Monday, January 31, 2005

still sick and feeling crappy... blah blah blah.... sleeping one hour at a time... blah blah blah.... I hate my balls, they keep getting caught between my knees.... blah blah blah..... mmmmmm, cowboys.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

i hate being sick (who doesn't?)

OK, I'm not gonna get greedy and ask for a hot new boyfriend or anything - I know at my age I should be reasonable with my fantasies. I just want 90 minutes - ok, ok - one hour with this furry stud pounding his big meaty paws into my sore, aching flesh. I'm clammy, sweaty, barely got any sleep at all last night, and look like total crap. I want him to ignore all that , and just give me one hour to help make my body feel better. And before he's finished, the last five minutes, I just want his massive, beautiful body to collapse on top of me while his big arms wrap around me, holding and squeezing me tight, whispering in my ear that everything's gonna be alright.

Saturday, January 29, 2005


With an eBay user name like that, I got a bit curious, and did some basic Google searching. The Craigslist ad I stumbled upon shows the name is not mere hyperbole!

And I don't doubt the guy has more pics on the usual M4M sites, too.

Friday, January 28, 2005

this'll be brief. Sick, sick as a dog since late Wednesday night. You wouldn't believe just how much my body, and especially my head, aches. Coughing, all that stuff - and last night was worse than Wednesday night - waking up once an hour, either shivering from cold, or sweaty and clammy and burning up. yuck.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

and now for something completely, er, slightly, different
for Boy Wonder

Being depressed, and kicking myself for stuff I should've said or done is fun and all - but I am so much more than that (Ok, maybe just a little bit more than that). Anyhoo - crawling back into bed, I was fiddling with TV and video remotes and I thought - ooooooh, this really nice reader generously donated this box of stuff that is sitting on my floor, and a pal of mine is also going thru a bit of the blues, too - maybe this clip will cheer my pal up, and also serve to show this generous reader that not only do I appreciate his donation immensely, but maybe I can share bits of it here, spreading the love, so to speak.

my own snoring just woke me up
Tried waking up early (11am), but have since then had two naps. I'm doing the hibernating thing all wrong. Sleeping only after 3 or 4am - and going out and drinking too much at night, then sleeping well into the afternoon just - well, it just isn't er, um, very satisfying. Last night I was hoping to bump into this guy I had met out last week. And within minutes of walking into the bar, while waiting to get my beer, he walks up, puts two empty beer cans on the bar near me, we say hi, he says my name, congratulates himself for remembering, (we both smile, and his face is even handsomer than I remembered) then I do a hemna hemna hemna what-do-I-say-now thing. I had noticed him when I walked in the door, chatting with a couple of friends. The bartender gives me a beer, takes my money, takes this guy's order, and all I can manage is "well, looks like you're not leaving...." and he adds "naw, so I will no doubt talk to you again." I retreat into the crowd, he (presumably) goes back to his pals, and we don't talk for the rest of the night.

I'm not going to bother with a play-by-play, it would only be too painful. Much later I did manage to run into a bar buddy, he introduced me to a friend of his, the 3 of us are talking, and I can see, in the distance, my most recent love-interest (is that the right word? I don't LOVE him - yet - but I am INTERESTED in loving him, or making... OK, you get the idea...) looking great, and his body language is telling me that he is about to score with the guy he is now chatting up. RATS! Meanwhile, these guys are talking about one more beer at another bar, and I am anxious to leave. Whenever I see someone I'd like to go home with getting ready to go home with someone else, I really can't stand watching. But, of course I do watch, and the only way to avoid that, and the creepy feelings in my gut, is to get the hell out of there first. My friend's friend sees that our mutual friend isn't ready to leave, I am zipping up and putting my hat on, and he volunteers to leave with me. PHEWWW! At least I don't have the picture in my head of my new man walking out the door with the other man.

I think I am ready for my next nap.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

why snail mail is STILL better than e-mail

think i'll take good care of this one

Monday, January 24, 2005

monday already?

Not that my Mondays are much like yours. It's more like "hump day" for me, without the sexual implications - just your regular "worked 2 days, work tonight, then work 2 more 'til the weekend" thing. But I often go out on Sunday nights, and last night was no exception. 5 degrees out, don't know why I was surprised there were only 8 people at The Phoenix when I nabbed my first icy cold 2 dollar beer. Then that bar across the street where people do nasty things like smoke, and listen to techno-disco. And ya know, having that back room closed, and the little corner used as the NOTBackRoom, seems to be working to my advantage. There just isn't enough room for everyone who used to stand and gawk, and it's right there, plop, in the middle of the room, too; so it's also fun to just lean against the bar and watch the goings-in and outs thru the classy HeftyBag curtain they use. And I did get occasion to meet 2 pairs of very nice balls; one even hopped in a cab after closing to meet me down here on my block to come up into my apartment. I was on my bike, as I was all weekend - thanks to our Mayor who is running for re-election and therefore keeping the streets fairly well plowed --- mmmmmmmmmmm, well-plowed---- not that he'd get my vote, but he WILL WIN... I digress. There was no point in the boy suffering by walking to my house, and it was a bit too slippery to give him a ride - on the bike, anyway.

Where was I? Bike, boy, sex, oh yeah. Man! I am not unused to the after-cumming I must go syndrome, but I guess I figured with the temperature and the hour matching - 5, and him living uptown (not merely above 14th, but like in the 3-digits of upper Manhattan) he'd stay. But no, he needed food, and his own bed (and perhaps whatever was in that bed, I didn't ask); but we did chat a bit as he dressed - supernice COCK, I must say, and well, his whole body was quite nice. He had some sort of cellular device that he put my info into - but I won't hold my breath.

I slept til noon, had 1/2 cup of coffee, took a 2-hour nap, then watched a bit of Something Wild, and now must get done at a minimum some porno shipping, and perhaps something solid into my body - I mean food, of course. Oh, and here - if you liked the Bjork video, you may enjoy this mp3 of the Video Version of her upcoming release.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Until now, I didn't think it was possible to make an ugly jockstrap; but apparently, anything is possible.

Austin Masters Collection on eBay?

Don't get me wrong, I love his body and all, even despite his meticulously clipped nipples hairs. And the man has one helluva lovable face, (his silver-grey scruff would look fantastic under my balls, don't ya think?)- but poke around those auctions, and you'll see a couple of really odd picture choices. Like the one for his harness - it's like some mad scientist went crazy on his face and crotch!
update: oops! Looks like they got rid of the bad pic, thank god.

If you dig the less grey version, (I can't imagine why) here's a few more pics from a few years back.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

It's awesome! I couldn't stop laughing - just what I needed. Click the pic, and you'll get the new video from - or, if you would prefer to download the clip and save for later, go to her site and you'll figure out the rest on your own, I'm sure.

best posting on's message board:

author: no_cute_nickname
time: 21-01-2005 | 20:20
topic: Björk's cat boyfriend is HOT

Standing there in the doorway in that tight wife-beater? oh YEAH!!!

Friday, January 21, 2005

not everything I buy on eBay is porno - this bit of VINYL I've wanted for awhile, and finally nabbed a copy. My turntable is buried somewhere in my Forbidden Closet of Mysteries, but fortunately I have a pal who has one of those thingees that can magically turn vinyl into mp3s. If memory serves me right, Willy Deville's Heat Of THe Moment is the highlight. Hope to be able to post it, and a few others, from the soundtrack to Cruising in the next week or two.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

i miss you
I was just thinking how I might crash soon. I figured going out and drinking and all that would have ended a week or two ago - and certainly this week's blast of Arctic air should've dampened that. But here I am Tuesday night, 10 degrees out, pedalling up to BIG LUG from work instead of over to my home and warm bed. And I had a nice time - ran into some folks I knew, met a couple of new guys - I really thought it would be dead and empty. And a pal was clearly interested in coming back to my place, and we did, and it was fun. And then last night - I even came home after work, but within an hour, at 1a.m., I just had to go out into the frigid air and up to the Phoenix - and the place was packed for a Wednesday! They even discontinued the $1.00 beer, which normally would have me out the door fast enough, but there were some handsome men, so I grabbed a beer and leaned. And leaned. And watched. You know that game you play when you are out by yourself where you check out some hot guy, and think he is it, but then you get distracted, and loose sight of him and see another really nice looking guy and this one is definitely it, but he doesn't seem to notice you, and you loose track of him and sometime later both guys are in some animated conversation with each other, lightly touching..... and you didn't even know you were playing Psychic Match Maker, but there you go, playing again.

The music is good, so the fact that the crowd is thinning out, and everyone else seems to be engaged in conversation, I don't let it get to me. But it does, and the next bar is only a block and a half away, so I unlock the vehicle and pedal over, pay my 3 bucks, adjust my glasses (the warm air fogs me up), and check out the smoke-filled room. The music is kinda crappy, some sort of too-loud pop-metal, but I get the bartender's attention and he gives me the beer. Hmmmm. Where to lean?

Standing in one corner, then another, eventually I decide not to let the "dancer" on the bar with his hands in his drawers intimidate me, so I grab the seat underneath him (or, rather, the stool by the bar near him). A Blondie tune kicks in - one of my favorite bands from college- and things seem to feel a bit better. The hairy Latino moves down away from where I sit, returns a few minutes later and grabs my head, in a massaging fashion. He's very hot, actually; probably one of the few non-smooth non-shaved bodied ones I've seen here - but still, it's his job, and I'm saving my money for beer. He pets me longer than I would imagine he would a non-paying patron, but he's gotten the attention of others in the bar, so using me as a prop obviously worked. I try to buy some water, but the bartender can't find any, so I am forced, for the rest of the night, to drink beer - boo-hoo, I know. Now GoGoBoy is leaning away from me, but drawers are pulled down, and his ass is about 10 inches from my face - lightly hairy, firm; thick hard calves, big leather boots. Nice. Very nice. The place is filling up, and I notice this guy, this seemingly out-of-place guy. He's maybe my age, could be older, could be a bit younger, who knows. He's standing, kinda leaning, suit, nice coat - maybe even camelhair - and he's bopping a bit to the music. I smile. I don't know why it struck me as cool; but he was also all by himself, just taking it all in, and then a Smiths tune comes on, and now he's dancing by himself - nothing crazy or silly, he's just letting himself enjoy himself, quietly singing along, moving in place. And a long string of great music continues. My mood is definitely lifted, just absorbing it all. Then, 3rd beer maybe, this absolutely adorable man appears - in just a sleeveless tee-shirt and jeans, baseball cap and scruffy face. Can't tell if he's by himself, but he's also enjoying the music, dancing around, showing off a real nice pair of worn worn jeans. Just adorable. Within minutes the GoGoBoy has gotten his attention, and even leans down to say hi. They chat for maybe only a minute or two, but both are clearly turned on by each other. Adorable Man returns to dancing by himself; I notice he dances practically exactly the same to a disco tune as he does to Nirvana, which makes me laugh, then envy him, then love him again. I amuse myself by watching all the freaks. At one point, I am struck by how many people seem to have fake hair. I mean, they don't have fake hair, but it looks like half the bar has like grunge-band hair-pieces on and when did the New Romantic Look come back? More beer.

I'm pretty wasted - not hopelessly so, but enough to know meeting someone would be downright goofy, and the equipment would be useless, and my ability to put more than 4 words together is, well, nearly gone. But there's a good vibe in the place, all smoky and trashy. Then Mr. Adorable comes up and says "hey, how come you don't tip the guy?" He's smiling, and beautiful (he probably never doesn't look beautiful, the fucker), and I say "HUH?" He laughs, repeats himself, and I mumble something about being poor and needing all my money for beer, and he laughs again. And his own personal GoGoBoy appears, and they are holding each other's waists - and remarkably I don't hate them. I say something to GoGoBoy about liking his body hair, and he mouths something about 'manly this' or 'manly that' and i wisely don't pay too close attention - it would ruin the illusion. I turn to Adorable Guy and say something about how hot both of them are - he giggles and says "but who's going to be the top?" I try not to groan too noticeably and just tell him it doesn't matter, "you're both beautiful, you'll have fun." The lights are suddenly on, GoGoBoy has luggage, the music is still on but they are yelling at us to leave (this place is so classy); I can't tell if they are leaving together, but I am too drunk to worry about that. Somehow I manage to compliment the deejay without falling over the bottles and plastic cups, I stumble out, unlock, slowly ride past the Sidewalk Sale (it's 4 degrees outside, and they are lined up outside, thinking that one of the guys who ignored them all night, or who they ignored, will try to pick them up.... hey, it works for some people, just never for me) and somehow get home safely and in one piece.

Today was a vague nothing day. The usual first day of my weekend - lots of things I ought to be doing, but I sit here at this machine typing and clicking and not even bathing or changing clothes - even for the quick run to the post office and grocery store. I spot a few webpages worth coming back to, bookmark them, have a couple of brief AOL chatroom chats (as horny as I almost always am, I am never as ready to have sex as these guys - what's wrong with me??) Then a conversation with a former neighborhood buddy. He's in Hell's Kitchen these days, and we are comparing notes on sex and dating and I compliment him on his new profile pic. He complains about all the bottoms instant messaging him ("Don't they read my profile!") I re-assure him it's just that he's hot, and they figure they can convert him into a top. I ask if he's tried any of the bigmuscle bigbear bearmuscle butchnude dudesnude butchdude musclemutt bigmutt muttbutt or any of the other non- instant messaging type "dating" webpages. And I send him a link to one of them as we laugh about all this silliness.

He signs off, I stay glued to the computermonitor, eyes soar and hunting and i see him. HIM. I can't remember where I first saw his pic earlier in the day, but there he is, several non-naked pics, and this one, this one amazing close-up profiled handsome face that I just can't take my eyes off of. I only glance at the text - much younger, blah blah blah but his face, not even my usual type. OK, OK, he has facial hair, and presumably a cock and balls - so maybe he's my type; the rest is so much less important than the face - the part that makes you dream and imagine and wonder and........ I try surfing on other sites - news, bjork, webstats (it's been 20 minutes, has anyone else read today's brilliance!?) but keep coming back to that face, THE FACE.

Then, crash. 8:05pm. CRASH.
My usual winter blues arrive and fall right on my head and BAM! I am bummed out. Big Time. Nothing specific - just the usual overwhelming I'm tooboringtoofattoopoornotinterestingenougholdstinkynoonewilleverlovemeagain thing that isn't any of those just the realization that it's been a long time, but the winters get scarier each year and I hope I can keep reminding myself that it always passes, this long cold loneliness - eventually. Why does a beautiful face do that to me? A picture, even. I won't share it with you, cuz the particular face isn't important (well, it is, and could be, but it isn't - you know?) But sometimes you wish you lived in some crappy small town so that being so lonely on an island of 2 million wouldn't feel so much like it's your own fault - just circumstance.

New Year's Eve - gonna head out, but after midnight of course (single people know why), and playing some tunes from Bjork, of course. Then the disc changes, and i have it on pretty loud, and am singing along - screaming, really, by the middle of the song - singing along - Gosh, screaming along that night felt a lot better than just reading along now.....

i'm so impatient
i can't stand the wait
when will i get my cuddle?
who are you?

i know by now that you'll arrive
by the time i stop waiting

i miss you

"Give me a shoutout on your blog"

thank god i look thru my SPAM folder! Fortunately, the nice man who wrote the other day came back and read that I deleted a bunch of emails, including his. This morning he resent the email, and again it went into my SPAM folder - but I learned my lesson, and was very careful. So, now that I am listening to EROTIC DRUM BAND - I can now sleep nights knowing who did the song. Interesting, the version I just got from WinMX is the original album version, and not the one used in the film The Boys of Venice. Mr. DJ JOHNNY said it's Action '78 Part 2 (Remix)- the original version that I am now listening to has an odd middle part.....not so catchy. garsh I love the internets


i'm smoking somethign i found on the floor of the COCK

please send help ASAP

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

awwwwww, RATS! late last night I got home, and as my pal was getting comfortable in my bed, I was checking email. I went to the SPAM folder, and thought i was deleting just one junk email, but hit "delete all" by mistake - and someone sent something with a subject like "that song you were asking about" - RATS!! deleted, unrecoverable. (and gosh knows what else I lost by mistake, too) Meanwhile, got another email today saying it's "Soul Screamer" by Patrick Turner. (thanks!) but haven't been able to verify that - not much on the web, just some newer deejay with the same name.....

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Boys of Venice

"As soon as our eyes met, I wanted to make it with him."

directed by: William Higgins (1979)

Starring: Eric Ryan, Kip Noll, Emanuelle Bravos, Clay Russell, Butch McAllister, Derrick Stanton, Johnny Stone, Jimmy Young, Scott Taylor, and Darla Lee (non-sex role). As I was saying yesterday, this is one of my favorite pornofilms. And one reason I was distracted by it yesterday was the realization that there is a lot of disco music in the film - not merely the main theme (Munich Machine's Whiter Shade of Pale) - but others that while not sounding familiar, made me realize this is yet another film I need to take a long look at and figure out which tunes are utilized. And of course, as I mentioned, the one during the scene above is the most memorable to me - and yet, I haven't a clue who did it.

Now, if you haven't already begun viewing the clip, just keep in mind that it's several minutes of the dance floor sequence (the entire scene is subtitled Disco Magic), and then just a few minutes of Kip giving Emanuelle a bj. (It continues on to some more sucking, and then fucking, on a pool table that somehow appears on the dancefloor sometime after all the other dancers have mysteriously disappeared - but, alas, I can't show you the entire 20 minute scene!) So, if anyone can figure out who does the music for the dancefloor dancing scene, I will give you a big wet thick sloppy, er, thank you. Now - crank up the volume and figure this out for me!

......working on it.....

("it" meaning a video clip, NOT my hard throbbing cock - you perverts!)

Monday, January 17, 2005

This is one of those pics you uncover on your hard drive when you are trying to do something else. The other day I promised another clip from one of those UNCUT previews I had, but, alas, I never got around to it. Meanwhile, I decided I really need to post a clip from William Higgins's The Boys of Venice because there is this disco tune I can't for the life of me identify, and can't for the life of me get out of my head. It's really more like a great disco-riff, so who knows if it's from a real song or not. Anyhoo, I finally get around to plugging in the VHS tape into the player, and needless to say I get distracted by other scenes - it's a wonder this film didn't make it onto my 10 BEST LIST over at Nightcharm! (OK, maybe it's not a wonder - those 10 are better, but a BEST 100 is a good idea, one I will never ever ever have the time to do!) I've posted clips from this film several times, like the Eric Ryan / Derrick Stanton bathroom fuck (standing/wearing roller skates!); and the Scott Taylor solo (if you are going to do a solo whack-off scene, do it with someone like Scott who has the dick of two men!)........ and then I stumble upon the hot scene between Clay Russell and Butch McAllister.... GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! Those few seconds at the climax where Butch is enjoying Clay's load.... damn!

But I was sure I had seen the pairing in some NOVA stuff, and knew Mr McAllister had also done something for COLT (as BUTCH - in the wonderful cleaning-the-motorcycle let's-take-a-break film Killer & Butch). I remembered I had a pic or two of Clay and Butch from some NOVA magazines, but of course, he's probably using another name - like he did in HOT LUNCH - Rick Masters, I believe. So you can see where all this searching and figuring out can be a tad distracting. And while I will try to get that The Boys of Venice clip made, and uploaded - my advise is not to hold your breath. Who knows what else I will stumble upon enroute to that task.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Gosh, the places you'll find yourself on the web! WhatTheHeck is this Amazon-like thing that's listing blogs and other websites????

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Normal Gay
With an almost identical template as bigmuscle and bigmusclebears, the new kid on the block has the unfortunate name of Normal Gay (and the equally appealing tagline For Men With No Category). Searching is also nearly identical: by zip code (my fave!), state, age, etc., but with a few differences - like being able to search by "relationship" status or "ethnicity." But when did Caucasian become an ethnicity? I guess coming out and actually saying RACE wouldn't be quite right, eh? The "new" normal.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Listing the top 10 files by the number of failed requests, sorted by the number of failed requests.

#reqs: file
-----: ----
600: /blog/12-31-01.JPG
96: /blog/wedding_cake.JPG
67: /adultauctionpics/daddyduke_2.JPG
66: /adultauctionpics/firsttime.jpg
62: /shower/thompkins_square.JPG
58: /blog/OneInABillion01.JPG
58: /blog/OneInABillion03.JPG

WOW! 600 hundred people from some place called tried to see that calendar that Panchesco sent me a couple years back (when i was 20 pounds lighter..... must be the beard.....grrrrrrr!)

Thursday, January 13, 2005

She's my sister! She's my daughter!

Can't remember where I saw this link to pictures of pornmodel Marco - but doesn't he look like he could be pornmodel Eric Hanson's twin (Latino) cousin?


directed by: Lucky Luc (1990)

Starring: Lucky Luc, Max Montoya, Alex Garcia, Dan Bush, Jim Martinez, Tony Davis, Chase Lungren, Jose Armando

This is a quickie - and a bit odd, to me, for a preview. It's two best-known stars, Max Montoya (YUM!) and Tony Davis (ewwwww!) don't appear in this little trailer. It's a video I am currently selling on eBay, and if the Montoya scene weren't with Davis, I'd probably keep it. Montoya has a fantastic thick uncut cock, but watching it get slobbered over by Mr. Davis just doesn't do it for me. I'll try to post another trailer from director Lucky Luc tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I need a shelter to build an altar
away from all the Osamas and Bushes
I am supposed to be somewhere other than here in 10 minutes - I guess I will be late. I just ordered the Bjork/Medulla-DVD documentary the same day SSQD mentions the "drums or no drums" dilemma for Bjork on the great tune MOUTH'S CRADLE - so here is the tune bothways .

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Speaking of jockstraps - how does Living Proof always get the men to show it?
Must get up from desk, change from yesterday's boxers, and stop looking at stats with referrals like this.
See? I told you I read my stats too much - which can be cool, cuz I just discovered this 2-day old blog. .......just move those hairy forearms a little closer to my mouth, and.....
I'm sure I've admitted before that I have this obsessive habit of checking my webpage stats/referrals several times hourly daily. And there are the usual high percentage of wacky Google Searches (I mean, I have PORNO and GAY in my title, so add nearly any word to either of those or both, and you might wind up on this page), but since last night I've been wondering: what are those people in Finland saying about me!!? - (here, too)

Monday, January 10, 2005

COCK backroom closed
so i was forced to have sex off to the side of the dancefloor...... So all those rumors about a crackdown on public sex in gay bars and clubs appears to be true. The COCK seemed particularly crowded for a mere 1:30 am; and upon closer inspection, it was because the backroom was closed off. And they still charged ten bucks at the door. Of course, this is the COCK, so it simply meant that the little corner on the other side of the bathroom wall served as a mini-backroom. And outside of there, I counted 4 naked men (I won't say how many of them should NOT have been naked, but it was more than 3) - which didn't include the nearly-naked go-go boys. Some guy with a familiar face kept trying eye contact, and he looked so familiar. Either I've "been with" him there, or had taken him back here, I wasn't sure. And he even did the grope-walk-away thing (which I never can figure out, like, grab my package and keep going?); and appeared to leave the bar. Several minutes later he re-appeared, then we did the pissing side-by-side thing, but he was hiding his thing (although the stream looked good!). Several more minutes pass as we both were on the dance floor (OK, 'dancefloor' might be misleading - it's the space between the bar, the 'stage' and the bathroom where people knock into each other in some vague sense of rhythm), playing some strange game of face-poker when I finally gave in and cracked a smile. He moved away, but with eye-contact, towards a dark corner, and I followed. Grab grab, kiss kiss, shirt unbuttoned, his nips taste good, faint armpit aroma, I'm getting hard, he's yanking down there...... you get the idea. I'm vaguely aware that my now bare ass is facing the room, but hell, he's a great kisser and what else matters at 3a.m.? Big heavy set of nuts, which I wish I could've spent more time with, but he had a manner that was making me, well, let's say I couldn't last much longer. I turned not to make a mess on my new best friend, and there was this handy trash container right there, he's biting down on my neck and......

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Sunday night. Would rather be looking for sex, but need to re-open my 99 cent porno store. Culling thru my collection, which includes some donated material from friends and readers, I hope to be able to start all my auctions this month at 99 cents. My gamble could be your cheap porno! And of course, as always, feel free to donate your throw-away porno; if I can't use it, I'll find someone who can!

nice to see that gym short covered hard-ons are making a comeback on eBay

Friday, January 07, 2005


directed by: Al Parker (1984)

Starring: David Connors, Giorgio Canali, Glenn Steers, Jason Hill, Brad Mason, Mike McDonald, and (non-sex cameo) Al Parker

Ahhhh, wonderfully huge Dave Connors (with his Mr Zig-Zag tattoo) in his porno debut (you may remember him from subsequent films The Biggest One I Ever Saw, One Two Three... and Boys In The Sand 2). Very simple plot: he goes to buy his morning newspaper (from Al Parker), flicks the quarter into the pay box, it stands on end for the rest of the day, which somehow gives him the power to hear what other people (men) are thinking. And what do men think about all day long? Apparently, they think about having sex with Dave Connors! So he has sex with businessman Glenn Steers (who starred in various Buckshot and Falcon movies) in an elevator (set designed by Winn Strickland - AKA Mike Davis - one of Al Parker's best friends); the delivery boy (he's hot, handsome, and uncut, but no boy) Giorgio Canali (AKA Rocco Rizzoli); young car wash worker Jason Hill; and finally a three-way with the TV repairmen, tattooed Brad Mason (who you may remember from such films as Falconhead II, Hot Off The Press and Job Site and Mike McDonald. Filmed at Mac's Baths and the home of Al Parker & Steve Taylor (and yes, that's Al's dog!)

Leosavoir [4:12 AM]: hey
BJland [4:13 AM]: hey man
Leosavoir [4:13 AM]: are u into wearin tight clothes
BJland [4:13 AM]: hmmm, hadnt really thought about it
Leosavoir [4:13 AM]: spandex, speedos?
Leosavoir [4:14 AM]: ?
BJland [4:14 AM]: could be fun
Leosavoir [4:14 AM]: do u have any
BJland [4:14 AM]: no spandex
Leosavoir [4:14 AM]: lycra
BJland [4:14 AM]: nope
Leosavoir [4:15 AM]: speedos, thongs?
BJland[4:15 AM]: no thongs, never - I have my limits

Thursday, January 06, 2005

the last cock sex of 2004
funny, i had thought the last sex of 2004 would've been with those 2 guys I met at the Cock's 6th anniversary party. Not in a cynical "I wont get anymore" way - but more in a "wow that was good, hard to beat, I can coast on this feeling a while" manner. Both very sweet, very handsome, very affectionate - nice couple, and the sleeping between them in their bed that night was especially nice.

Then, only a few days later, on a rare Saturday night out, I ran into another couple. Two men I had previously met at the local sex club. The furrier one and I had sex many many months ago - quite memorable - I'm sure I must've posted about his amazing mouth, beautiful full goatee, mustache mostly white, chin a great mix of black, silver & white, and his hairy chest (all white!) and furry tummy (all black!); and it happened once or twice more, then I realized, as he was leaving one night, that he was leaving with this other guy. And subsequently I had sex with the other guy - terribly handsome face, very very short goatee; a bit more into the pushing-head-down-into-his-crotch verbal sorta guy (which was fine) and I saw him leave with Mr WhiteFur - confirming my suspicions they were a couple. Finally I saw them together, in the same little room downstairs at the sexclub, not sure who I should be wooing, or whether either would even be interested. One was closer, expressed his interest quite clearly (a hardening cock and sharp eyecontact followed quickly by eyes on own hardening cock back to sharp eye contact usually means interest) - i kneeled but made sure I was looking at Mr WhiteFur as I approached this mouthful and his handsome face smiled, his body moved closer.... you get the idea.

Anyway, this isn't about them, but I guess it was for a paragraph there.... So, it's December 30th, a day off for me, I'm online, and a pal from Boston messages me, we begin some flirty chatter, and then I get a message from a guy (pictured) who I met online a couple years back. We've had sex at my place a couple of times over the years, but it's been awhile - often we just have a simple "how are things" chat these days, I joke how I need more pics of him (he did come cockring modeling for me back in, oh, 2002?) and it goes no further. But, apparently, he thought he'd be getting off work early, and figured a nice BJ would be in order. But, alas, my dang computer froze just as we were finalizing plans, I got back online 10-15 minutes later, and he was gone. An email didn't get returned, and I gave up. An hour passes, he emails back, apologizes that he had a work emergency, and couldn't make it.

Guess who pops up the following day, a day i am hungover, and barely able to type, let alone proposition anyone. He does all the work, and said he'd be over in 20 minutes! Shower, tidy up the pigsty (sometimes called PORNOLAND), pick out cockring, jockstrap, some shorts over them, and the buzzer rings (or is that buzzes?) When he gets into the kitchen, his hair all freshly buzzed, looking better than I remembered, and a few quick kisses as we come into my bedroom. His cock quickly thickens, and once again seems bigger than I had remembered, but I managed to stuff it all in (somehow). We crawled onto the bed, and I remembered just how nice his ass is. He doesn't buzz or trim his pubic hair, and his ass is lightly hairy - we had joked online that he hadn't seen me in a beard (meaning it's been more than 2 years!) but we'd have to try it out on his ass. Not sure who was having more fun at this point, but it did seem half my head was up his ass! He pulled away at one point, panting, and said "you sure you don't like fucking, can't you try, just for me?" Hmmmmm. No, I know better, it wouldn't work, but I certainly appreciated the compliment; a bit more mutual cocksucking, and then I guided him to squat down on my face. My god, I thought the man was going to suffocate me! He was getting into this almost too much, as I was having difficulty breathing, but it did the trick, so to speak. Finally collapsing in out sweat and cum, we chatted a few minutes before he managed to find his clothes on the floor, and I led him to the door.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

...going back into the warmth of my bed....... out late, loud, fun, smokey, and it's cold in my apartment. I found this funny image yesterday, thought it was cool, there's a brief story behind it, but too sleepy now. someone wake me at 5pm so I can get to work.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

like i need another jockstrap
- - VINTAGE mesh pouch SWIMMER JOCKSTRAP - - damn! can't decide if it would be more fun wearing it, or burying my face in it while a volunteer wears it for me.......

Monday, January 03, 2005

old reliable

Maybe scruffy tattooed str8 guys from the 80's isn't your scene, but ya gotta appreciate all the years of hard work David Hurles put into photographing, videotaping, and audiotaping these men. I was thinking about this because a fellow eBay seller, retrorevivals, has a handful of these videotapes for sale (I've bought from, and sold to this great eBayer), and figured I'd throw together a bunch of random pics. Mr. Hurles himself occasionally still sells on eBay (search for seller DHURLES), but his website Old seems to have been this blank page for years now - what's with that? You can find some info at this old badpuppy page, but if you are really serious about seeing some of this man's work - my pals at BIJOU VIDEO have craploads of his stuff on their site. Some brief background info is only the beginning - they've also managed to load a bazillion pages from the OLD RELIABLE CATALOGUES, and if you hunt around enough, you'll even find the e-postcards, which you can send with not only a nekkid str8 man, but also with dirty audio clips! And of course, they don't do this just out of the goodness of their hearts (although if you've ever corresponded with them, you know they are interested in preserving our porn history) they do have some OLD RELIABLE stuff for sale, so check that out, too.