Monday, February 28, 2005


So, my half naked body is only fetching 99 cents. And I haven't had "real sex" ("real" meaning one or both guys actually ejaculate) in probably a month. I should be depressed, but I'm not. What's with that?

The last two times I had a man in my bed, I was very very drunk. And I am useless when I am drunk (unless you like a warm, fuzzy body against you, faux thrusting his crotch into your backside). But, alas, both men were sweet, and there was just something so nice about being comfortable enough not to worry about performance, and just enjoy acting a little silly in bed, snuggling and kissing, and soon enough, snoring. And I've also met a few new guys, and while it's mostly out-in-the-bars stuff, there seems to be genuine affection and friendships developing, and I can't tell you how nice that is. Sex is easy; friendship isn't. While I will no doubt get bummed out real soon about the no-boyfriend-on-the-horizon thing; lately, when it starts to creep up on me, I manage to think about someone who made me laugh so hard I cried, or someone who I somehow managed to bring out a sweet, warm smile. And I forget to get bummed out.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Still thinking about the film I saw last night, The Nomi Song. Of course, I am still hung over, perhaps even tipsy, from the many many beers we had hanging out afterwards. Near the end was an amazing live version of The Cold Song, with full orchestra, and one of the few times you really felt, in the singing and especially in his face, a very emotional performance. This studio version of The Cold Song will have to do for now.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

please don't make me get out of bed

Friday, February 25, 2005

shaved balls = chapped lips
Been spending a lot of time (a lot of time) looking at fuzzy, furry, furry, fuzzy men on line lately. While I've been spending time on various sites, I have to say Bears Gone Wild! is the coolest NAME for a bear site. And the logo, over to the right there, is simple and just right. Of course, they have stuff I'd love to buy, like these Organic Cotton Mud Flap Bear Shirts, but they also are selling stuff that is just plain wrong.

And redheads. Bearded, furry, fuzzy redheads have surprisingly really grabbed my attention. Gosh, when I was younger, it was just the darker, swarthy types; but lately, I'm finding my tastes expanding. It really comes down to the face, of course. My romantic side spots a handsome fuzzy face and I'm automatically seeing how handsome he will still look in 20 or 30 years. MMMMMmmmm. But, alas, occasionally you'll see some hot guy, covered, I mean completely covered, in beautiful, soft, thick, aromatic fur, and you get to the crotch shot, and BAM! some BIC razor has found it's way down there. So sad, those poorly trimmed crotches, little mustaches above a formerly beautiful bear-crotch. What are these guys thinking?

Thursday, February 24, 2005

He's baaaaaaack!

ooh, he has a PAYPAL donation link on his page! Someone needs to alert PAYPAL - remember PAYPAL's prohibition on ADULT stuff?? Gannon still hasn't said whether he's stopped whoring, so this may just be a way for his tricks to pay him!

ahhhh, to have a working video camera again

well, to be younger, have a working video camera again, be able to get someone down to the lower east side, convince him to perform in front of a camera, not get performance anxiety myself, not screw up the lighting......

Monday, February 21, 2005

I was recently assigned the task of getting a smiling pic. Normally I don't care much for assignments, but, um, it was a sweet request - "you should have a smiling photo up - you are even more handsome when you're smiling" (not sure if that goes for when I'm blushing, but you can't see that). With this slight hangover (which makes me think I'm just not yet sober) maybe I can squeeze a smiling pic out of a hot photo session. Sigh. I'd rather take pics of boys butts in my bed (say that 3 times real fast) but arty self pics will have to do.

Meanwhile, feeling a bit nostalgic after trying to pull some good pics out of this big bunch of MEN MAGAZINES a buddy sent (not sure if linkage is appropriate, he might not want anyone to know he's a homosexual!) But seeing Blake Harper and Jason Branch in separate photospreads was kinda sad. I remember when those boys had a site together, and I wrote to each of them. Jason wrote back a sweet note; Blake never responded (as Barbara Bush would say, "it rhymes with witch"). Then the boys broke up, Blake did that bi movie (ewwwwwwwww!), so now I just lust after the better half of that former couple. Gee I am going on and on. And this little thing - how the hell am I the only website with this phrase - Gays Yes, Contras No - I'm dating myself, I guess (well, at least someone is!) Wish me luck with the camera.

update: Ah, my magazine donor assures me his boyfriend already knows he's a homosexual, so no prob linking my thanks.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

dunno why i've been in such a good mood the past few nights. that boy-in-the-bed Tuesday night? Or maybe it's this great line-up in my CD player that I've played the last few nights alone?

Saturday, February 19, 2005

misc stuff
Watching some TV; saw an amazing NATURE show on orangutans, and am looking forward to seeing the Law & Order rerun in a few minutes. After that, it's a few simple tasks. Finally putting away this huge pile of boxer shorts that have been taking up space in this small room, searching my hard drive for the Simpsons's GAY STEEL MILL clip, and then spending the rest of the night looking for that Xmas card from an old friend/former roommate. He's moved, his email has changed, and I haven't yet responded, I'm such a bad person! In between all that, I may just continue last night's activity - more husband shopping! (OK, just browsing; but pic-looking and the occasionally friendly hello is actually quite nice for now)

Friday, February 18, 2005


"Anyone can suck cock, but I've never seen you take it up the ass."

Director: Taylor Hudson aka Chi Chi LaRue (1994)

Starring: Rob Cryston, Derek Cruise, Jimmy Dante, Grant Larsen, Steve Maverick, Aiden Shaw, Zak Spears, Mark West, Kurt Wolfe, John Wood, and in non sexual roles Sharon Kane, Busty Belle

"Picture this for a scary future: The conservative government has ruled out sex and recruited an elite corps of macho enforcers to catch violators. A resistance movement, the Sex Radicals, has sprung up to defy the edict and rekindle the libido lurking inside even the enforcers."

Of course, my boyfriend, Aiden Shaw, is part of the resistance. This is a great example of one of Aiden's trade-marks: getting his cocked sucked with his Levis on - just watch that thing bounce around as his co-star slurps on it! Of course, Mark West gets to wear the near-future futuristic outfit: a jock strap over his tight, rubber shorts. Aiden lapping away at Mark's rubber-covered ass is great!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Blog Cabin Republican
The DAILY SHOW last night was fuckin' histerical!!! Gannon/Guckert, blogs, etc. I hesitate to link to the guy posting the clip, as I empathize with bandwidth issues, but look for it, it's great! (oh, what the heck -, he has other good content worth checking out, too)

some reading for you, too - Who Would Fuck Gannon?

Jeff Gannon on eBay

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

you show me yours, I'll show you mine
I realize I should be talking about the boy who left here an hour or two ago, pulling on his clothes and fleeing as I am waking up, but, um, well, OK, maybe I will, just briefly. He used the old "damn! the L train isn't running, and it's 4 am, what am I to do" trick to get me to offer 1/2 of my bed. Halfway home, we decided it would be faster if I rode him (on the bike, that is) and he seemed to enjoy that. Sitting on a handsome boy's lap as I am pumping the pedals was good for me, too. We were supposed to "just sleep" and if you know me, and know how I am after 5(ish) beers, it really is all I am capable of. But, somehow the topic of cockrings came up, and I pulled out a box of 'em, and he was trying them on and next thing I know he's showing off this real pretty cock; i mean real fuckin' pretty. Next thing I know, it's morning, there's a naked guy lying next to me in bed, and I go to make coffee. I fall asleep, and an hour later, there's a man (same man, I think) dressing beside my bed. Now, I gotta tell ya, we met because of this website - I mean, we were both out at the same bar a week or two ago, and he recognized my pic, and said hi, and he's really cute and sweet and all that, and then I saw him out last night. Anyway, as he's dressing, I'm offering coffee, orange juice, etc, he laughs but says no thanks, and then I realize - shit, he reads this thing, and he knows i just LOVE taking pics of men in my bed, so i laugh to myself, and stop offering stuff, and let him flee.

He'll be back. No no, that's not like "he'll come back for more" but more that he's got some stuff (made-for-TV-movies, music, etc.) I want to see, and I know he was interested in some of the porno I have, so, ya know, he'll be back. And I might even go to Brooklyn if I'm invited, who knows?

Meanwhile, for those of you who like jockstraps and stuff, this hard to find vintage mesh TRU-FIT jockstrap is already fetching a good price, with 24 hours left to the auction, but check out the pics - and his other auctions like the Boner in Bike Shorts (songs like a Police tune)

"Andy Warhol had a soup can," he said. "Why can't I have a cardboard tube?"

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Don't ya hate when it's a 56 degree day in friggin' FEBRUARY, but ya got stuff to do, so you don't get outside, and then it's 4pm, and you haven't gotten anything done anyway? So, a quick run to the post office, and then it's time to get ready for work. Grrrrr. Well, at least it's Tuesday, and cheap 2dollarbeers after work.

Monday, February 14, 2005
OK - could the Jeff Gannon/James Guckert story get any better? Check out the latest at americablog (link via towleroad - thanks!) or just go str8 to the pics ("WON'T ASK, WON'T TELL" indeed!) and download them to your DADDYfile folder. So, how is this story going to get better? Former congressman Ed Schrock doing Gannon? Ken Mehlman naked pics? ok, that would be horrible, I admit...

Hey, does anyone remember Gannon mentioning his love of basketball in his interview with interview with Wolf Blitzer?

And you thought only George Carlin could come up with this stuff - see-thru camoflage.

Is that a fat cock in your pants,or are you just happy?

Is that the front or the back?

My, what a hairy, er, exclamation point you have!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Friday, February 11, 2005

Tijuana Toilet Tramps

Director: Gino Colbert (1994)

Starring: Anthony Gallo, Joey Stefano, Miguel Lopez, Chip Daniels, Paul Brazil, Bill Marlowe, Jared Clark, Rod Majors, and Robert Harris

OK, so maybe it's not Anthony Gallo's best work (the shaved torso is a bit disturbing) but with his thick uncut manmeat and those meaty, killer thighs, I think we can ignore that. Of course the real star in this scene is Joey Stefano, rock hard beautiful dick as he's kneeling on the men's room floor blowing Gallo. And Joey was the king of the facial back in the early 90's, you'd never see him wince like most guys when their partners blew their wads on his face - no sirree!!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

We Live As We Dream, Alone
Not that I could've flown to England for one of these shows last month, but I was just talking to someone the other day about how Gang Of Four is my all-time favorite live band. But it looks like they may come out with a new album, so I'm crossing my fingers for a States tour (oh, who cares about a States tour, just come to NYC, fuck the rest of the country!) Meanwhile, still nursing some coffee and dealing with my 2nd hangover in 2 days, so here's a quieter song of theirs - actually, a cover of Bob Marley - Soul Rebel. Oh, what the hell, one more - one of my favorites - We Live As We Dream, Alone - bonus points if you can name the Chicks On Speed remix that samples this Gang Of Four classic.
OK, I know i shouldn't go out and spend the last few dollars in my wallet on more beer, but, the boots are going back on, and I think I'll be out the door in a few minutes. So maybe one of you guys can wake me tomorrow and remind me to post that brief clip from Tijuana Toilet Tramps - I just love the name of this Anthony Gallo movie!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

fist full of Bruno

year of the cock, indeed. It's almost 5, and i'm just starting my day. Last night was 4 beers at one place, and then several more, later, at The Cock. People were real friendly, which got me out of my sour mood. Now I need to reconstruct the night, figure out where that email address is of the guy who claimed to have a copy of that album with BRUNO'S ARM - "Slide . . . Easy In" - I can't remember exactly what I promised to do if he'd let me see it, but I'm sure I can manage.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

found it!
Ahhhh, you can ignore the posting below, I found the pic I was looking for. Last week a very nice gentleman sent me a box of stuff - mainly boxers and boxer briefs, but I couldn't find the pic I took of it while searching the hard drive late last night. Also, he included a couple of swim suits, and as modest as i am about my body, I sucked in my gut, adjusted the shades to give the right shadows to cast in the right places, and snapped a few quick pics to see if i could sell the swimming gear (ya know I can't sell used underwear, so don't ask). Hell, I figure I make fun of enough "gear" salesmen on eBay that I ought to be willing to show my 1/2 naked body in that venue from time to time. Which reminds me, I am once again doing the 99 CENT PORNO SALE, thanks to several generous donations from some readers, so click up over on top somewhere on auctions, and who knows, you might find something you like.
Don't you hate when you lose something, and no matter where you look, you can't find it?

Sunday, February 06, 2005

who doesn't like cowboys?

(Colt VT-306) 1978

Starring: Mike Davis, Shadow, & Gunther Keller

And of course, who doesn't like kissing cowboys, especially when one of them is Mike Davis, and of course he doesn't stop at heavy mouth action.

A little something from The Psychedlic Furs - - Here Come Cowboys

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Friday, February 04, 2005

i love....

... pockets. Gotta have a place to put your stuff.

Yet another example of superior heterosexual parents.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

I have a "soft" spot for hairy bellies
No, really, I do. Just love 'em; could stare at the way the hairs swirl around the belly button, imagining my head taking a much needed rest, gently lying there..... Anyway...... not really sure if this handsome belly belongs to the photographer or not, but he has some nice work on his site, so click the pic and check him out. And his blogpost about the newBjorksingle reminded me that I nabbed this the other day ---- triumphofaheart (audition mix).

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

if i was your boyfriend

Last night I got home from work, and quickly turned on the computer so I can check out this music disc a good pal of mine made for me. I had lent him my new Cruising soundtrack so he could convert the tunes to digital files, and as soon as the sluggish computer finally finished loading up all it's crap, I put the disc in. Great! Songs sounded fantastic, and it was cool to hear them separate from the movie, in their complete versions. But then I noticed there were more tracks on the disc than on the vinyl, so I clicked ahead, got to the last track for the album, but there were 3 more remaining. Ahhhh, he added two Pink Floyd disco covers that we must've been chatting about 2 weeks ago when I gave him the album (he was deejaying at this ALL DISCO party). Then the final track, a few notes, not disco-y, but vaguely familiar. I turned it up a bit more, and laid back on my bed, letting the wonderful voices fill the room.

Gosh, I hadn't heard this in years - 10 or more, I would say. But the very first time was way back when I was living with a boyfriend, who had a huge collection of records from his years in the music business. I must've been trying to re-discover my gay roots - meaning I was playing some of the disco-related albums he had. I knew a couple of the big disco hits Sylvester had, knew nothing about his ballads, and was completely unaware of this "variation" on You Make Me Feel Mighty Real. It completely blew me away, this first time I really listened to the power of his voice. And then last night, silly sentimental me, thought - WOW, wouldn't you just want to send this to your boyfriend for Valentine's Day - as I just laid back enjoying, a few silly tears appearing, just from the memory of discovery. How odd then, that the title is You Make Me Feel Mighty Real (Epilogue).

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

not so GAY FOR PAY
That was this week's SHOCKING N Y Blade cover story - some drivel about how straight men work in gay bars. Yawn. They couldn't figure out a better reason to put that photoshopped/airbrushed go-go boy on the cover? But the real journalism is when they uncover WHY these men work in gay bars. Money. (get up from the floor, there's more) And some like the attention. Imagine that, men who spend 6 hours a day working on their bodies like getting paid for it, and also enjoy getting gawked at! Anyone else smell a Pulitzer?