Monday, March 31, 2003

I wonder if that really cute guy who came into the restaurant a week ago Saturday and ordered 4 burritos from me, and got all flustered and smiley when he tried to put some coins in the tip jar will ever come back? He had the cutest smile, and paid such close attention to all my questions (black beans or pinto? would you like guacamole with that? cut or uncut?), and just looked sooooooo cuddly. Damn that Chas, ever since reading his post this morning I've been thinking about waking up to 8 inches.

I woke up in a real butt-munching mood this morning.......

Sunday, March 30, 2003

I reek of last night - which only ended about 4 hours ago. Tabboo! and Sweetie were fun; was great to hang out with 2 pals I hadn't seen in awhile; and ran into Chris and Jonno (too hungover and busy wiping up spilt coffee to do linkage) there. Sometime after last call, the bike ride home happened to take me right to House of Regrets (honestly, it was on the route home). Somehow, despite my nerdy bent/broke/askew glasses I managed to attract someone's attention and get lured into his teeny room. He was less drunk than I, but equally passionate, and I actually tried something I hadn't ever tried before (sorry, no details - wouldn't want you to get the wrong impression - either that I would do such a thing, or worse, that it took me 42 years to get around to doing it!) I must take a serious shower now, down some aspirin, and hope I can hold up at work while people wake up around the neighborhood and search out brunch.

Saturday, March 29, 2003

Well, sadly no news on the doves. The nest has been empty for over 24 hours, and each parent has returned only briefly, to stare intently at the nest, then fly away.

Here's a story on the Drunken Stunt on Bridge Rattles a Keyed-Up City. I have to say I feel sorry for the guys; but more importantly it made me think a lot about the limitations on the types of protests regarding this war - as I immediately wondered when first hearing the news that maybe someone was trying to put up a banner on the bridge - quite risky in this climate.

-- meanwhile, I am off to work, while another Peace March gathers in Times Square (at 11am) to march down Broadway to Union Square.

Friday, March 28, 2003

tee aye double bee double ohh

this just in: "Sweetie moved her party to The Marquee on Bowery. It's part of the complex where I DJ. Marions/The Slide/Marquee. Anyway, they had Lipsynka last week for the first installment. It was mad packed and a bit uncomfortable at times and the music wasn't so great. BUT it was Lipsynka and this week it will indeed be Tabboo! so I think I'm going regardless of the questionable crowd. It's not nearly as underground or cool as it was at The Parkside or even Rare"

HIGH LIFE!! - Five bucks to get in b4 midnight. 8 bucks afterwards

Trying to keep myself busy with some serious reading; the original report wasn't illustrated, but this illustrated version soon after the governement's report came out in 1970, and is quite amazing - I had no idea there was so much filth on the market by then. Meanwhile, here's a quick glimpse at some video boxes of stuff I'm selling on eBay.

Back to this morning's little panic-attack - while I kinda figured it (the closing of the Williamsburg Bridge) would be a false alarm, I was more worried that it might be some anti-war protesters trying to put up a banner, and knew if that were the case we'd have some guys paying a heavy price for doing it in today's climate.

The sound of helicopters has forced me out of bed. While I've noticed that sound more often in the past week, this morning is was a constant buzz that got me up, and pulling the blinds open to look. Two helicopters over the East River, stationary, hovering. I flip thru some news channels, and on a traffic report on NY1 they report that the Williamsburg Bridge is closed, all traffic, vehicular and pedestrian, has been suspended. Apparently some workers on the bridge saw 3 suspicious men with packages. Meanwhile, while I am at the window looking out, I see that no one is in the nest! Doesn't look like a good sign, as I think the chick is supposed to be nest-bound for 12-14 days, and by my estimates, it was only 7-10 days old. The Mom has just returned to the nest, but they flew off again. The buzzing of the helicopters continues....

update: turns out 3 men drank too much last night, thought it would be funny to climb the tower of the Williamsburg Bridge. oh shit, these guys are really gonna pay!

Thursday, March 27, 2003

Has anyone else been staying home from work waiting for TINMAN CAM to go shirtless? I gotta pay rent, so can't keep up this vigil any longer - but if anyone wants to send me screen captures............
The Supreme Court Tries Sodomy
- a thoroughly enjoyable article about the oral arguments at the Supreme Court regarding the Texas Sodomy Case. The 5th paragraph briefly mentions what I think the Court might do: overturn the Texas Statute without throwing out Bowers - on equal protection grounds.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

I have no clever way of tying these two songs together, just that each time I hear the newsfuckers mention the Tigris or the Euphrates, I cringe. Honestly, I'm naive enough to simply thinkof some cool mysterious place from 1000's of years ago, not the locale of a strategic target, a bridge that needs to be taken so "we" (the newsfuckers always use the pronoun "we", just so we don't think they're impartial journalists or anything) can bring reinforcements up to Baghdad. Anyway, just a couple tunes - Rivers of Babylon and Fire On Babylon.

Our mayor is on TV again, telling us to "go about our normal business" so here we go - let's go eBAY SHOPPING!

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

"The time for symbolic acts has ended. The war is on and we must take our resistance to another level.

Get your affinity groups together and plan for autonomous direct actions against the war in the streets of NYC at 7 am on Thursday, March 27th. We will be on the streets all day!

Disrupting the city is as simple as 1-2-3:

1) Pick your target -- any busy street or intersection will do.

2) Your affinity group takes the intersection until the cops come and then runs away to a new street or intersection.

3) Rinse. Repeat."

OK, while I would like to scream and yell and carry on, I have to say I've never been into the "let's fuck up the system" bit. But at least through the sadness I felt while PBS is blabbering about something or other, and I'm surfing thru anti-war sites on the net, the "rinse, repeat" comment on the NO BUSINESS AS USUAL site gave me a wicked smile...... if only I had the energy to get up at that hour... if only it weren't up in Midtown.... if only I weren't a lazy bastard.....

I just spent some time watching Dad feed the chick, and this pic (and brief video clip) is from this morning, with Mom (can you see the booboo on her head?) and the baby. I know it's poor quality footage, but this little bit of life on my window sill is just amazing to me.

Monday, March 24, 2003


Director: Gorton Hall (1977?)

Starring: Roy Clark, Glenn Brock, Jimmy Hughes (Mr. Gay Universe), Toby Willis, Tom Winston, Ralph Martin, Gena Powers

um, it's a silly fun clip; maybe we could use a bit of that now - I don't know. I've been ordered by a friend to get out of the house, and into the park for some fresh air.

"dude: you did not decide to boycott all talk of sex and pornography until this war is over, did u? I mean, the birds are cute and all, and we "get" the whole damn dove thing, but c'mon, I crave distraction!"

Sunday, March 23, 2003

As promised, a teeny bit of video of my neighbors/roommates. This was taken after I had succeeded in getting the top of the window open, but she was still confused as to how to get out. Meanwhile, Dad was tending to the chick, who must've hatched sometime after the 17th, as that day I took a picture of the egg.

Some random thoughts about peace, war, and protests.

  • People who are, or were, for peace shouldn't feel compelled to explain that they now want the war to be short, and the troops to come home safely; I think that's implicit in wanting peace - no one should get killed, right? Peace is not some codeword for "I'm really rooting for the other side." When you have peace, no one gets killed. (I know that's terribly simplistic.)
  • Peace / Anti-War demonstrations are needed now more than ever. This is not a game, where us peaceniks lost and should just go away. Voicing our desires for peace is still important, as the manner and duration of this war may well be influenced while the American government is aware that the world is watching intently. Also, some of us have to live in this world after this war is over, and for us Americans concerned about the damage our government has done to international relations, rising anti-Americanism, etc., it's important that we make sure we are vocal about not supporting the direction this government has taken us.
  • I have mixed feelings about the pro-war/ troop-supporting demonstrations. Perhaps, like happens in much of news coverage, the extremes get more attention, but placards saying "support your troops and shut up', etc. are rather offensive, and indeed shows me that those folks just don't get it. Troops coming home safe - you bet; troops coming home quickly - of course; how can you disagree with that? (or as the kids today say: "well, DUH!") But what do they come home to? Certainly, after putting their lives on the line, they deserve to come back to a fully functioning democracy, with a healthy (supportive) attitude towards our Constitution and its Bill of Rights. This includes free speech, doesn't it?

Saturday, March 22, 2003

A much needed evening out, Radio City, perfect seats - fantastic view of stage, miraculously unblocked by the big heads in front of me (2 couples, but each leaning away from my line of vision); the sound qualty was fantastic; the performance, well, maybe even a broken music box could've brought me to tears these days, but I think the wet eyes were genuine. The string quartet that played with them, 4 women - Amina - was an amazing touch, and at times I thought I was somewhere other than earth - somewhere beautiful and peaceful and still vibrant yet aching, if that makes any sense. And thanks to the man who purchased thier album for me a few months back; everyone should have this album!

Meanwhile, I closed off the window with a padded envelope, and could hear the non-eventful shift change this morning with the doves. I need to run to work, but to all who have written regarding the mourning doves, well, i hope to upload a one-minute video tonight, just so you can see why it's occupied my thoughts so thoroughly these past few days.

Friday, March 21, 2003

after 2 pm, she's still here. She keeps flying up into the ceiling, and I thought I noticed something wrong on her head. A pal just called and said i had to get the top part of the window open, the bird will never figure out how to get out otherwise. Trouble is, I have one of those child-safety things, and some weird bolt blocking the top half from coming down more than 6 inches (with the wierd screw, that screws in, but can't screw out). I stuggled for 15 minutes to get this bolt and L-shaped thing out of the window frame, and somehow my weak little self got it out; I removed the blinds, and now there's a good 18 inch opening. She's definately injured herself, there are blood spots on the ceiling. She seems ok, but fairly agitated. I will try once more to coax her towards the window, but each time she flies up into the ceiling, it freaks me out (and her, of course) and I worry about her getting more hurt.

update: Success! It took a bit of gentle coaxing, but at least she didn't fly up into the ceiling; she eventually got the idea to fly towards the light and air, and perched on the window for a minute before flying away. Meanwhile, Dad was feeding the chick, and by 4pm, she had come back for her shift. phewwwww! I'm still worried about her head, but she seems quite functional so far.

......well, she let me sleep a little past 7 this morning before flying in again and freaking both of us out. But now, 4 hours later, it's neither funny, nor cute. I can't get the darn thing to find the window! Meanwhile, it's spouse has taken it's turn in the nest, and at certain times, they are only a few inches apart! But the dove that is trapped in here won't fly low, it keeps hitting the ceiling, then perches over in the corner, or above the window - just inches from it's nest. Talk about bird-brain! And the "aroma" is killer - it crapped everywhere, including in my Rusell Wright 1940's dinnerware, so I am beginning to lose my patience.

I really planned on getting some porn auctions ready, not to mention looking forward to SIGUR ROS tonight at Radio City.

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Sometime before 7 am this morning I suddenly woke up. I had left the TV on (CNN) but another sound grabbed my attention quickly - one of the mourning doves was frantically flying around my bedroom! It flew into a wall, then briefly perched on a picture frame; I got out of the bed, which seemed to scare it more, it flew around the room again, landing on the frame once more. I saw bird crap on the floor, and tiny feathers everywhere, but rather than worry about that, I quickly went to the window to open it, to guide it out. It flew over at me before I was able to get out of the way, but flew right into the glass, then back to the other side of the room. I flung the window open as far as I could, then tried to duck out of the way, but she flew back towards the top, not at the opening, but into the glass fast and hard. This time she fell, and landed on the bed. I was on the other side of the bed, a few feet away, we stared at each other. Her wing looked all disjointed, she didn't move. I could hear the sound of a crow in the near distance, perhaps that's what scared her and caused her to come inside (I actually don't know if this was the male or female, as both take turns sitting on the nest, in shifts, about 8 hours apart usually). Her frail body tried to move, but couldn't, one wing spread out, her eyes staying focused on me. We sat in silence for the longest time, looking at each other. I wondered about the egg (I managed to take a picture the other day, during the "shift change"), and climbed up to look in the nest. No egg, but then I noticed the chick, scrawny and greyish brown, not moving. Awww crap! But then it moved ever-so-slightly, and I thought it was best to move away and not worry the parent watching from the bed. She still hadn't moved, and as I sat down on the far end of the bed, I saw her eyes close. They weakly opened again, then shut, and it looked like she was struggling. I started to sob, thinking I had been selfish to keep that part of the window open so I could watch them, and then causing it to fly inside.

After a few more moments, she tried to move, and I got up. This startled her, her wings flapped wildly, and she fell off the bed, into a small 10-inch wide space between the bed and the window sill. Oh shit, how do I get an injured bird out of there? Each time I got near, her wings flapped violently - so I left her alone for awhile. I put some coffee on, and hoped the other parent would arrive and sit in the nest at least, as I didn't think this one would make it. I have this huge platform bed, and any attempt to get near her would freak her out as she is now in this small enclosed space. So I tried to move the bed, slowly, inch by inch pulling it away from the window. When I looked over into the spot, she was perfectly still, sitting on the radiator valve, which must've been warm. No movement for the longest time, I couldn't tell if she was alive even. I struggled with the bed some more (pulling was the only way from this angle, and it wasn't easy) but at least I made a wider space, the light got in there, and it didn't look quite so scarey down there. I leaned against the wall, close enough to watch, but far enough so she'd see a way out. I found myself mumbling "c'mon Birdie, get up, get out of there" and I tried to get a closer look, to see if she was alive. Again I startled her, but it got her off the radiator valve and onto the floor. Within a few minutes she was pacing in the small space, looking around, up, sideways, at me, at the bed, at the wall; pacing back and forth. It seemed like she was trying to figure this out, and I continued "c'mon Birdie, get up, get out of there" - when I realized how Nicolas Cage I sounded, I had a brief giggle, then I started tapping on the windowsill to get it's attention to look up. She actually seemed to watch me, but I figured she wouldn't want to get near me. I left the room for a minute to refill the coffee, and I heard her wings flap. When I got back in, she had managed to hop up on the bed's platform, a mere 6 inches up, but it was a start. I still couldn't tell if she could fly, but at least she was moving. I did more windowsill tapping, and used the cardboard in the other hand to kind of keep her from thinking about going back into the apartment. I could hear other birds outside chirping, and she seemed to focus more on that direction, and kept moving her head around in various directions, as if she were still figuring this out. Over an hour had passed since she had woken me up, and then suddenly she leapt up, flew up, actually - briefly landed on the windowsill, then out to the fire escape! I got up to watch, and within a few short seconds, she soared away, to a nearby tree, and when she landed on a branch, I could see another mourning dove join her there. Oh gosh, she could fly, she's ok.

Then I wondered about the chick, and if the parents would come back. I climbed up to look in the nest, no movement, a perfectly still little ugly body. Then I thought I saw a slight movement, and thought it best to stay clear, in case the doves decide to come back, I shouldn't be anywhere near the nest. I'm still worried about the chick, but was so f*%kin' relieved that I didn't have a dead dove on my bed! I climbed under the covers, put the TV on, and fell asleep to the awful sounds of "newsmen" sounding like they were analyzing a football game. Sometime later I awoke to a distinctive sound, the sound of a dove flying (seriously, I've gotten quite used to recognizing that sound), and when I looked up, I could see the other parent return to the nest! Tentative at first, eyeing me closely, then moving in tight circles around the nest, trying to find a good sitting position like a dog would. I got up to check email, look at Internet news stories, and soon enough, the other returned to the nest as well. The pair stayed there only briefly together, then one flew off, leaving the other to do it's shift

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

I took these pictures earlier today of the mourning doves that are nesting in my window. They seemed rather aggitated all day; I suppose any expectant parents would be.

ok, i'm going to have a "me" day - getting out of the house, riding the bike, and checking out electronic stores, and maybe even the GATEWAY store and pretend like I have some available credit (ooh, there IS that Circuit City card....) and that I don't have 5 or 6 bill collectors calling every day...... I was thinking about this mid-70's porno clip with a military them, but this is really not the week for that. Maybe by end of week I can find something less "topical" as a substitute.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

It's the only thing that there's just too little of

Sunday night's Vigil - it was a good thing, for me anyway. It was actually just a space, a peaceful space for me to think, and comtemplate, and people-watch. When I got there, it didn't seem like there were a lot of people, but I was early, and this is New York, you don't get to anything, including Peace Vigils, early. I circled Union Square on my bike, then went towards the music. Someone was playing some sort of war-drum thing, which was sorta disturbing, and anxiety-producing; but like I said, it was early. But then the music was off, the candles started getting lit - no announcements, no speaches, just candles, and ordinary people mingling around, and I was offered a candle. I politely said no thanks, but within minutes regretted it. Fortunately, another kind soul came by and offered, and I accepted as he lit it for me. Odd, having this precarious thing, this flame in my hand, needing tending, my hand shielding it from wind, or from people walking past. Some folks began to spread out, trying to give the Square a fuller look, but I stayed in one place, having the bike between my legs, I didn't want to navigate in a crowd. A woman stood by me, reminding me of my mother - didn't look like her at all, but was just around the same age, well-dressed, holding her candle alone. Eventually she ran into a friend, and they conversed quietly. I noticed a man near me, his back to me - actually, his backpack to me. Quite ordinary, but the fact that he was also alone, quiet, simply observing, made me watch him more than others around me. Childen with candles walking through the crowd made me a bit nervous, but they did fine, and several had hand-made peace signs. Lots of people were taking photographs, but my digital stayed in my coat pocket. I heard the man near me speak - he said something like "Military?" to an older man walking past, apparently recognizing a patch of some sorts on his cap. The older man smiled, said yes, and said which branch of the services he had been in. The guy near me simply said "Marines", they simply nodded to each other, smiling weakly, looking into each other's eyes, this sort of knowing bond; the older man continued slowly to walk past with the crowd, as their hands touched each other's shoulders. It made me wonder what about thier experiences brought them here today, but it's not hard to imagine.

Monday, March 17, 2003

a few more pic links to naughty boxcover art from current auctions:
back cover of back cover BEST OF ANTHONY GALLO
back cover of Truckstop Daddy
front cover from CAMP PALM SPRINGS (Hot Desert Knights)

note to self - remember to use this page to promote your auctions.

OK, i got a bunch of stuff on eBay, and I am also continuing to post on NAUGHTYBITS (shameless - but IF you want to view Naughtybids, go to my auction page, click the NAUGHTYBITS logo, and if you sign up, or buy anything, it gives me a few pennies - and they add up!). I am trying to be very careful with eBay, so, for those of you interested in the RAY HARLEY video - you can just click this to see the back of the box that, for obvious reasons, I can't post on eBay.

Sunday, March 16, 2003

Anutha Mutha for Peace
Watching the news over the past several weeks, I sometimes flashback to when I was a kid, and get this very child-like nervousness and fear just like I did watching the images on TV from the Vietnam War. We had one of those War Is Not Healthy posters in our kitchen, although somehow I remember it being prettier and brighter, with green leaves even. How odd. I also remember getting special permission from the folks in 1972 to stay up late and watch the election returns, as we were solidly pro-McGovern. That morning I went with my Mom to vote, accompanying her into the booth (I was 11, the poll-watchers thought it was cute); I don't think I doubted she would vote the right way, but somehow I needed to see the process - she'd pull the lever, millions of others would do the same, and within a few weeks, Nixon would be gone, the war would be over.

Needless to say, it was an awful night, no simple regime-change, and when my parents finally convinced me that there was nothing more to see on the news, it was over, I went to my bedroom to go to sleep. In tears I wrote this "how can people be so awful" 2-page note that got buried in a drawer, then cried myself to sleep. A few days later, discussing the War with Mom, I told her I if I were in the army, and ordered to drop bombs, there is no way I would do it, even if it meant going to jail. She pushed me on this notion, saying that even if I didn't do it, they would just find someone else. My only reply was that I had to at least begin with taking responsibility for my own actions. My parents were pretty cool like that, not content with hearing us just repeat back their points of view, but challenging us to think for ourselves.

Anyway, I haven't a clue now what to do, it isn't as simple as what an 11-year-old would think (or hope), but I am scared, and nervous, and angry about all this. There are little glimmers of hope, at least that other people won't accept the inevitability of all this, including today's Global Vigil For Peace. Scheduled for 7pm all over the world, I belive it may already have started in the Far East, intended to be "a rolling wave of candlelight gatherings that will quickly cross the globe." I think I will go to Union Square here in the city - you can check online by zipcode to see where a gathering is happening in your area - Union Square seemed to be the gathering point after Sept 11, and with a silent vigil, I think it's an appropiate spot to gather to say "NO" to this madness.

Saturday, March 15, 2003

By posting this image I am saying:
a) I am just so happy to have acquired this 8mm film
b) I am (gently) reminding a buddy to send that 8mm projector
c) I am (gently) reminding myself to finally pick a pic or two of Gordon Grant and make the dang filmography page
d) I am enjoying a quiet evening and don't have anything to say
or, e) all of the above

Friday, March 14, 2003

Century Mining

Of course there are many great porno film directors that are not on my Favorite Gay Porn Directors page who should be - like Al Parker, fer instance. He learned well as an actor, especially working closely with Steve Scott, and then as a director in his own right (again with some help from Scott). One of the main reasons I love Parker's work is his obvious love of the slo-mo cum shot. In this brief clip from Century Mining (a story of hot hung construction guys trapped in a mine, with nothing left to do now but fuck like rabbits - actually, I think the fucking starts before the mining disaster, but you get the idea) you get sultry (stubbly face = sultry) Pierce Daniels trapped in the mine, thinking of the sex he didn't have that morning with his lover Eric Ryan because Pierce was running late for work. They've just slurped on each other's rock hard rods for awhile, then Ryan fucks Daniels, and you'll just see the simultaneous cum shot here, slowed down, replayed, 2 different angles, intercut with Pirece's own solo whack off cumming. MMMMM - mmmm!

For you porn trivia lovers, the sets were designed by COLT model Mike Davis (Parker's co-star in Timber Wolves, of course) and if you look closely at the last few seconds, you'll see Steve Taylor, Parker's lover (they have an extremely hot scene together in Wanted) walk into the shot to talk to the foreman. Parker also loved doing non-sex cameos in his films, much like another favorite director of mine ( albeit non-porn), Hitchcock.

c'mon, beg for it!


Read the letter I got at 4 am this morning, then go to the the auction page and figure out what I did wrong.

"Dear bjland

We appreciate that you choose eBay to list your items, including:

2917195821 ALL MAN Maxx Grand MICHAEL BRANDON

However, the above listings were in violation of our policies. Listings in the Mature Audiences section can have no more than 2 images which would not be allowed on the general site. Images showing contact with genitals, breasts or penetration, XXX or hardcore material, profanity (even if blurbed), and graphic sexual descriptions are not allowed on eBay. No reference in any form (including in actor's names) to hardcore, extreme, gangbang, rape, XX, spanking, bodily fluids or Sadomasochism (S&M / BDSM) or other sexually-oriented material that features pain, torture, rough sex, bodily injury, rape or violence is allowed. Edited images or stating that your material does not meet eBay's standards indicate that the material is inappropriate for listing. Please also note that links to sites containing material inappropriate for eBay are not allowed, regardless of the format (including in images). Because this is a violation of eBay's Mature Audiences guidelines, the items!
have been ended early. All associated fees have been credited to your account.

The eBay Mature Audiences policy places strict limitations on the types of sexually-oriented material that can be placed on the eBay core site as well as in the Mature Audiences section of the site. It is very important that you review this policy thoroughly before listing these types of items in the future. Additional violations of this policy can even lead to the suspension of the eBay account.

This policy can be viewed in its entirety at the following URL:

Here are some examples of sexually-oriented material that would not be permitted. Note that this type of material is prohibited whether it appears in the title, description text, images or even on web pages that are linked from the listing.

-Material rated XX or higher

-The use of profanity or terms such as 'hardcore' or 'extreme'.

-Any reference to Sadomasochism (S&M) or other sexually-oriented material that features pain,
torture, rough sex, bodily injury, rape or violence.

-Items featuring semen or other bodily fluids.

-Images or descriptions featuring graphic depictions of sexual activity. This includes images showing oral contact with breasts or genitalia.

-Hidden camera videos and amateur videos that are sexually-oriented.

-Links to sites that contain items prohibited on eBay. This applies to all links; static or active, anywhere in the listing (including images).

-Edited/cropped images (since they suggest that the material is inappropriate for eBay).

For a better understanding of our listing guidelines please visit the following URL:

For information on other items prohibited on eBay please view the following URL:

For more information on why eBay has ended an auction, please visit:

Please remember that future policy violations may jeopardize your account status. We value you as a member of our trading community and look forward to a continued successful relationship. Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation.

Customer Support (Trust and Safety Department)

Thursday, March 13, 2003

So, I'm sure I mentioned I got a bunch of auctions going now, right? Several magazines that a very nice donor sent - including this ALL MAN magazine - those of you who aren't eBay members can still get a quick peek at one of the models - but before you go looking, and saying "Hey, BJ, I didn't think you were into all the muscley stuff" - well, ahem, that's kinda true, but if you look carefully at the pic of Matt Drake, you'll see what an incredibly delicious set of balls the man has. Unfortunately, if memory serves me, despite having done 3 videos (thanks Gay Erotic Video Index I could only remember two, but you list all 3!), there is no actual video footage of anyone actually licking them! He does solos in all three videos; but he does have that adorable "oh man, I wanna cum; you want me to cum?" look on his face, so.... solo will have to do for now.

You know, boyfriends are often over-rated, and ex-boyfriends are even more frequently under-rated. Take my ex (please) - let's call him PD (he's shy) - such a sweetheart, he knew I couldn't do any eBaying last month, so he got me this handy 1978 Colt Studio A Man's Guide To Gay America. Chock-full of lovely men, alongside listings for every state in the union (plus Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and D.C. - but alas, no Guam). For example, in Mobile, Ala., apparently in 1978 the best "action spot" was the I-10 rest area outside of town near the Mississippi boarder. Who knew? And the Tarheel State apparently is (or at least was) the Tearoom State! Yum!

Meanwhile, back in 2003, I did a bit of running around last night, as I was forced to go first to The Lure to meet up with international blogger Rog (lucky for him he was quite clearly attached to his beau in a harness, otherwise there might have been an international incident involving my tongue) - so, not long after those two lovebirds left, so did I, making a quick ride back to the east side (phew, it's soooooo treacherous going to the West Side), which included a very fast scoping out of The Phoenix (no one I knew, nor anyone I wanted to know), then on to The Cock for some loud music and tripped-out kids shaking their hips to the beats. But of course, a few dollars still in my pants (not to mention a jockstrap aching for attention), I headed over to House of Regrets. Fairly slim pickings at 3 a.m., but some cutie was giving me some serious eye-action, and I accepted his invite into his lil' room. Very fuzzy bod & face, wonderfully flavorful balls, and a passionate kisser, but, to make a long story short, after begging for "that ass" over and over again, he realized he wasn't going to get quite what he wanted, so we "took a break" (for those of you who don't know, that means "put your clothes on, get out, I'm moving on to someone else") - too bad, though, his face really was quite handsome. So, last stop of course was a bag of chips and 2 pints of ice cream at Key Food, and I was home by 4:45.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

"Thanks for writing to request an account review. I'm sure you're
excited to use eBay again, and we're excited to welcome you back."

Well, I sincerely doubt the folks at eBay are EXCITED about me being back (well, who knows, they may be all giddy - "what'll he screw up this time" chuckle chuckle chuckle..), but I'M BACK, BABY!! - so just a handful of mags and videos are posted as I type this, but more to come over the next week ( and good lord, I hope longer - I gots lots of bills!) - so click the auction link above, and check out my eBay filth, er, adult material.

oh yeah, if you see something really awful in my auctions, why not let me know, and I can change it, instead of being a ratfink and ratting on me, eh? (not that I'm bitter, or angry, or VENGEFUL regarding all the effort, and lost income...)


oops, sorry; I should know not to talk with my mouth full. Gee, about 8 guys correctly identified the photo as being none other than Mr Will Clark. (While the beefy muscley types aren't necessarily my usual preference, if you look at his pics, you'll see the muscles came around the same time that he grew facial hair, and let his yummy body hair grow - quite lickable, in my humble opinion! -- now if we could just get him to stop trimming the pubes...) A few wrong answers, 3 guys thought it might be Lance Gear, and one even for Mark McQuire (the email guess even included a pic of a shirtless McQuire, not too bad, actually!).

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

you don't need me to tell you about "freedom toast" and "freedom fries", but I DO like this tidbit:

Officials at the French Embassy thought it was ignorant, pointing out that French fries actually come from Belgium.
‘‘We are at a very serious moment dealing with very serious issues and we are not focusing on the name you give to potatoes,’’ Nathalie Loisau, an embassy spokeswoman, told the Associated Press.

yeah, let's hop in our SUVs, suck up some more $3.00/gallon gas on our way to McDonald's for Freedom Fries - that'll show 'em!

I have this friend who keeps threatening promising to visit, but I can't get him to stay at the Howard Johnson's Express, which is conveniently located only a few blocks from where I live. Off the top of my head, I can only think of one good reason, Debbie Harry's Backfired, which has the line "But we wound up at HoJo's for hamburgers to go!", other than location, for him to stay there - can anyone help me with more, preferably better, reasons???
4 winners so far...... the first one within seconds of me posting - must be an early riser (mmmm, morning wood....)

OK, guess who it is, and I give you a free wet, sloppy, blowjob.

update: apparently, some guys who watch too much Law And Order and think they are lawyers have interpreted the above to mean that merely guessing will get you that blowjob - I may be easy, but not that easy - so, you have to guess CORRECTLY who it is in order to receive a wet sloppy one from me

oh yeah, and the winner(s) has (have) to come here, to NYC, the Lower East Side (duh).

Monday, March 10, 2003

Target model Bull Dozier seems to have only made two films - which are still available from the Bullet Videopac series:

Bullet Videopac 02 - a solo in a hot tub (although you get teased at the end as a man appears, and the film cuts off!)

Bullet Videopac 07 - this one with the lovely and talented Nick Rodgers

Sunday, March 09, 2003








........ these AOL screennames from my local chatrooms make me cringe, and laugh.......

Saturday, March 08, 2003



Andy's fault

must work, now.

Friday, March 07, 2003

even MORE on Gordon Grant
Last year around this time I was buying and selling a lot of videos on eBay that I had purchased from a local non-profit. Being a small place, and they weren't in the porno-selling business, they only had one box of this donated stuff out at a time, and I became a frequent visitor. Soon I became known as "that porno guy", as I would spend anywhere from 20-100 bucks a pop, sometimes buying out the whole box of miscellaneous porn (95% videos). (I got quite a few for my personal collection this way) I became friendly with one of the guys who worked there, and when he wasn't too busy working, we'd chat a bit. Once there was a copy of Hot Truckin', and I was so excited I squealed with delight finding it in the box, causing everyone there to titter at me - but it was one of my favorites! Then he told me he's been looking for another film with Gordon Grant called "Dirty Words", something I had never heard of. I promised i would do some research, but I was never able to find anything, not a single mention anywhere of it. He was sure he wasn't mistaken, that it wasn't just a short film, but a feature-length, and had even given me the basic plot: Grant is on vacation with his family, and keeps making frequent stops in rest areas, and has anonymous sex in the Men's Room while the family waits! Gosh, who wouldn't want to see that again! So... today I am sorting thru some recent purchases of 70's porno mags (all for research), and the second to last page of an issue of Mandate magazine has a Falcon ad with Gordon Grant.

"Don't miss our first feature film 'DIRTY WORDS' starring Gordon Grant shown here - soon to be in your local theatre."

Holy Crap! He was right! Now, the hard part - tracking this thing down!

monthly apology
To anyone who's e-mailed or instant messaged in the past month and not gotten a response, I apologize. I know I have a handful of emails i need to answer, and I must admit, i DO delete a lot without reading. - if your email address is odd-sounding, and you have NO subject, or some odd-sounding subject in the header, it gets deleted (which I realize now means I miss stuff - some guy had this as the subject WOW!!!! YOUR WEBSITE IS THE ANSWER TO ALL MY PRAYERS!!! - delete! - turns out he was simply excited about finding some old porn flicks listed) and instant messages? well STUD4U 969 will never get a response, just like messages that simply say "wassup?", but more importantly, sometimes I am online, but am actually sitting several feet away in bed, and I nod off, and by the time I respond, that person has signed off (I remember a "mascstudpup" from several days ago, for example) - so, nothing personal.

Meanwhile, thanks to all who wrote who enjoyed the Gordon Grant clip - although some wanted to see more of him in the clip - I must say it was quite intentional not to show a clip of his body. The COLT films he's in are quite good, lots of lingering shots of his bod - but what I love about this Falcon one is that he's acting quite filthy - in M4M lingo that's "piggy" - just a greedy cocksucker, and it's great to see him being so versatile - the last part of the film does show him as more of a "top" - his butt is eaten out, his cock is slurped and licked, and of course, he pounds away at the young blond, and his hips look quite wonderful during that deed!

Thursday, March 06, 2003


Director: Bill Clayton? (1977?)

Starring: Gordon Grant + 3 others

I was hoping to have a filmography page ready on Mr. Grant, but got I called in to work - so gotta run. Briefly, The Crotchwatcher features Gordon Grant as a businessman who jerks off while getting ready to go to work; then he heads to the office bathroom, where he whacks off again in the stall, while another guy is doing the same in the next stall; (the next part is what's featured above, where he signals to the guy - take note, Chris - ) then he blows the guy (note the expert tongue-swirling-on-hairy balls Grant gives the guy while he's cumming); when they finish, and he's cleaning up, he spots another guy at the urinal, and does him; and finally, he picks up a 3rd guy on the street, and takes him home for some bedsex (Grant sitting on the guy's face, his perfect stomach hard and glistening, gets me everytime!) - All that in a 22-minute film!

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Gordon Grant
Ahhhh, Gordon Grant. He has this odd appeal for me - his bad haircut is somewhat annoying, and yet, obviously the perfect torso, thick meat, and slim hips are just too much to ignore. But more so when you see him in his films - in action he's just wonderful! Known more for his modeling work for Colt Studios and Roy Dean, I think he only appeared in one full-length feature, Hot Truckin' (directed by Lancer Brooks, aka Tom DeSimone, who you may remember from such films as Confessions of a Male Groupie, The Idol, and Nightcrawlers ), co-starring a beautifully bearded Nick Rodgers. But I must say, a fantastic short film he did for Falcon, The Crotch Watcher, may well be his best work. A 20-minute long film, found on FalconPac #5, and he cums like 4 or 5 times! Maybe I can try to get a clip of that up later.

[insert filmography here]

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Which is scarier - the fact that everytime I go to WinMX, someone downloads the Gregorian Chant version of Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here from me, or the fact that I actually have that version on my hard drive?

"an absolutely smashing combination of sexual talent"

Director: Dick Martin (1970?)

Starring: Jeff Colt, Sammy Bond, Joey Vox, Rick Nutter, Doug Allen, Vick Duncan

Well, the sheer enthusiasm of the voiceover made me pick this one over Ghost Of A Chance (which may well be shown by the end of the month anyway). I know very little about this film (a dupe of it is in my VCR, but I am afraid I am nodding off as I type this), except that it is generally credited as a Jaguar Film. But, it clearly says it's from Star Films so my guess is that Jaguar bought the rights some time later in the 70's, while Star Films was the actual production company. I'm questioning the release date of 1970, only because most gay porn films from then were simply loops, and many consider Wakefield Poole's Boys In The Sand, released in late 1971, as the beginning of the full-length feature film era in gay porno. But, Tom DeSimone already had several of his films released before then, so the 1970 date may well be accurate.

Monday, March 03, 2003

I hope to have a movie trailer from one of these Jaguar Films sometime after midnight tonight. But oh, which one??

A follow-up to my PAUL BARRESI, SUPERSTAR post a few days back - a reliable source emailed me with this:

"I've seen it. It's mostly spanking scenes. Most of them were just weird -- guess that's just not my thing -- and in one of them, he forces a guy to dress up like a woman and then "fucks" him. Scare quotes, because Barresi was obviously not hard and they were really obviously faking it. The vid was BAD -- and rather sad. But the box definitely pulled me in, which it will do with all kinds of guys."

So I guess we have to just "settle" for his solo scenes he does in a handful of gay films; and then there's the dildo-ing of his "son" Chris Burns in Men of the Midway. And here's an interesting read - Paul Barresi: Profiled - check it out.

The last couple days I have had 4 discs on rotation in my stereo --- Múm's Finally We Are No One; Beth Gibbons (remember Portishead?) and Rustin Man (Talk Talk's Paul Webb)'s Out of Season; Vague Terrain Recordings A Viable Alternative to Actual Sexual Contact; and Sigur Rós's ( ). The first two are brand new (for me), and are growing on me more each passing day; the 3rd, Matmos's "porno disc" is quite good, and the last, Sigur Rós, still amazes me each time I listen.

Subj: short & sweet deal
Date: 3/2/03 10:35:55 AM Eastern Standard Time

Respectable sir
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1] to start our communication
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3] to get quick adult scene [2 or 3 cd for each scene]
get all required information if you are interested to deal with me.

Sunday, March 02, 2003

Ever since Homer gave his email address in that January 12th episode, I've been wanting to write and ask him to pose for my webpage - the episode is being re-run shortly, so I just emailed before the masses try again. Wish me luck!
Jack Wrangler came by last night, and we spent hours reminiscing! Can you believe he still had this old pic of the two of us horsing around way back when?

Saturday, March 01, 2003

I love the Matmos boys. Handsome, talented, they do the fuck what they want - what's not to love? From music for fist-fuckers - (Vague Terrain's The Rose Bud Opens is just lovely) to the highly aniticpated solo release from Drew Daniel, Do You Party?. Apparently, it's already out in Europe, and you can hear samples of it over at Tigersushi. But somehow I managed to nab one song from The Soft Pink Truth - Make Up, and of course, a very cool video for Promofunk over at Texasmonkey.