Sunday, April 29, 2001


love 'em fuzzy and sweaty - i just don't get the shaved balls thing.... I mean, a guy can get chapped lips that way!

ah, got my morning whack off out of the way, thanks to a vid called RAMROD - Cole Tucker does his standard (but oh-so-sexy) whack-off-with-guy-sitting-on-his-face thing as the finale.... but I came much earlier; Doug Jeffries, in a harness and leather something, has this hairy guy, in leather shorts, and his arms tied up above his head....dirty-talking, slapping the guy's stomach, the guy gets a hard-on, which protrudes above the waist-band..nice, fat one! soon enough, but not-too-soon, the shorts come off, and it IS a nice, fat, juicy cock....but more important, and this is when my morning business got taken care of... nice, fuzzy balls! absolutely NO SIGN of a trimmer/razor/shaver... just curly brown pubes surrounding a set of very lickable, mouth-watering balls,

and DAMN! if I didn't just step in my own cum while trying to refill my coffee...gotta go...

Saturday, April 28, 2001

standing in line
sometimes standing in line at the post office is a drag, but sometimes, well, you just gotta enjoy the chance to take a close look at another person

at first, I thought, hmmmm, nice enough, but I don't usually go for the camouflage pants, nor the sunglasses indoors
but, he had a nice trim beard, and while not much taller than me, was bigger, and real beefy in the pecs, as I stared at him longer.....
then I noticed his right arm was covered in tattoos, and it was a nice, firm, fuzzy arm, too. And as I looked more and more, I could see myself sleeping with him - and I mean sleeping - firm arms, wrapped around me, maybe "spoon style" sleeping, ya know?
anyway, looking back at his head, his beard was a beautiful shade of brown, looked perfect for petting, and then, through the sunglasses, our eyes met.... I don't think he wanted me to see him looking back, as he not-too-quickly looked away, but his eyes were soft, and gentle-looking......
then, the lips, I studied them non-chalantly, but they were extremely kissable... soft, slightly wet, still with me hours later....

and rather than being reminded how long it's been since I looked at someone quite that way, I was just really happy to still see those qualities in a stranger, and let myself go, wondering, hoping, smiling to myself........

gee, Dick Fisk is AMAZING!!! -----that cock, those fuzzy balls, that flat stomach, i love him, I hate him....

Friday, April 27, 2001


wow! a very nice guy/customer some weeks back gave me a bag of porn videos, and a handful of mags
then, yesterday he emailed me that he had more - -- so we just met up at 34th and 5th, i'm salivating, and he hands me
--- damn! all wrapped up in plain brown paper, made me feel even naughtier..... so, hopped back on the bike, and headed home (even ignoring this cute jogger who stopped and gawked my way - i'm cynical these days, I figure I looked good to him because I was moving fast!)


while he had givien me a list ahead of time, not til I opened the bag did i start having flashbacks - one, Phoenix Rising i just watched this morning!! Jason Branch's amazing tongue in that scene with Kyle Becker is a great morning perk-me-up

but the "oldies" grrrrrrrrr.... I know what i'lll be doing this weekend

The Other Side of Aspen I the first falcon film on video with AL PARKER, DISK FISK (that huge cock and fuzzy balls - slurp!), and CASEY DONOVAN - while I can't usually watch fisting, I hope this is the version that INCLUDES that amazing scene
SPLASH SHOTS - oooooooh! Giorgio Canali, and I think the Cade Cousins ....I remembert that Giorgio does it with Jim Bentley, and despite that, its still a great flick
Night Flight airplane sex with Mark Miller and Ron Pearson (ahhh, remember those blondish boys with body hair....?) and of course, O.G. Johnson - too huge!!!!
Heatwave - ok, so its not an oldie, but Adrianno Marquez and Tom Chase???? that was a great scene!!

gotta go, see ya in about a week!

Wednesday, April 25, 2001

french tourist

cool, overcast day today, so I'm enjoying some good coffee, this great disc from
- and thinking about french cock from yesterday....

hanging around the park yesterday with you-know-what
between my legs (see pic) ...some guy sitting on the lawn seemed to take notice, and after a very long time of cat and mouse (i'm, very very shy, you know) he eventually got rid of his friend, and I eventually got the nerve up to go say hey - turned out he's a french tourist (yeah, i know, OOH LA LA ! ) - and after him struggling with English, and me not trying at all any of my 4 years of high school French, we used the feeble excuse of needing a pen to write down directions to The Cock as a reason to go back to my place. Eventually, he climbed on top of me, blah blah blah, and then the inevitable "Are you a top or a bottom?" - uggh! I thought, who the hell fucks at 6pm (ok, so don't answer that, i know, everyone but ME!) - he seemed truely disappointed when i told him i don't fuck, but within minutes of that disappointment, he managed to persuade me to get a closer look at his french underwear (black, bikini, nylony things, which, fortunately, weren't in my face for very long, otherwsie I probably would've started sneezing, or worse!) - and who knew that a succession of playful slaps to my face while slurping away would get such a BIG RISE out of me??? and when he came (and boy did he!) he knew right where to do it.... at first all over my fuzzy chest, then he aimed down and (yup, he had plenty to do this) all over my cock and balls; --- to be polite, of course, to my guest, I added my own meager morsel to his, and soon collapsed on the floor (40-year-old knees, ya know?)

Monday, April 23, 2001

horny again
yeah, i know, what else is new?

maybe its the spring air, or maybe its this DEVO E-Z Listening Disc I borrowed; or perhaps one of several porn flics i've skimmed thru in the past 24 hours. Like El Paso (one of my favorites) I was watching to get 2 of the actors names - damn, i forgot to get the names!! And then there was Fred Halsted's A Night at Halsted's which i was just skimming thru to help out on this music list - you do know its got the coolest punk/new wave
ever in a porn movie, right? But perhaps this morning's feature, which defiantley had me slamming the salami, Locked Up - these 2 guys in prison both buzzed heads, in a totally great, almost all oral, scene: the "top" guy is getting this great sloppy, forceful blow job for the longest time, then pulls the "bottom" guy up, pulls down his orange (yup, awful color, but I guess they don;t get to pick the colors in prison) prison uniform and rims this guy's beautiful ass wildly for like the next hour - - it was amazing! Certainly made me think about breaking a few laws!! and a very powerful, and sticky, climax - at least here in nyc.....

Sunday, April 22, 2001

ok, so I admit i have no ramones on cd (7 or 8 well-worn albums, though), like many other folks the other day, i rushed to Napster to find my favorite songs.

nada!! damn filtering!

until.....i typed in "ramone", and got a few, including an excellent acoustic "I wanna be sedated"; then ,motherlode - ROMONES - tons of stuff, but still took me 3 days to find a fantastic song, which was listed as "doyourememberrocknrollradio" .... meanwhile, everytime i go on napster, within 2 minutes of logging on, folks are "sharing" my romones collection

gosh i'm suddenly horny, time to go BEAT ON THE BRAT

Saturday, April 21, 2001

buy me things

...hmm, this is about the 8th time this week i've seen someone's webpage have a "buy me things" section, and, well, its a cool concept... post what you wish you had on the web, and hope that complete strangers send them to you! Hey, believe me, I could come up with a zillion things. But here's the kicker - all of them - ALL OF THEM - link you to (and, NO, don't try to click on the word AMAZON, it won't take you away from my rambling...) - c'mon, fellas, be a bit more imaginative! - maybe something from here - okay, its saturday night in exciting MANhattan, so time to order pizza and see what AMC has on -

oooh, Rosie Greer , THE THING WITH TWO HEADS.... hmmmmmm, any beer in the fridge????

in the background....
the str8 folks upstairs seem to need to have VERY NOISY morning sex, so I decided to work on my
- after all, christmas is only 278 days away! - so, creating my own background noises....Bullet Videopac 6...Bruno slurping away at Will Seagers......

morning hard-on
the great thing about whacking off a lot less these days is that sometimes I wake up (like today) with a huge, fat, throbbing hard-on
- the not-so-great thing is that there isn't some cute hairy boy lying next to me so i can have somewhere to thrust this thing!

-----ahhhh, i sure miss those early morning sessions, shooting all over each other and then cuddling back up, all sticky and entwined, falling back asleep....

Friday, April 20, 2001

finally had sex

one of those AOL hook-ups with a guy with one of those AOL names like biggusdickus... but he turned out to be a real sweet man.... not for dating, of course, but a great afternoon romp... i mean, who wants to date someone who meets strange men online to have sex......

.... oh....

Thursday, April 19, 2001

ok, one last try....yesterday i get THIS: is proud to participate in Cherry Six., April 20 - 22. We wanted to share with you the final details. It promises to be the best Cherry ever with an incredible lineup of DJs, lighting, performances and event spaces.

Just as important, together with the Cherry Fund, we will be raising money for valuable organizations in the gay community. For complete details, please visit The Cherry Fund web site at See you next weekend!

*** The Official Cherry Lineup ***.........

blah blah blah.... what the HELL ???? - i thought maybe it was prince's new girl-group, but I guess, being queer, I'm supposed to know, with NO explanation. So I forwarded the email to several friends, and thankfully, several had no clue, an EX, knew, and had that sorta "duh, everyone know's it's this weekend's CIRCUIT PARTY " - I guess we know why hes an ex..... anyway, not that i care that i'm on this lame mailing list, but i DO care that I'm expected to know what the crap is without any explanation... like, if I don't know who Madonna is fucking this week, it somehow means i don't like to suck cock anymore!!! - my "gay i.d. card" has been revoked!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrr.......

Friday, April 13, 2001

well, still dont no why this thing dont work, meanwhile, more ramblings.... got a great email from a fellow eBayer who sent me an article/interview on Jack Deveau (porn director in the 70's - A Night at the Adonis, Dune Buddies) I promised him that he'd get a thank-you on my revided webpage.... which reminded me of the many cool guys i've met thru my eBay this fantastic guy who just sent me his rumpled-up copy of Bijou Videos 1989 catalogue! he sent me several cockrings, titclamps (which i'd use if I had anything for them to clamp on to!) and my favorite item, a plaid, flannel loose cotton-comfy pair of boxers.... I love hanging around in them, letting my balls just get all sweaty and hang low and flop around.... just a fantastic feeling...

Wednesday, April 11, 2001

grrrrrr, i feel soooo dumb, cant get this dang blogger to work

this is a test, only a test, if you can help me, i will have sex with you (um, only if yer an adult male, sorry)

Saturday, April 07, 2001

ggrrrrrrrrrrrr. Easy Inn is pretty good for modern porn. didn't make it past the first scene - guess that's a good sign! all those slurping sounds. damned if I know how to get this friggin "blog" to show up anywhere.
ok. it doesnt seem to work. so, 3rd cup of coffee, Devo's "Through Being Cool" probably annoying the neighbors (or maybe thats the bassline bangin' on the walls....). today's porno note: how do I get a copy of Daddy Dearest, 1984 film starring Daniel Holt, Dean Johnson, and of course, one of my PORN HEROES Richard Locke (his last film). just got an email thanking me for the anonomous pic I sent to Dean Johnson - a still I found in an old porn mag of Mr Locke fucking him! well, as long as no one sees me dancing to this song, i guess i;m still cool!