Friday, July 28, 2006

from the department of I MEAN TO DO THIS WEEKS AGO
I nice lady wrote me a few weeks back, when she had been googling White Shade of Pale and saw my reference to the Munich Machine's version being used in William Higgins's The Boys Of Venice. But I never got b ack to her, as I meant to re-locate the song and post it. Well, here it is: A Whiter Shade Of Pale

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Director: William Higgins (1984)

Starring: Leo Ford, Mike Dean, Giorgio Canali, Michael Christopher, Cory Adams, Brian Thompson, Lance Whitman, Robert Score, Paul Michaels, Ryan Andrews, Aaron Gage, Davin McNeil, Brett Simms, Brian Jeffreys, Ron Howe, Tim Richards, Lee Stern, Derrick Stanton, David Greyson, Scott Roberts

Yes, this is the one with the 21-man oray daisy-chain!

And, of course, my eBay auction for this, - item #180010887054, ends this Sunday, afternoon!!

Click one of the pics to view the movie trailer (you know that if you view the clip in the browser, you can "right click" and view it FULL SCREEN, right?), or here if you want to download and save for later.

ROAD RAGE, Wednesday afternoon, Avenue C
So I have my Trader Joe's paper double bag filled with Priority Mail boxes, hopping on my bike so I can bring these bits of porno to the Post Office to ship to their eBay buyers. As I ride down Avenue C, I approach 4th st, where there has been some sort of construction work for a couple of weeks now. The construction workers are all familiar by now, still looking good from a distance - hard hats, thick facial hairy, grimey jeans hung low, tool belts, etc. - but up close, nothing to write home about. The flagger flags us over from the downtown lane into the uptown lane as the flagger a block down makes sure uptown traffic doesn't advance. I follow a car and only a few feet past 4th street I hear this loud, repetitive BEEEEEP!


Rather obnoxious, so I turn my head to see what is going on, and a few feet behind me is a silver-colored SUV, and a woman behind the wheel who sees me looking at her and continues: BEEEEEEEEP! BEEP!BEEEEEPBEEEPBEEEPBEEEPBEEP!!!BEEEEEEEEEEPP!!

What-the-f*ck? I think as she continues this. So I stop my bike in the middle of the road, turn around, look at her, and as I kick my kickstand down to park, say: "You in a hurry?" and now my bike is parked and i am standing in the middle of the road, traffic stopped. "Well......... FUCK..... YOU!
I scream at the top of my lungs, everyone on the street has stopped, including about 6-8 construction workers, and the woman beeps her horn again, one more time. I am about to continue screaming when one of the construction workers, thick thick mustache looks over at me, trying not to laugh, but the slightest smile, says: "Hey buddy, you ready to move it along now, OK?" So I get back on my bike, ride past the still motionless other construction workers, and turn right onto 3rd street as the SUV continues south, beeping all the way....

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


So here's part 2 - See part one below. I love this film - big big cocks flopping around everywhere, actual acting that's believable and just enough to move things along, and great NYC locales - rooftop sex, West Village pick-up, and of course, the notorious West Side Piers. It's not the only porno flick that was filmed there (Killing Me Softly and Pier Groups, which oddly just came in the mail today, come to mind...) but the Daniel Holt / Steve Collins scene is great, just great. Collins is walking down Christopher Street, stops to look in the window at All American Boy, and realizes Holt is cruising him. So he continues down the road, this time following Holt all the way onto the West Side Piers. Several long shots from the outside looking at Holt and Collins doing it on a broken down window sill...ahhhh, just so well-made! OOPS! And here I go, and that's not even the scene I'm showing - oh well, you're not reading this anyway, you've already clicked the pics and ---- don't complain about the faulty video, its stops in a place or two, but I just couldn't redo the whole garsh darn thing again, OK?

Steve Anthony, where are you?
I'm just terrbile about following up on stuff here, ain't I? Remember this post back in April, where I asked if anyone could name the two pictured men - i quickly got a response on the first one (Corey Monroe, I shoulda known that) but I also got a fairly quick repsonse on the second, as well. But I never bothered to post the answers, silly me. And then I got an email from a fellow blogger saying he is fairly certain he had had sex way back when with the second gentleman, Steve Anthony. I promised I'd post a clip, as the helpful young man who identified him mentioned he's in Steve Scott's classic film, Non-Stop. And then, by the end of April, a gentleman from Israel sends me this picture, asking if I can identify the film it's from - and it's several photos from the same magazine I've had in my hands for several years, trying to identify the film - arrrrgggghhhhh! But I can't find any film that has Daniel Holt, Steve Anthony, and this black guy, so maybe it was just a photo shoot without any actual film involved. The mysteries of porn.... Anyhoo, all that is background to the following clip, which is the beginning of a very hot 3-way between Casey Donovan, Steve Collins, and mustached mystery man, Steve Anthony. Note the first few seconds, an "establishing shot" showing a plane flying past the World Trade Center, so you know our star, Steve Collins, the airline steward, is in Brooklyn Heights, NY. And If you're all good little boys, we can post the actual sex scene later.


Director: Steve Scott (1984)

Starring: Casey Donovan, Steve Collins, Daniel Holt, Eric Ryan, Steve Anthony, Peter Ware, Mark Leonard, Steve Peters, and Jorge Rodriquez

And, of course, my eBay auction for this video - item #180009311307, ends this afternoon!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sir, Yes sir!
When you think of Kyle McKenna, you think - "Sir, Yes Sir!" - right? Well, in this flick, he's doing the siryessir bit with some latex-wearing Australian sitting on his face. mmmmmmmmmmmm, Australian-Latex-Face-Sitting...... mmmmmmm


Director: RON SEXTON (1998/2000)

Starring: Kyle McKenna & Andrew Lennox

"If you tingle at the sight of tight, shiny latex wrapped around beefy muscles and huge ones - then Latex Sex Fight is now on your "must have" list! Aussie Andrew Lennox (from Australian for Leather, Sextortion, Fetish Sex Fights 3, Tightropes 30 , and others) squares off against mid-western beefcake Kyle McKenna (Reform School Confidential, The Academy, Skuff, Homosexual Tendencies and many others) in this loser-gets-f*cked rubber fantasy. It's obvious McKenna likes to be dominated, because the nastier Lennox gets, the more McKenna gets turned on."

And, of course, my auction for LATEX SEX FIGHT - item #180008983696, ends this afternoon!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

You know I sell porno, right? And you might think I sit around all day and whack off watching porno and scanning porno clips and trying not to get spunk on everything cuz it all just makes me so friggin' horny, right? Or, you might be more cynical and think, geez, after years of doing this, it's got to all look the same, and pretty much nothing can turn him on, or grab his attention, right? Well, I'd have to say that on most days it's kinda closer to the latter (although that scene from Oral Fixation with Donnie Russo spitting beer all over filthy-mouthed Max Stone was pretty hot.... but I digress....). However, here I am, zipping thru a tape of Mr Drummer 1988, kinda surprised that there's more to these pageants than simply looking pretty and strutting across a stage and showing off your leather gear and hard muscle ass to a few hundred horny studs applauding. Apparently, they have to do some sort of demonstration, or skit, to show they ain't just hot and butch, but that they've got talent, right?

So here I am, just mindlessly fast-forwarding thru various leather gears, jeans and t-shirts getting torn up, bondage, dildos, and on and on, and then I have to stop and rewind, cuz I just can't believe what I just saw. I gotta tell you, I haven't seen something this sick in a long, long time... the kinda thing that probably makes the str8 folks go - "you iz some sick people" - all I can say is, YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!

Click one of the pics to view the movie trailer (you know that if you view the clip in the browser, you can "right click" and view it FULL SCREEN, right?), or here if you want to download and save for later.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

more porno...... sigh

The man with the mirrored sun-shades and the Georgia Highway Patrol insignia on the arm of his tan uniform smiled. It was a cold smile. Overhead, the sun was bright and fearsome, as the Georgia sun can only be in summertime. Scrub oaks and pine trees struggled along the roadside to find some kind of nourishment in the red clay that passed for soil. Somehow, they matched the ragged, almost undernourished look on the cop and his partner. They were actually rather fat, but still, something looked missing. Something wasn't right.

"Boy... drop your pants, and bend over."

Jimmy was just beginning to understand how much things weren't right.

- from CHICKEN CHAIN GANG, Rough Trade Books, RT-512, 1982

I know, I know, all this porno sucks. But I bought over a hundred dirty books a couple of weeks back, and I need to unload. I really do wish I had a huge apartment, with a separate room, a library, if you will, to keep all this vintage porno - the videos and books, and magazines, and a smattering of photos, and gosh, maybe even a few dirty jockstraps from my days of singledom (OK, so maybe i still use them, but I think the BF would rather I not mention the backstaircase at The Eagle a few weeks back......OOPS!) But this is NYC, I live in a teeny tiny place, and I am so close to broke it ain't funny. So pardon the appearance of more porno pics, as I get back to work writing up more auctions and hoping some of you folks pop over to the eBay link and bid on some of the dirty books - really, i swear, great "beach reading"!!!

Monday, July 17, 2006


I know, I know, no clip - whatthef*ck?? I'm tired as hell, and have my double shift behind the counter today, in a few minutes - i had fully intended to do a clip from the notorious MASTER'S DELIGHT segment from this video - a video I am selling by auction (SPRING BREAK SPRING BREAK Chad Douglas MASTER'S DELIGHT precondom - item #180006332333), that ends tonight - OOPS! anyhoo....

Starring: Kevin Wiles, Chad Douglas, Todd Donahue, Tony Marinos (aka Danny Russo), Chris Thompson, Jeff Converse, David Ashfield, Corey Monroe, Cole Carpenter, Chris Burns

You got the catchiest theme song ever; Chad Douglas; camera angles from below and above the glass coffee table; Chad Douglas; Kevin Wiles pretending not to like cock for all of 3 seconds before garbling down both Chris Thompson's and David Ashfield's cocks; and Chad Douglas's 1978-version mustache; then of course poor, young Corey Monroe's face when uncle Chad thuds his meat on the coffee table; Dave Ashfield wowing coach Jeff Converse with his manmeat; and of course, WARNING WARNING!! Master's Delight, where Corey Monroe and Chris Burns take turns in the sling while Chad Douglas and Cole "Make A Fist" Carpenter take turns with their toys......

Sunday, July 16, 2006

dirty books

I know i should metnion that these dirty books are going up for sale tonight, with links, descriptions, background, etc. But I worked until after 1am, and am going in for work again in a few minutes (10am) so, well, maybe some other time.

Maybe some a brief blurb on GREENLEAF CLASSICS: "Like most gay publishing houses they (GREENLEAF) published under a variety of imprints including the Ember Library, Late Hour Library, Nightstand Books, Adult Books, Companion Books and Pleasure Readers and different publishers are often listed on the copyright page. All Greenleaf books are identifiable by the satyr next to the price on the cover and on the spine. They usually have great cover illustrations, and are often better reading than many other pulps of the time. Greenleaf novels tend to be set in a "homotopia," where no one is straight and characters stumble into one sexual encounter after another without danger, fear, or for that matter, without even really trying."

Saturday, July 15, 2006

a Whole Earth Catalogue of erotic hang ups and turn ons

Don't ask why, but I'm selling a boxed VHS tape of Jack Deveau's Left-Handed - item #180006337997, again on eBay. If you missed oout last time, here's your chance, again. Auction ends Monday night, July 17th. And the rest of you can click the pics above to take you to the old post, and the link to the trailer for the film.

Friday, July 14, 2006


JUST BLONDS - The Sexual Odyssey For The 80's

Director: Jack Deveau (1979)

Starring: Luke (from Falcon Studios), Lee Marlin (from Nova Studios), Scorpio, Hugh Allen, Damien III, Ken Carter (from Nova Studios), and Eric Ryan

"Filmed in the exciting new screening process, Supercruiserama!" This is the very first porno I ever saw. The summer after I turned 18, I went to the Bijou Theatre in Chicago, after calling up the theatre and naively asking what the show times were. I found a seat in the dark, and up on the screen was this weird, trippy film with guys standing in the woods, their schlongs hanging out, in these bizarre outfits. One in a leather crotch-thing; another looking like Mr America, with a cape and red-white-blue speeod; and another in some sort of froofroo frenchy ballet outfit. Remember, I had no point of reference for codpieces and tights and various fetishes. Many years later I would recognize the "woods" as the Meat Rack from Fire Island. Anyway, I sat very still in the theatre, watching the film, and noticed all this rustling sort of noise behind me; eventually I got up the nerve to turn around, and of course i saw a guy with his wang hanging out of his pants, playing with it, and staring at me. I quickly got up, went back to where I thought the restrooms were, and went into this small room, thinking it was the john. I was horrified, seeing a small footstool, a plastic garbage pail, and i thought who the hell would.... and these round holes in the walls!

Needless to day, I didn't remember too much about the film playing back up on the screen, and was happy to recently acquire TWO videocassettes of it, some 27 years later!

And I'm selling this video on eBay, item #180005965009.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

i've been a bad boy....
DAMN! Didn't I used to post like every day of the friggin week, week after week, month after month, for a coupla years now? Oh well. You still love me, doncha?

yeah, sure, where's the porn....

2 big boys and a girl

"why don't you put on a show for us?"

(1988 compilation) Starring: JOHN HOLMES, Seka, Gloria Leonard, Nancy Suiter, Jamie Gillis, Laura McFish, Rhonda Jo Petty(?) (Holmes, Gillis, and gosh, I dunno girlpornstarnames, but a nice lady who likes here boys big....

Click the pic to view the movie trailer (you know that if you view the clip in the browser, you can "right click" and view it FULL SCREEN, right?), or here if you want to download and save for later. Mac users: To download the clip you have to hold down the option key and then click on the download. To view it from the web page you have to copy and past the URL of the page with the video on it into the address bar of the video viewer (rather than watch it from the page).

And, of course, I'm selling BEST OF JOHN HOLMES on eBay - item #180005041825; auction ends this afternoon!

Monday, July 10, 2006

99 cent porno store
Ahhhh, this cool magazine arrived the other day as part of a clearance sale or something from Springfield's 99¢ Porno Store. The BF, who normally doesn't care much for porno (ooposites attract??), couldn't put it down! Can't blame him, with page after page of posing straps and tight muscular buttockseses. Remind me to explore furhter, and publish some of the amazing stuff from inside, including: Mel Roberts & Gary Brandenburg; "new films" from Athletic Model Guild's Bob Mizer; Quaintance, Kris Studio, David of Cleveland, etc.... OK, off to work!

Friday, July 07, 2006

The Final Frontier....

So maybe it's not really the first time I've sold str8 porn - but my god, the chicks sure have long f*ckin' nails - and the way they hold big schlongs with both their hands, not actually grasped, but merely a red-nail painted hand on each side of the things as they slurp.... too funny! A bit disturbing, but funny.... not sure I'll actually post a clip, but meanwhile the current three STR8 auctions are all videos:

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

sell, sell sell, BUY BUY BUY

got around to posting a few more books over on my non-porn ebay - some highlights:

  • gay porn pioneer Wafefield Poole's - Dirty Poole: The Autobiography of a Gay Porn Pioneer - item #9532705183

  • THE GAY HAUNT - by Victor Jay - AKA DON HOLLIDAY (pseudonym of Victor J. Banis); a great book about a dead gay man who comes back to life to rescue his ex-lover from "switching teams" and going straight!

  • AIDEN SHAW's 3rd novel - WASTED

  • The Case Against Colonel Sutton - "A nerve-shattering novel of a man fighting a slur against his manhood - - so vile - - it could only be discussed in whispers!" - he's 40, in the army, and a bachelor - do the math to figure out the vile slur - but he has the answer to his problems, he turns to "the attractive young widow who is too much a woman to fall in love with a 'queer.'"

  • SANDEL - a late 1960's "story of two young lovers whose passion for one another is exclusive, lyrical, tender, and subject to the tensions that any intense romantic relationship is liable to." - a choirboy and an organ scholar (did I just type organ scholar???)

Saturday, July 01, 2006

long one

What to do with this long, 4-day, weekend?? Well, it's a dilemna I don't have, as I am working my usual shifts (Sunday day time, 2 shifts Monday), plus an extra one (day time Tuesday coupled with my usual Tuesday night shift). Hope to still manage the Eagle Sunday evening with the BF.

In any case, y'all enjoy your Independence Day Holiday!