor, it's fantastic!

Tuesday, November 27, 2001 really, not nervous at all. It's only been 2-1/2 weeks since any sort of interest in my body has been paid, and that was a "partnered" guy who just got too excited modeling some cockrings for me........(those married guys sure know how to cum fast, and LEAVE fast!). Before that, gosh, a groping in the Cock's back room? Does it count if it was just my beer bottle? (I really gotta stop standing around with my thumb hooked in my pants pocket, holding my beer) Anyway, I've got a whole 4 hours to make myself presentable, without looking like I made any effort. I almost forgot, this guy's cock is really huge, like "ow! my petite mouth can't take any more!" huge - He works til 10, then will come by around 10:30, says he'll bring beer. So, does this count as a real date? Who cares, right? Trouble is, I really dig his face, and if the night goes well, I might wind up, like um, liking him....... hmmph.
Bjork Remix Web is a fantastic site, where "amateur" remixers get a chance to show the world their BJORK remixes - there's a lot to sift thru to find the really good stuff (Joga alone has 56 remixes!), but if you're anything like me, sometimes, like last night, when you can't sleep at 5 a.m. and CNN just doesn't do the trick, finding a cool song like Jólasveinar (Christmas Men) is worth the time. The remixer took a song Bjork recorded in 1977 (when she was 11 and doing a children's TV special, I think) and gave it this very cool, haunting sound - perfect for you folks who like making off-beat Christmas mixed-tapes (er, this is 2001, so I guess discs)! A couple of nice guys have emailed/mentioned recently they liked the inclusion of Bjork songs here - some I post are "official" (like the acapella HIDDEN PLACE) and some are not (like the Pagan Poetry dance mix), but the remix site is pretty much winked at by Bjork and her record company, cuz they realize it's great publicity for her. Don't be shy, if downloading is a pain in the ass for you, and you'd rather, I can always e-mail you a song or two.... And the Bravo special was great (except for way too many commercials) - the opening 60 seconds was the best, a slowed-down version of Hyperballad played, with some sweeping landscape shots of Iceland, which eventually zoomed in on Bjork, all in white, on this amazing field of ice!

Monday, November 26, 2001, looks like I have a (sex)date Tuesday night. SHIT! Only 23 hours to get this place, and myself, looking good. He's really tall, and, well, still nicely "proprotionate" from what I remember from when we first met over a year ago. I guess the good news is that it must've been alright the first time around, since he wants to do it again. Of course, I am so pessimistic, I'll be spending the next 23 hours thinking about how it could go badly......

see what I mean? Jack is supposed to be a sleazebag, having sex anytime, anywhere, with anyone, but he's licking the guy's fingers!

IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK? case you forgot to set your VCR this morning (like me) to tape Bravo Profiles (BJORK), and are not near your tv/vcr now (but I am), they are re-running a 3rd time at 5 a.m. thier 1998 Profile.
old not-so-horny fag
sure, I went out, had 2 beers in the space of 90 minutes, 2 bars, and even took my glasses off for awhile in the hopes that if I just lowered my standards...........

but, at least for the time being, I need to accept that I really don't enjoy the whole drunkard-groping-your-beer-bottle-thinking-its-your-cock thing. The one guy I attempted something with was barely paying attention, his head turning back and forth so much, looking around the room. I did my old random number thing - I counted down, and if he didn't pay adequate attention to me, I was outta there (not that he noticed me walking away). Too drunk, too drugged-up, what did I expect? And worse, the music totally sucked! "Everybody Dance Now"? Good lord! So, I tried The Phoenix, but no one goes there on Sundays, faking interest in the jukebox while my cranberry juice was gone in two swigs. Back to The Cock, the music getting worse, the boys looking uglier, and acting stupider, and the pints of Haagen Das in my freezer beckoning me......I was home by 2.

Seriously, I am completely in envy of this - sitting around in boxers and t-shirt having breakfast with the in-laws - oh yeah! Crap, ever need a stand-in? I'm really a lovely young, er, lovely man when it comes to relatives.....

back to sex..... I know on the one had I shouldn't have any expectations of anonymous sex, or meeting guys in bars, but there is a difference between Jeff Stryker sex, and Al Parker sex - affection. You can, and I have had, sex where you are actually looking at your partner, using your hands and lips in all the right places; you know pushing your face into his neck, gently kissing that spot just above the waist on the side, whispering barely audible oohs and ahhhs, massaging his calves while you flick your tongue on his balls.....

old fag or horny fag?
A little past midnight, do I stay home and watch this Liz Taylor/Warren Beatty movie on AMC, or go out and look for meaningless sex?

Sunday, November 25, 2001

cleaning house, which is good, but nothing to write home about. but, the good news, is that I am finally feeling horny again, so maybe I will get out of the house later...... then again, there's plenty of Haagen Das in the fridge.......

and yes, still posting auctions. 2 with Jack Wrangler - this pic is from around 1974, and as much as I love Jack, I'm glad he eventually learned to go a little lighter on the mascara!

I must say, he really is the best masturbator; I mean, I was watching that one scene from Kansas City Trucking where he's all alone, and the sounds of the highway give it this trippy feel, with the headlights occasionally flashing, and he is just whacking that mighty meat - obviously, having a great cock like his helps, but he really loves showing it off, takes great pride and pleasure in it, and does that one-hand-on-the-balls, the other slamming up and down on the shaft thing...... Of course, my other fave, Al Parker, is the quintessential cocksucker. Ever see him in Turned On, where he's persuing Sky Dawson? Holy shit, his beautiful face, that beard, and his alternating gentle slurps and deep gulps, the way he waits for the cum to splash across his whiskers, not gobbling it up, but first slowly licking his own face, then diving back in just under his partner's balls, and a few more slurps on the last drops falling ..... what a man! I feel I've learned important things from both these men....... (hmmm, is this my belated Thanksgiving blog?)

Saturday, November 24, 2001

that's okay, honey, I'll make the coffee

that's what I said to my imaginery boyfriend a few minutes ago, as I got up to make coffee. I'll probably crawl back into bed with him soon, it's very cold in the apartment, and the heat isn't on. It's a rainy day, which is cool, cuz I hope to straighten up around here, ship out some porn, list some more porn on eBay, maybe even dive into the "personal" video tapes and make some still shots to post on the "audition" page - I think there are 2 guys I haven't yet revealed to the world. And I also want to work on this movie trailer clip I have, that I've uploaded to my site, but from the 2 folks who've tested it for me, it takes nearly 2 hours to download (they have dial-up connections) and the trailer is less than 2 minutes! - anyone out there have any ideas how I can speed that up? It's an "avi" file - is there something I can do?

Sigur Ros disc just started, so time for more coffee, and getting under the covers........

Friday, November 23, 2001

soooooo tired, soooooo achey. that apt cleaning job Wednesday really wrecked me. I need to go back up there today, ugh. I mean, its decent work, but I hate going uptown, and it took me ALL day yesterday to get rid of the stench that was stuck to my body - several different kinds of baths - baking soda, that peppermint "natural" stuff - I came so close to just pouring bleach all over my body. My boots are still on the fire escape, I'm rather afraid to see what the story is with them. I just stayed here most of the day, trying to get my body back to it's normal, natural aroma - hehe.

Last night the phone rang around 8pm, I let the machine pick up. It was this guy I ran into on the street about 2-3 weeks ago. We had an "AOL date" maybe a year earlier, and so we chatted for awhile on the street, then he took my phone number. I didn't recognize the voice, so I didn't pick up. After replaying the message twice, I realized who it was, but I felt too insecure at that point about my body odor, so I didn't call back. Maybe I'll call tonight, his message sort of left it at "if you're in town this weekend, would be great, been meaning to call you" - so, I suppose I should call him after work, if I don't get all stunk up again!

Thursday, November 22, 2001

a pal of mine who works for RED HOT sent me this Amazon link - apparently RED HOT'S tribute to DUKE ELLINGTON is super-cheap over there, so if you're already an amazon shopper (or even if you're not) at 5.99 plus shipping, why not grab a few copies of RED HOT + INDIGO! as a stocking stuffer - hell, send me one!
............can't decide if I should write about my aching body - from 11 hours of hauling stinking garbage out of an apartment (not my own!); or how I had a morning hard-on when I woke up, the first one in weeks - but, um, that was it, I looked down in surprise at the almost-stranger, and made some coffee and checked my email. Goddamn I'm boring!

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

Happy Birthday, Bjork!

here's a pretty decent, unofficial remix of Pagan Poetry

and don't forget, BRAVO PROFILES is re-running it's show on Bjork from back in 1999 - 3 times on Monday - 6am, 2pm, and 5am (technically Tuesday, then , eh?). It's primarily focused on the making of Homogenic, and has some great footage of Bjork running around Iceland!

one pal of mine couldn't bare listening to it, but I thought it was sooooooo funny; don't really know the sourse, probably some English sit-com, but on with the BJORK BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION, here's Short Term Affair.

Tuesday, November 20, 2001

I know, I know, you're thinking - "but Bjork's 36th birthday isn't until tomorrow" - and of course, if you knew that, you certainly already have the Acapella Version of Hidden Place; but just in case you don't, take a listen - it's wonderful! I'll look for some others for tonight/tomorrow, of course!

Monday, November 19, 2001

Jack Wrangler

Been keeping myself busy watching/reviewing/auctioning more porn - this is from a favorite, Gemini, and since I just got a second copy, I'm about to auction it on eBay. Jack Wrangler actually approached director Steve Scott with this idea of an All About Eve split-personality like character, but Steve thought 2 was all Jack, and any porn flick, could handle. So, Jack plays the role of a nice guy with new nice guy lover, as well as this "bad" personality who goes around having sleazy sex in backalleys with Richard Locke while Pink Floyd plays. He also is sandwiched between 2 guys in a pool-table fuck, as well as a contruction-worker worship scene (more Pink Floyd), and a great men's restroom/gloryhole scene. Eventually, when the lover discovers Jack's horrible problem, he commits him to a hospital for treatment.

Sunday, November 18, 2001

hmmmmm. well, yesterday, another feeble attempt at getting sex. I should've known when he kept yapping on the phone about anything and everything, after we agreed I'd be at his place in just 2 hours, that I should've backed out. But, I figured that I am so disagreeable and unadventurous lately, that I should really take advantage of the only sex-invite I've had in a long while (last Saturday's photo-shoot fluff/blowjob doesn't count). His place was a mess - newspapers, magazines, dogtoys, pots and pans (not dirty, just dusty) everywhere. And the dog, as sweet as she was, really required a lot of attention. Then, at one point, we are sitting on the bed, and the dog (female) comes over and starts humping my host's leg! But it got worse - he started egging the dog on, with all sorts of sex-talk "Oh yeah, you're the best, c'mon, fuck me stud!" and shit like that! Seeing my jaw on the floor, he tried to laugh it off, shook off the disappointed dog, and tried to return his attentions to me. I tried to make conversation, not quite ready to leave, but not ready to get all snuggly with him (his leg was probably still wet). He did the half-way massage thing, and I started getting sleepy. Then he took the dog out for a pee, and put some music on. Which at first was cool, but by the time he came back, the music was that Enya song that is the background for that WTC memorial website that I watched last Sunday morning and balled like a baby for 20 minutes, so I started to get all insular and quiet. We tried the hugging, light kissing thing, which was good, he has a nice body, nice head, stubbly goatee, all salt-and-pepper; but the music went into this Henry Mancini movie soundtrack thing which is really just elevator music that you might know the name of.... we retreated to the bedroom again, but I just couldn't get it up, and once he had me completely naked, I knew it was useless.

He lit up a joint, and while I usually don't like to smoke with strangers, I hoped it would relax me. Well, it did, but in that listless, "sure, do what you want, let me know when it's over and point me to the fridge" way. And after awhile, when he kept moving around, and switching positions, I got suspicious that he was on one of those Chelsea Boy drugs that goes by some letter of the alphabet. Ugh. You know, he takes a few licks, you groan, he moves on to something else, his elbow jabbing in your side, he moves again, sticking some body part in your face, you try to make "slurpy I'm into this" noises, and then just when you 're in a groove, he's gone, disappeared to change the lighting or temperature. Ice cream. It's Saturday Night, shouldn't I be having pizza? Wonder if I have the fixings for brownies at home? Ok, I'm gone, and there's no hope of getting me back. Eventually he senses this, and says "if you need to go home, it's cool" but it takes me the longest while to leave, I'm such a guilt-ridden wimp, I think I have to make sure he cums first. UGH. I mean, I love seeing a guy cum, I love making a guy cum, but again, it took awhile. He could tell I was willing to wait til he came, so he postioned me for the manner that would get him off, and then the noises! I mean, I loves grunts and groans and all that, but this was real loud, and was like something from Hanna Barbera! I kept looking down at him, expecting to see Elmer Fudd and the Tazmanian Devil; and the dog looked real worried, she kept looking at me with these "what the FUCK are you doing to him" eyes! He came, but then started the zone-out post-cum phase, so I got up and tried to find my clothes.

On my bike, discman blasting tunes from BeautifulGarbage, I started to think about what to have for dinner, and as soon as I walked in the door, made some food while spreading the take-out menus on the couch. Then I was a slug on the couch for the rest of the night, disappointed again, knowing that I'm just not cut out for this - I'm really good at the post 3-month thing: once we're dating that long, and I'm secure, I make dinner for you, I'm really great in bed, I'm sailing! But this interveiwing thing is for the dogs, really...............

Saturday, November 17, 2001


ok, we have 2 winners - each guessed 4 correctly, both having gotten the 3 listed below, plus
  • P (duck vamps) also guessed "cabaret"; then added "That's all I can see what with that huge cock in the way."
  • Casey guessed "his unit is dangling in front of 'Annie'.", then went on to add "the lower right (mostly offscreen) could be Cabaret. Or The Rocky Horror Show. Or any number of other musicals where someone is made up in lots of lipliner. I'm making things up now, time to quit."

    so, I just need to get addresses from the boys, and they'll get their prize.

    Thanks to all who entered; I found the whole thing to be very very funny, since invariablye everyone claimed to know nothing about Theatre - me, I barely got Superstar!

    I promise, if and when I do another contest, it'll be about porn - I certainly have a lot more knowledge there, and who knows, maybe I can use it as an excuse to make folks search through my pornology pages!

  • sorry about the delay - I'd love to be able to tell you I was out last night, doing all sorts of unspeakable things, but, alas, I was on a very long phone call with mom, then, well, I passed out on the couch.

    ok, the following "RUNNERS UP" (or is that runner ups?) correctly guessed:
  • Jesus Christ Superstar
  • Filumena
  • A Murder is announced

    • Mr. Hammer
    • Tom from Köln
    • Sparky

  • Friday, November 16, 2001

    what're u lookin' at?

    so I shave my ears, so what?

    working on the list of losers, er, runners-up, for the contest - do I have to do links and all that?

    contest update

    got a bunch of entries (entrances?)..... anyway, a bunch got 3 correct answers, but I have to double check the few who ventured 4, 5, and 6 guesses, and will post the winner late tonight. Yup, Friday night, single, in Manhattan, and I'll be busy verifying, then posting, the winner of the theatre poster - cockring contest. One guy, well, his entry was so funny (but quite wrong) I may have to post that, as well.

    i think I am supposed to be going uptown (again) in about 20 minutes - ugh. and I really wanted to watch Gemini a fantastic Steve Scott film from 1979 with Jack Wrangler - he's a split-personality, who just got a new boyfreind, but his other personality has all the sleazy sex, like the opening back-alley blowjob of Richard Locke while Pink Floyd's Careful With That Axe, Eugene plays. Quite wonderful, and it's my second copy, so I may be selling it on eBay soon.

    Thursday, November 15, 2001

    so, as I am getting near the bottom of the bag of porn I purchased on Sunday ( 35 videos, 5 mags), I find that someone tossed in this flyer - hmmmm. "Fits any penis size" - HEY! what the hell are they trying to say?



  • bill - sharing the same name as my most-recent-Ex, normally that would turn me off, but he is a fellow ex-Chicagoan, and the not-so-secret porno stash IS rather extensive

  • pottymouth if you are local - it's only 5 bucks, this friday, Lower East Side - DO IT!
  • adam - one of the few bloggers who was not (yet) banned me from posting comments on his page - some really great photography, and very helpful on my webnerd questions.

    wait, I mean, "plug" like promote, right?

  • such a pretty city

    I'm watching Law and Order, and I have further proof I'm a BIG FAG when:

    1) I wished I had taped the show, after realizing how many potential male suspects are dressed in blue collar uniforms

    2) I squeal when I realize the eventual female suspect is Diana Scarwid, who played Christine Crawford in Mommie Dearest (not to mention starring in Strange Invaders, as well).

    Speaking of televsion, the lovely gentleman pictured here is known to me and other porno fans as Wade Nichols star of Boy-Napped, and apparently some str8 porn, as well (which I wouldn't know anyting about). But to others, he's known as Dennis Parker, star in a daytime soap, The Edge of Night, and also had a disco "hit" of sorts, called NEW YORK BY NIGHT which has made me laugh so hard all week - my favorite lyrics -

    on 42nd street
    X-rated is the beat
    see some skin up on the silver screen
    at 53rd and 3rd
    a dollar is the word
    turn that trick, you better hurry kid

    Wednesday, November 14, 2001

    ok, a whole 30 hours in this thing, and while I feel a bit like stupid sexy flanders, I swear, I still don't see a need to change. I mean, it's not like I work, or have a boyfriend, or even any sort of potential ex-boyfriend on the horizon, I needn't worry about impressing anyone, I just need to be comfortable.......and with 2 hours of decent tv on tonight to look forward to (yeah, West Wing finally won me over, since it's a decent warm-up before Law and Order). ooooooooh, Malcolm just shot up a million points, playing one of my fave Elvis songs: Pump it Up.

    where was I? oh yeah, last time I had "sex" it was Saturday, which shouldn't seem like so long ago, except it was "i'm done so I'm leaving now" sex - you know, the guy has a boyfriend, came over so I could take pics of a few cockrings on him, and well, I guess I decided he needed fluffing..... well, it's getting a bit boring. Sunday night I returned to the Cock, after skipping it for the previous 2 Sunday Nights, and well, with one pal kneeling in the southeast corner, and another one playing peak-a-boo with a group in the northwest corner, I just couldn't find a decent spot to, well, and some guy kept grabbing my beer bottle - I mean, it's cold, wet, hard, and has a long-neck, are you really that drunk you can't tell the difference? And then in the main room, a former roommate, drunk - you know "I'm gonna yell, and stand right next to your ear, and tell you the same 2 stupid stories over and over again" drunk - complaining how being on probation for having the cops find cocaine on him is really putting a damper on his life - ugh - like he needs to get higher.
    Me, I think a pizza is in order. I think I have a few beers in the fridge, and while I rarely drink at home, and even more rarely alone, what the hell? It'll keep me home tonight, Last Wednesday I tried $1.00 beer night, but watching a pal hit on one guy, chat for awhile, move on to the next, and me not getting a single smile from anyone, well, not in the mood for a repeat. ok, pizza's ordered. maybe some dope. I haven't had a serious smoke dope, eat everything in sight, download all sorts of shit from audiogalaxy, porn-watching binge in awhile........

    well, still havent taken the union suit off - lets see if I get too sweaty running around town today doing errands - a bunch of packages for the post office - 4 various porno-related items, one Frampton poster (dont ask, but yes, I agree, that's obscene!). HMV to see if the bjork dvd-single is there, bank for deposting money (yeah, 28 dollars - woo-hoo!)

    oh yeah, and thanks to all you folks who sent in entries for the cockring contest, er Theatre Poster contest; a few of them had me on the floor laughing "I don't know much about Theatre, but the font on the top left hand corner was only used from 1974-76 for Joan Plowright productions, and she only worked with John so-and-so.........." anyway, I'll be checking them all and posting the winner (if he doesnt mind) Friday night/early Sat morning. I guess I should make it official, entries must be sent by noonish Friday ....blah blah

    Tuesday, November 13, 2001

    gosh, I don't think I will ever take this thing off, all-cotton, comfy, perfect for stuffing my face and watching porn all day.............but..........does it make my skin look blue?

    if you really love me, you'll buy me this

    hmmm, not sure if something is wrong with my email program, or if there are no people reading this page who know/like Theatre (hint: British, 70's), or if no one wants a free cockring.

    The idea last week was whoever guessed the most Theatre Posters in this pic would get a free, NEW, UNUSED leather snap cockring. I swear, it's still in the baggy, untouched, don't be afraid to enter! Or even if you don't want it, or haven't a clue what the posters say, Email Me anyway, just so I can check if the email program is working - but seriously, only ONE ENTRY has come in , with ONE CORRECT guess - so, by Friday, I'm shipping this thing out to someone - why not you?

    Meanwhile, today I'm watching porn, and lots of it. I wanna post a bunch of auctions today, and I kinda wanna lay low, after hearing way too many insane theories about yesterday's crash (one guy told me that it must be terrorists, since they knew on this plane, it would be all Dominicans, and they don't have cell phones........ at that point I stopped listening, and turned up the volume on the discman).... it's very sad, and I don't wanna come off like an a-hole, so I won't comment on some of the stuff I'm reading/hearing in various places, we're all entitled to our opinions and reactions, so, mine will be kept to myself. Let me just do the laundry (that red, all-cotton Union Suit I bought on eBay arrived today) - once it's washed, I'm staying put, drinking lots of coffee and having several "private moments" with the help of Lee Ryder in Sticky Business, Al Parker in Timber Wolves, Frank Parker in Biker Pigs From Hell, Jon King in The Best of Jon King and maybe even a "blond" like Leo Ford in The Summer of Scott Noll.

    ...gosh, I hate those restless nights, where I keep waking up every 20 minutes, checking CNN, then looking in the fridge for chocolate, then crawling back in bed; waking again, check CNN, nab a few pics of video boxes for my porno auctions from the internet, have some ginger ale, crawl back into bed; wake up , check for chocolate in the kitchen cabinets, check CNN, drag the blanket onto the couch, fall back asleep; wake up, check the news online - Pack-It Jeans making a come-back, check desk drawer for chocolate, check CNN, they're giving more time to the Afghanis shaving their beards off than to the revenge killings of 100's....... oh, I'm sure I must be sleeping again already.....

    Monday, November 12, 2001

    i can't believe this

    Sunday, November 11, 2001


    I am sooooooooooo high!

    spent the afternoon at this fund-raising benefit (is that redundant?) for Gay Men's Chorus, over in the West Village called "Porn Again" - basically, the members of the group (plus some donations, I think) threw together their unused porn to sell off. Well, hoping there might be a few good things there, I got there soon after it began, and scoped the place out rather quickly. Free snacks? Later! Scoped out the various tables, and made a bee-line to the cheap table. Finally, my years of "studying" are paying off, I could recognize titles with no boxes so fast (Score - Joey Stefano, director Chi Chi Larue, 1990, grab it, Joey takes a nice facial in this one) El Paso - hmmm, old label, might be the "good" unbutchered version, Grab it. Bullet Pac#2, might have Bruno (it did!! yeah!) Grab it. Colt - those sell, grab 'em. I even ran into a neighbor, we chatted briefly, but I had to tell him I was focused on this; fortunately, he's a member of the Chorus, so he was happy I would be spending money. Sizing Up - isn't that Matt Sterling's 1984 film with Matt Ramsey (you younger folks might know him as Peter North)? grab it!! I was fairly aggressive, the browsers got the idea that I was serious, and stood out of the way. Ranger in the WIld (hmmm, not to be confused with Al Parker's Rangers, but still Daryl Brock, Max Grande!), The Big One - music by Costello Presley; Best of Jon King, Summer of Scott Noll, Bijou? Wakefield Poole's second film, from 1972, with an original video label? cool; no, I grabbed it first, get out of my way --grrrrrrrrrr!

    Anyway, being one of the first 100 to arrive, they also threw in 2 bonus videos - I barely made it home on my bike with over 30 videos and a few magazines. I went back - mostly cuz I figured I could use a beer, relax, and actually SPEAK to my neighbor, who's a cutie - but I didn't want to stay with all my porn and worry about it after drinking. Someone even tried to buy El Paso from me as I was checking out. Grrrrrrrrrrr. back off!!! (no, I was nice, I started to explain why it might be valuable, the homophobe getting tossed thru the bar window scene isn't in the more recent copies, and he sorta got bored and walked away, but 3 other people were impressed!). I had Pretenders first album on the discman, porn in a big shopping bag, and stuffed into my backpack - great ride home! I quickly checked that it IS the old El Paso, and then I headed back. Actually found 2 more decent tapes, including another Colt - this one..................wooooh!! Al Parker and Mike Davis in "Timber Wolves" plus Johnny Harden (this is a "keeper"!) And they even gave a bonus video to everyone when it was time to leave - The Road Home, which I have a dupe of, and I know it's good - Todd Gibbs, totally not my type in theory (smooth, blondish-red) but baby! what a body - oh shit! this is the one with Ryan Idol as a priest who jacks off while listening to confession!

    Think I'll be very busy for a few days, hehe.
    i don't go out on Saturday nights. I joke that it's "amateur night" but mostly I don't care for the crowds of drunk people roaming the streets, looking for more entertainment, more alcohol, more drugs. But waiting outside for a performance to start, something I wanted to see mostly to force myself to "get out there" I realized it also has a lot to do with how I'd pretty much gotten used to being part of a couple - up until 2-1/2 years ago, I pretty much had a boyfriend ( 3 different "main" ones) for the previous 16 years I've lived here. So, of course, Saturdays were mostly taken. Sundays were the night to go out, often by myself. Anyway, stuffing this slice of pizza down my piehole (gosh, is that really a term people use?), knowing that it's usually a whole pizza, by myself on a Saturday night, I still wasn't comfortable being out. Ugh, I just feel too self-concious by myself on Saturday nights. But I figured I could get away with going to see a silly performance, and have some laughs while slouching in a dark corner.

    The venue was small, cozy, and I guess I had like 1/2 a minute to find a seat, according to the guy at the door. The show started pretty quickly, a one-man thing, and I tried to get a groove in the plastic chair for my ass to get comfortable in. I know I should be writing about the show, how good it was, or some "critque" - but I first noticed hairy forearms. Beautiful hairy forearms. And his face was even cuter than the pics I had seen on the webpage, so I had to struggle a bit not to just zone out and smile to myself while stairing at this cute, expressive face up there (and the eyebrows! when he'd scrunch up his face, they'd go all slanty and lickable....). But it started pretty relaxed, some silly "hey you doing out there - woo-hoos" and shit. And then the storytelling. I expected silly filthy stuff, and I got silly filthy stuff (yeah the buttmunching, tongue-flicking thing, plus a bunch more); I even found myself stifling my laugh, as I can get kinda loud, and in a small room, well, I just don't like to get noticed. So, he's describing this lockerroomsex scene, very very funny, and his facial expressions and body language are both hysterical, and yet rather adorable. I'm pulled in, kinda relating to the silliness of having to perform (the sexscene) while your mind is thinking about all this other stuff, so I'm nodding, and laughing in recognition, and then....... I dunno, it shifted suddenly, and quietly, and quite unexpectantly.

    You ever watch a movie, and it's one of those intense close-ups at a difficult moment, so you only look like halfway at the screen? You are completely pulled in, but you feel this need to give the person some privacy, so you can't stop watching, but you can't watch head-on? And it wasn't anything earth-shattering, mind you, it just felt very personal, and he his voice was quiet, and slow, and measured, just enough for you to feel it, and recognize it in yourself, and have your heart slow down, and race, simultaneously. The experience of an unexpected "hot sex scene" where you try to go with it, and then you try to make it intimate, and you are being intimate, and yet the other guy, well, isn't?

    Well, that's probably very vague, but I guess what makes something "art" is that it gets at you, regardless of your ability to explain how it got to you. I'm sure it could use some tightening up, and someone could figure out a better way for this part or that part to go here or there; maybe it was just the intimacy of the venue, or my frame of mind, wanting the laughs, surprised and moved by the "more"; maybe just my mind wondering through all my own shit while viewing hairy forearms, cute mouth, someone very comfortable with his body; maybe it was just a good show.

    Saturday, November 10, 2001


    have you seen this man?
    are you this man?
    do you remotely resemble this man?
    please contact me immediately!

    I was looking thru my KodakPictures file yesterday, and found a few shots from last summer's Folsom Street East fair - goddamn he's slurpolicious!

    Friday, November 09, 2001

    Names, Darling

    Tim Kramer
    Michael Christopher
    Jack Wrangler
    Pierce Daniels
    Lee Ryder
    J.D. Slater
    Roy Dean
    Derrick Stanton
    Clint Lockner
    Kristen Bjorn
    Eric Manchester
    Leo Ford
    Mickey Squires

    yup, another plug for my eBay auctions plus a few things at Naughty Bids (and don't look at the leather cock/ball divider cock ring - for some reason, unmodeled, no bids on the same auction item at eBay!!)

    since "that day," i find i'm: lazy, horny, insatiable, distracted, anxious. anyone else?
    ........ woke up at 3, 4am on the couch, CNN still on. Seem to do that alot lately, as if keeping this vigil will keep the bad stuff from happening again (to us, anyway). Crawl into the bedroom, closing my eyes, flashes of "that day", tears, then anger at myself for dwelling on it. So let's just get this out of my system for the day:

    Fuck Saudi Arabia; Boycott the AIRLINES; fuck the oil companies; no more corporate bailouts; FUCK Saudi Arabia
    So, while having made fun of all those folks who have the "buy me things" link on their webpages, I did, a few weeks back, create my own lil' AMAZON page; selecting a few Simpsons things, plus maybe a webnerd book, and a few art books. So, why the hell, when i just logged in to look something up, does it come up with this recommendation? Does it know how many hours I sit at this desk, staring at this screen, surrounded by bags of chips, and pints of Ben and Jerry's, my legs getting numb from inertia, getting up only to occasionally re-microwave my coffee?
    Hitexplosion [11:35 PM]: hi
    BJland [11:36 PM]: hey
    Hitexplosion [11:37 PM]: wassup
    BJland [11:37 PM]: not much
    Hitexplosion [11:38 PM]: im horny, drunk, and i want a cock
    BJland [11:38 PM]: let me know when you find one

    Thursday, November 08, 2001

    .........taking a break from watching, selling, manufacturing, and distributing porno, I did some websurfing........ yeah,yeah, you probably saw Laid Off already, but it made me laugh ....... so back to the porno.....
    so, I pick it up at the post office, i rush home.....

    I open the box, and its a "small" cassette box, you know, the type that is the size same as the videocassette itself, so I think - "uhoh" -

    then, I notice that the "JOE GAGE'S CLOSED SET" logo is GLUED to the box!!!! and on the side, as well....... OH FUCK!

    so i insert the video (he didnit rewind!!) and see the quality is sorta "ok" not great, but nothing unusual (sorta yellowish hue to the skin tones), since I know that these video companies didnit always take the best care in putting this stuff out...

    so, while I fast forward to get to the "Good Stuff" - the hoped for previews - I look at the packaging again. The square glued-on label is actually NOT covering anything up, because the corner is curled up a bit, I can see that there are 4 small circles, like markings, for the place to stick the label - and on the side of the box, as well. So I get to the end of the movie (I never noticed the corny "titles" at the end - but I digress)....... and there's a preview for "Boys in the Sand" with this like beachboys tune playing over it (I'm sure the actual film had more classical music, right??). Then a preview for KANSAS CITY - a movie trailer preview, not a video preview!!! I'm soooo psyched, I can't beleive I knew this just from seeing the "tmx" logo on the video box in the eBay auction - so, long story short, 18 minutes of movie theatre trailers, PLUS: it lasts all of 2 seconds, but finally PROOF that there IS a watersports scene in Kansas CIty - I've never seen it on ANY of the videos I've rented, bought, borrowed or duped!!! Richard Locke has spoken of this, how he was waiting to do his scene, and the other scenes kept delaying, so he's drinking more and more beer - well, there ya go, it WAS in the original movie!!!

    now, the hunt continues. I'll have to re-check both copies of Kansas City I have now, cuz I swear I saw no sign of piss - this is scarey, isn't it? I really need to go look for a job................

    Wednesday, November 07, 2001

    so, I had all these cool links and shit set up for a nifty blog to promote my porn auctions on eBay, and they went and cancelled 5 of my adult auctions! Apparently, I described the sexual activity going on in the videos, and, well, it's just not done; you're supposed to buy the merchandise without having a clue what happens! But, but the time you read this, I may have some stuff up, so take a look.............


    .......or, just ship your old, unwanted porn to me.... more on that over the weekend.........

    making a compilation video for a pal, and, well, it's having that effect on me........ oooooooooh, since he reads this from time to time, I can't say who just shot a nice load across Steve Rambo's face; but poor Steve, that clenched lip look is just not very sexy! I mean, it's obvious why he's keeping his mouth closed, and that's cool, but there are ways of doing it that don't look so, um, scaredy-cat like, ya know? Or just don't do the facial thing if it's not your thing - porn directors should really talk more with their actors to see what they are comfortable with. And see in this next scene, this guy takes a huge load on his face, no wincing, just a nice slurp job on the guy in leather chaps, and then a dirty grin while he's getting spooged on! Awww, man! I forgot Cliff Parker is in this one...... gotta run!

    I'll buy that for $60 million
    Madison [9:03 AM]: you seem kind of sweet.. :)
    BJland [9:04 AM]: usually, but.... havent had my coffee yet
    Madison [9:04 AM]: just up myself.. thinking to order in breakfast...
    BJland[9:05 AM]: ahhhhh
    Madison [9:06 AM]: bloomberg won! i forgot until just now.. so happy..
    Madison [9:08 AM]: i'm trying to quit smoking.. I think I'm going to cave in though.. unless you have something more "healthy" for me to put in my mounth..
    BJland [9:20 AM]: Naw; but ask your new mayor

    Tuesday, November 06, 2001

    Following behind JockoHomo (oooh, that's a nice thought...)
    just remember that Halloween isn't over 'til the Simpsons say it is!

    It's The Simpsons Halloween Special

    "Treehouse of Horror XII"
    TONIGHT at 8:30PM/7:30C

    and while you're all trying to figure out the Theatre Poster / Cockring Contest below, here's a little song from The City of New York Vs. Homer Simpson

    and have you checked out the other blogger with all those "O's" in his name, johnny a go go??

    miscellaneous stuff
    My GOD Michael Christopher has a huge piece of meat! - No, that's not him over there, but I've been getting a lot of requests for info on director Arthur J. Bressan, Jr., and I'm watching one of his last films, Juice, which stars Mr Christopher (who you may remember from such films as The Best Little Warehouse in L.A., Gayracula, Pleasure Beach (a personal fave) and A Few Good Men),as a porn mag photographer who's boss Eric Ryan doesn't like his "arty" pics, so he's on a deadline to get more pics. Bressan also did a lot of work for P.B.S. apparently, and most notably did a few "legit" movies like Abuse which I haven't yet seen, but hope to rent this week. And lots of people want info on another of his porn films from 1984, Daddy Dearest, which was Richard Locke's last film, and also stars a young Dean Johnson, who apparently is hosting a new nite at a new(ish) bar, "The Hole", this Thursday called "Triple XXX"

    Meanwhile, I'm posting this pic over here (or there, can't remember if i did align=left or right)as a sort of contest - I'm trying to figure out all those theatre posters in the background, and as an incentive to helping me out, if you Email Me the most correct answers, I'll send you a cockring - pictured over there somewhere, it's a simple, yet elegant, black leather snap-on cockring.

    Today's election has made the friggin' phone ring off the hook for several days now, mostly from mayoral hopeful Mike Bloomberg - "Hi, I'm Mike Bloomberg, I'm not a politician, therefore, I am most qualified for a political job like mayor of the Center of the Universe, so please vote for me, or I take all those jobs i've created out of this fucking city!" Then there's former mayor Koch: "Hi, I'm former Mayor Koch, I've already endorsed 2 other losers in this election, so what the hell, I'll endorse Mike Bloomberg now."

    as we used to say in Chicago, "vote early, and vote often"

    from the SLURP department....
    new look; looks good

    Monday, November 05, 2001

    I live among the creatures of the night

    yeah yeah yeah, but WHAT ABOUT THE PORNO-CRAZED RAMBLINGS??? ok, so I'm watching Daniel Holt screw the beejeepers out of 2 guys in Kenneth Holloway's JOB SITE, (who you may rememeber from such films as: Hotel Hell, Knockout, and of course, Rodeo) and they are playing the instrumental version of The Human League's Don't You Want Me!!

    Woah, Eric Ryan is on top of this car, and this guy is licking his balls thru the sunroof!! - the best part, of course, is the narration by this "queeny" uncle, who runs the bordello that Tad, the "twink" has just inherited. It's probably one of the few actual films that Holloway made, since he got into directing in the early 80's, and usually used video, and that dang song by Frankie Goes to Hollywood Relax in just about every friggin' movie he ever made! Oh shit! Now, during the orgy finale, this beautiful hairy man with a huge piece of meat is getting a nice blowjob, but - EGAD!!!! The really long version of Self Control is playing on the bar's jukebox! This is a true early 80's movie!! What do you bet that the HIS video version doesn't have all these tunes on it?? Probably not, cuz I think I just heard Madonna's Lucky Star playing.

    can i just say -

    how much money did those fuckers ask for the day after the attack?? (or, if you are an Emmy-watcher, "the tragic events of Sept 11")?? they only got 15fuckingBILLION dollars, what 5 or 10 billion less than they asked for? The news seems to focus on the guy caught with the knives, and of course they have to figure out what he was up to trying to board a United Airlines flight with a stun gun, a bunch of knives, and some mace. But WHAT THE FUCK's the deal with Argenbright Security ?? They didn't even search the guy's carry-on bag after they found 2 knives on his body!!! The carry-on search happened later, during a random search (meaning they didn't target him specifically, he could well have "lucked-out" and not had the additional search) just before take-off. FUCK ALL these incompetant greedy fuckers - and the Justice Dept??? - "Argenbright reached a settlement in October with the Justice Department, admitting it had failed to complete court-ordered background checks on its employees. That move followed by less than a year guilty pleas by three Argenbright managers who admitted breaking FAA rules. They allowed untrained employees -- some with criminal backgrounds -- to operate airport checkpoints, the managers said." says the CNN story. ferchrissakes, a goddamn welfare mother getting a couple hundred bucks a month has to put up with more government involvemnet in her life than these fuckers who are taking BILLIONS from us and still fucking up!!! From the Washington Post : "Last month federal investigators found that Argenbright was employing security workers who did not speak English (emphasis added) at Dulles International Airport. When investigators gave a skills test to 20 Argenbright workers at Dulles, seven failed. The company was already on probation for serious security violations last year at the Philadelphia airport, for which it paid $2.3 million in fines and restitution and several managers went to jail." DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH?, CRIMINAL BACKGROUNDS? NO BACKGROUND CHECKS?

    Look, I'm not one of these English-only types, far from it, but doncha think speaking English would be a good way of communicating with each other, and the people you are supposed to be searching? And this House bill that passed last week? jeezus, more money to the AIrlines, and higher pay for the same people who've been fucking up for years now, really fucking nice. So now the feds will supervise the non-English speaking criminal background folks who do the security check - I'm calling up United Airlines right now and booking my flight to CHICAGO for Christmas, oh fucking yeah, man.

    Sunday, November 04, 2001

    ..........gosh, what a great night I had. Nope, didn't do the bar thing afterall, but met up with some AOL guy, and it was really nice. Very affectionate man, he had soft, firm hands that seemed to really dig my body. We napped after we both exploded on my torso, and at 3:30 am, sorta hazy as I awoke, he says: "Ice cream?" I giggled, and he said it again: "Ice Cream?" - so I said yes, not bothering to ask what kind, and he smiled and asked why I was giggling. It's just like exactly what I do after having sex with a stranger - generally I hurry him out the door, already preparing in my mind a bowl of ice cream, sometimes with a microwaved brownie. So this guy scoops out all of the pint into the 2 bowls, and we cuddle and eat ice cream. Then he suggests we get under the covers, and as we did, I got all frisky again. Smart man that he apparently is (he liked my body, right??? hehe), he took control of the situation, and got us into a quick slurp-slurp lick-lick whank-off so we could actually get some sleep - I loved that! Usually, there's that "too tired to do it, too frisky to sleep" thing going on that gets you nowhere. He warned me he had to be up early, and after the alarm sounded the second time, I dressed, leaving him in bed waiting for his bestfriend to call for their morning outing. Riding home, with the cool air, and warm morning sun in my face, I was glad I had the discman, with Bjork cooing in my ear...........

    Feel my breath
    On your neck
    And your heart
    Will race

    It was a great ride home, taking my usual detour through the park to see the dogboys (and some doggirls) at the dogrun....... made some good coffee (not the cheap vacuum packed espresso I usually get on sale at Key Food, but some tasty Brazilian Espresso from Porto Rico on St Marks) and sat down for some blogreading. Good thing I didn't read Tinman's Saturday post, it would've reminded me of my bias against men under 35 - this is taken totally out of context, but - "I fear I'll wind up 35 or 40 and single. I fear I'll be one of those over-the-hill single gay guys who still hangs out at bars but nobody wants to talk with him because he's too old." - that rubbed me the wrong way! Fortunately, I had so much rubbing the right way (by a 30-year-old) that it made me smile rather than scream. Gosh, I don't think I was ever one to think of 35 or 40 as "over the hill" - I figured guys didn't talk to me in bars just cuz i'm ugly, not cuz I'm old!!

    Saturday, November 03, 2001

    am taping some videos for a pal, and never really sat down to watch Bijou before - Wakefield Poole 's 1972 trippy film, following up on his 1971 hit Boys in the Sand - but it's pretty cool. I mean, it's nearly 30 years old, and maybe isn't your quick whack-off type of film, but I like the way the camera lingers on the star, Bill Harrison, especially in the earlier part of the film, when he first grabs his 501-covered crotch while listening to the radio (Led Zeppelin's Dazed and Confused and Babe I'm Gonna Leave You make a pretty good soundtrack to his whacking) - first on the bed, then in the shower.........

    but goddamn! I am soooo horny today - I might break my Saturday night rule and actually go out, but I totally hate the crowds; although I must admit, finding a nice cuddly on Sunday morning kinda boyfriend might be more possible on a Saturday, than my usual Sunday night outings into the spoogey Cock's backroom, eh?

    Darrell and Shirley

    While this guy seems to be intrigued by the FBI's suspicious activities and terrorism reporting site, I'm finding the FBI's Kid's Page to be far more entertaining. Here, black labs Darrell and Shirley sniff for bombs at the FBI ( I think they mean for the FBI, but maybe they do it at the FBI, as well). Check out Special Agent Bobby Undercover - here you get to help Agent Bobby disguise himself, which includes choosing between several fake noses, some hats, and a lovely blonde wig!

    .........and Special Agent Steve????? Good God! That is one amazing ball-tickler, I must say!

    Friday, November 02, 2001

    um, I don't know where my pal got it, and it's rather juvenile, but go ahead, check it out, it made me laugh (but I'm high on caffeine)

    this just in..........

    "Ok. It's true. I beat off in the bathroom at work.

    Thanks for the pics."

    from an email I received this morning, from another blogger. While I'm certainly happy to hear about how employed people go about their day, I don't think I know this guy (and I can't find a pic anywhere on his webpage, so I don't even know if I should develop one of my blogcrushes on him). And it would be soooooooo uncool to mention his name, right? Besides the fact that I would never do that, I'm hoping to get him to share more details, like which pics he beat off to, did he bring his computer monitor into the bathroom for this whack-off session, does he makes noises when he beats off at work, is there like a work-sponsored beat-off party in the bathroom, etc? And speaking of beating off, I rarely, RARELY beat-off at my desk here. I just can't get into the cyber-sex thing. Pretty obvious, I guess, that typing just doesn't mix well with whacking ( I like my right hand to do most of the work while my left hand pulls down firmly on my balls, and I haven't figured out how to type with my feet yet). But the other day, I had a great whack-off session - totally unexpected, cuz I was just going thru some regular blogreads, and came across.... oops, I didn't really mean it that way... anyway, I was reading this guy's blog and he mentioned a trailer for his performance called "Potty Mouth". So, I forgot to turn the sound up on my computer, and began watching the thing sans sound - I highly recommend it! I got so hard, I had to whack off right then! But don't expect to see sex, pal. It's a clip from his show, but somehow, that mouth frantically moving around......... (I guess you can tell I like good mouths) Later, when I realized it was supposed to have sound, I re-watched it. But still, now I couldn't go to his upcumming performance, cuz I'm afraid I might re-live my first reaction, and being in a public space, I just, well........

    Thursday, November 01, 2001


    while it's generally considered tacky to talk about how many "hits" your webpages get (but maybe that's just me...) I did notice something pretty cool this month. Yup, I reached my highest number of hits on several of my pornology pages, most notably my Joe Gage page. What's cool, for me anyway, is that at least a 1/3 came form search engines like Google. In fact (yes, this is, I guess, bragging) if you type in Joe Gage in the Google search engine, 2 of my Gage pages come up first! Very cool. I mean, it's because Google does favor content (and probably something to do with yahoo/geocities owning them, no doubt!) over mere advertising sites, but I do try to put some effort into it, and it's very cool to see that folks are looking.

    Of course, it needs some updating. Gage finally got back into making porn, and released Tulsa County Line last month; I haven't seen it, partly for financial reasons, but more so, because I worry about being disappointed - I mean, most of the "actors" are these shaved-crotch boys, and it was made on video which just doesn't give the same warmth as film (what? porn can't be warm?). But, it does star one of my fave current pornstars, Jason Branch. I'd link his webpage, but it seems to not be working, probably because it was a joint effort with himself and Blake Harper but they recently broke up (yeah, my pal Jeff has dibs on Blake, and I'm ready, mouth wide open, for Mr Branch), designed by Corky, who is no doubt working on designing separate websites for the handsome boys. Now where was I? Oh yeah, Joe Gage. Also, I got an email from a handsome west coaster who mentioned he didn't care for the boxcover art of Red Ball Express which means I need to get working on my pages comparing original versus current porn boxcovers, like I did for Dreamer. Cream of the Crop re-released a lot of "classic" porn videos in the past 2 years, and they do a horrible job. Like in Red Ball Express they list the star, Mickey Squires, as Mickey Squirts - and while he does a bit of squirting, especially in the final orgy scene with handsome Jayson MacBride, it's just not his name, alright!

    .........geez, enough coffee yet? oh shit, was supposed to meet a pal at 12:30!!

    coffee hasn't had it's proper effects yet, so, go ahead, watch some more porn