Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Ed "Muscle Daddy" Schrock
Remember the anti-gay, but closeted gay, married congressman? - Virginia G.O.P. Congressman Pulls Out! and of course, BlogActive has more details (including the Congressman's M4M sex ad).

Monday, August 30, 2004

do it now

swoony Guggenheim fetish

Grabs the World by the Throat

Love the sinner, hate the sin, love the fundraising
''the radical homosexual lobby''

Sounds like something from one of those Bravo "reality" re-decorating shows, eh?

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Four days of helicopters. Thursday night, on the way home, there was one in the sky above, and pointing some sort of "headlight" down. By the time I reached my block, looking up I couldn't see it clearly as the light was right in my eyes. Geez! Friday during the day I saw military helicopters, you know, those green "transporter" types, going down the length of Manhattan. I have to admit they are rather disturbing; they just revive those anxious feelings of 3 years ago when while you knew they were flying for your protection, it only made you worry what they were looking for down here to protect us from. This morning the skies are loud and full of them. No one but official police/military are allowed in the skies above Manhattan for the rest of the week. The big peace demo is forming across town, but I am here getting ready for work. I really thought I'd have no interest in participating, but last Thursday's ACT UP naked demo got me nostalgic. It seems that everyone I know is going (OK, those who are still in town) and I got this email this morning - "a mess of us are going to sheridan square to meet up with "the gays" around 11am. the whole shebang kicks off around noon." Even my roommate was up early and has already headed out.

Gosh, I wish I was there. As much as I hated the idea of that convention coming here, in a way we are lucky. We have the opportunity to show that despite the war, and the fear-mongering, and the terror-worries, we are still willing to get together and speak our minds. I'm praying for a huge turnout.


Saturday, August 28, 2004

......oww. hangover. must bathe and get to work (how often have I typed this at 10:30am on a Saturday?) these are from Monday, the last day I was able to discmanlisten to Medulla before my ears rebelled and the ringing began. i shoulda known better, but it was fun while it lasted.

Friday, August 27, 2004


Speaking of Al Parker (well, he got mentioned a few posts ago in passing, regarding his boyfriend, Steve Taylor, and his handsome face playing a wonderful supporting role in Steve Scott's Performance, but, once again, I digress) - where was I? Ah, Al Parker, one of my all-time faves, here in a simple gee I need to piss, as long as my schlong is out I may as well whack off scenario that we can all relate to. But while researching this clip (yes, I research this stuff, you think it's all stowed in this tiny brain?), I was surprised I wasn't able to find his co-stars names listed anywhere! Not even in Roger Edmonson's disappointing biography, Clone: The Life and Legacy of Al Parker Gay Superstar, did he even bother to try. I know this might seem minor, but considering one of Edmonson's recurring themes is the importance of Parker's relationship with his lover Richard Cole (aka Steve Taylor in his porn appearances) you'd think Edmonson would notice that it's Steve Taylor arresting Parker in this film - locking him up, then having sex with him in Part 2 of the film! In his description of the film, he says TWO cops arrest Parker, then have sex with him. You'd think you'd take a look at some of the films if you are doing a biography of someone who's claim to fame is his film work, eh? Ugh, I could go on, but I'll spare ya. And the other lucky fucker in the movie, also uncredited, is of course Will Seagers (aka Matt Harper). Now boys, don't hold your breath for me to show a clip of the threesome, but try to enjoy this Parker solo.

partisan cocksucking
OnlineHost: *** You are in "Town Square - m4m nyc now". ***

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

yes, it will hold wood
6 days of enjoying my official MEDULLA CD (it comes out Aug 30/31st); and here's a promo CD of the yet-to-be-released single OCEANIA that features a version with some chick named KELIS.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Is the Homosexual My Neighbor? - A Positive Christian Response. Just a hunch, but something tells me "Christians" would be more interested in a book entitled "Is My Neighbor A Homosexual?"
(gl)ass flying
So, you're in a bar, hanging out with friends and drinking. Suddenly your drink falls out of your hand, the glass hits the ground and sends ice and broken pieces of glass flying across the floor. Do you:
  • a) try to pick up the broken bits of glass?
  • b) alert a bartender or bouncer that there's broken glass on the floor?
  • or c) kick the broken pieces across the floor?

If you picked c) - you must be the asshole who kicked his broken glass towards me last night, then after seeing my glare, tried to explain that you didn't realize you were kicking it towards anyone.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

OK, I'll bite - anyone think this allegation is true? (Married, Republican) "Congressman Ed Schrock has made a habit of rendezvousing with gay men via the MegaMates/ MegaPhone Line, an interactive telephone service on which men place ads and respond to those ads to meet each other." The post (thanks to gregunderwater for the link) offers no proof, just that he's heard this, and based on what he's heard,believes it. I have mixed feelings about OUTING, as I imagine many do. My main objection, however, isn't so much that it's private info (and therefore none of my, or the rest of the public's business), but that often it's information about someone who I'd rather didn't become one of the few well-known gays. Like former NYC mayor Ed Koch, who for years folks have been saying he's gay - EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! - the day he announces he's coming out of the closet is the day I'm going back in! And then there's this congressman, who's a co-sponsor of the Federal Marriage Amendment. Hell, who am I to say he's being inconsistent or hypocritical? Even if the cruisingforgaysex allegations are true, that only means he wants gaysex, not that he wants to marry a man! Will be interesting, though, if the guy comes up with some proof, as his site offers none, just some vagueness about maybe sorta having some soon.

Monday, August 23, 2004

And the OSCAR for best cameo performance in a porno film goes to....


..... clearly it goes to Al Parker's boyfriend Steve Taylor in this clip. The film is simple: show some pornstars/dancers prepping for a live performance interview, performing at an interview, then live on stage and invite a few porn celebs like Al Parker, Val Martin, etc., to watch. So during this clip we have wonderfully reliable Derrick Stanton dancing and stroking to the Clash's "Magnificent Seven" on stage while an occasional audience member gives a hand (or mouth). Meanwhile, in the men's room, three men are missing the performance and engaging in their own little show. But as good as Derrick is, where would he be without bearded Steve Taylor at the climax of this scene? Something like if you jerk off in the forest without a face, do you cum? hmmm, ... er, whatever, just roll the tape.

directed by: Steve Scott (1981)

Starring: Nick Rodgers, Melchor (listed as Mel Chor), Shawn Victors, Jim King (aka J.W. King), Derrick Stanton, Chris Kopay, Bob Moore, Dean Barey, Tony Vose, Kurt Jacobs, and introducing Steve "12" York and Le Cocq. With Steve Taylor, Al Parker, Val Martin and Steve Scott in cameos.

Not to worry, this ain't not gonna turn into bj's gay bjork-crazed ramblings, despite being the first kid on my block to have a copy of her Medúlla in my hands (it will be released in the States Aug 31st), and nearly breaking my eardrums this weekend listening on the forbidden discman to the disc over and over and over again. Stay tuned for porn.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Friday, August 20, 2004



Subj: advice
Date: 8/18/04 10:43:48 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: papa156@XXXmail.com
To: bjland7820@XXX.com

Hi, I need advice how to get in touch with the porn filmmaker in london

......not sure i am comfortable annointing anyone THE porn filmaker....

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Have I ever mentioned how close I came to the Gold?

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Current obsessions are Bjork's upcoming release, as well as the whole McGreevey "Gay American" thing. I'm spending hours and hours searching the Bjork.com's 4UMs for leaked songs, videoclips, artwork for the album, etc. And then there's the McGreevey thing, and while I would never ever buy the N Y Post or even the DAILY NEWS - when each had the same front page pic of the Gay Gov and his alleged lover, in tuxedos, on the cover (looking very SAME SEX MARRIAGE-y), I had to grab the issues Saturday and read every stupid article. Last night, I am leaving work and on the television the news is live, in Israel, hounding the Gov'e ex-lover! It's insane! But the one little thing that made me laugh the most (I know there is a lot more to this than entertainment, but what the heck) is some of the coverage of McGreevy's wife. I'm thinking, the poor thing, all this in public, and I do honestly feel bad for her. So anyway, the N Y Post sends a "journalist" to investigate what she was doing the day before the resignation announcement - and she was, of course, at the hair salon. I mean, you're gonna be on TV, look your best, right? But the nasty post felt it was important to share this tidbit of info on the poor woman - "The second Mrs. McGreevey had her hair done and got her eyebrows and upper lip waxed." OUCH! I mean, leave the poor woman alone, telling us she got her hairy upper lip waxed!

Monday, August 16, 2004

Not much of a 'weekend' guy, as I work both Saturday and Sunday, but I have to say that despite screwing up the one thing I planned on enjoying (seeing some out-of-town friends), it was pretty good. Somehow I got mixed up about who would call, or meet where, or whatever, and wound up home til about 1 am on Friday. By then I was ready to bust, and began to dress to head out for a beer. But once two cockrings and a jockstrap encased my crotch, I realized I wasn't heading to a bar. I hadn't been to the local sexclub in 6-7 weeks, having not renewed my membership and sort of challenging my self to hold out as long as possible, as I was getting weary of the routine.

I soon saw my twosome pals, who I'd met a long time ago there and think about a lot, but know that there, I need to let them do their thing, and if it happens with them, great; but if not, just make sure I'm not turning away other possibilities. (But we did exchange nice kisses, friendly crotch tugs, and assgrabs) And later the young man in the red clingy underwear seemed to want some time with me, so I returned his cute smile with my own.

Saturday was tough, learning early on that my 11 hour doubleshift was going to turn into a 13-hour day. The highlight of course was finishing Annie Lenox's Corona. But being a good boy, I put the half-drunk beer on ice, as my shift had another 90 minutes to go, and I can't work and have even an ounce of alcohol in me. But once I got my money cashed out, I relaxed, and it tasted good (the rest of the staff gawked, but it also made them giddy with laughter). So I decided I would stay for a large frozen margarita. I plopped myself in one of the window seats with a book, the drink, and watched the rain fall.

Sunday, work, and I kinda sorta knew all day long that I would most likely wind up at the sexclub, and headed there around 11. Very very slow, not many guys, few I had an interest in, and even fewer who had any interest in me. But I didn't get bummed out about it, just tried to enjoy watching, which I do enjoy (live porn!). Then a tall guy appeared, clearly having just arrived, and one of the few with any facial hair, and he had a goatee and thick thick moustache. MMMMMMMmmmmmm. Even if he only lets me watch, I gotta. When I found him, he was already involved, so I stood close by, watching the two men fondle each other's cocks, and each had a left hand on the other's right nipple. Soon it looked mechanical, and it was almost as if both were too polite to stop, waiting for the other to break it off. When that happened, I was too shy to move over, and another guy stood by moutacheman; again with the cock stroking, nipple tugging, and again it looked mechanical. But mustachman pushed his new pal down, onto his huge cock. He pushed his cock in, and his hands down on the guy's head to the sound of gagging. Needless to say my own cock was throbbing and out of my jock. He reached over, cupping my balls. His pal still giving a valiant effort, but gagging sounds were a bit distracting. Mustacheman someone bent over and got a bit of my cock in his mouth as he tugged hard on my balls. OWWWohhhahhhhhh, eeeeeOWWWoh! I can't say I didn't like it, bordering on pain but just enough pleasure to keep the OWWs to a minimum and the mmmmmmmm's registering high. Soon the guy on his knees got bored with not getting enough attention, and me moved along. At this point we stood directly facing each other, I tugged gently at his chinhair, and his mouth moved in for our first sloppy kiss. As I wrapped my hand around his neck, I tugged on this hanky/kerchief thing that was pale in color, but darker than white.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

mmmmmm, balls and beer; does it get any better?

Saturday, August 14, 2004

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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Yup, I'm Gay
New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey (D) Resignation Announcement

All silliness aside, watching the full announcement, it's rather moving.

Computer crashed 3 times today while I was trying to scan some old magazine pics (and unless you plan on giving me the money for a MAC, I don't wanna hear nothing from you MACfreaks), and I am now irritated and grumpy. Not to meantion this mess of magazines strewn all over the pornroom (aka bedroom), all out of any sort of order they might have been in before I started the search for anything decent of Peter Fisk. Alas, nothing of his beautiful tattooed forearms. And now having spent all that time in old In Touch magazines, I am craving some of the tacky tee-shirts they were hawking. But I lost the scans for them! GRRRRRRR!

I need to stop falling alseep while I'm still in an M4Mchatroom
Htmanwtd [9:03 AM]: morning
Htmanwtd [9:07 AM]: i liek your file

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

COCK still open
Some cute skinny boy pushes past me, but does say "excuse me" as he finds a spot on the couch in the dark. I'm still standing, watching a couple guys whacking off, another guy kneeling on the dirty floor with his mouth in someone's crotch. Skinnyboy manages to get the attention of someone rather quickly, and his fly is unzipped, his cock yanked out. His suitor strokes and whacks, and eventually goes down on him. Meanwhile, I get closer, pull mine out, and watch as I try to get some life into my meat. Of course, it's blocked off back here, we're not supposed to be here, but it's after 3, and the bartenders are busy with the crowd up front. There's maybe 12 of us, half have our cocks out as the others watch, grabbing their own crotches, or a neighbor's. Skinnyboy is now pushing down hard with his hands on blowjobman's head, and his knee is pressing up into my balls. I'm getting some fullness in my hand, as his leg is pushing harder. Some guy comes along and pulls out a huge piece of meat as he stands along side of me, moving in close enough that our thighs lightly touch. I grab it, it's humongous, and somehow through my drunken haze am smart enough to know that the 5 beers I've had will make it impossible for me to get back up again if I attempt kneeling, so I don't. He gets bored with just my hand, and walks off. Skinnyboy is still at it, and my cock is surprisingly hard at this point. With just the pressure of his knee pushing up under my balls, I whack away until.... splat. Ahhhhhhh. Oooops, someone's not happy, as he tries to push my body away with his knee, and then shifts his body on the couch, dislodging blowjobman from his work (don't worry, only temporarily). There's no point in attempting an apology. I mean, it's appoaching 4 am, man, you should feel lucky to get my spunk on your thigh - or maybe I should have aimed higher. I leave the boys to finish up, stuff my stuff back in, and head into the light of the smokey bar.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Shit! gotta get to work in 4 minutes, and really want to take a shower. So I'll make this quick, The rumors about the COCK being shut down are untrue, and apparently baseless. But when I got an email last night, of course I had to investigate for myself. Damn, loud music, beer, cute young men and drunken aquaintances, not to mentin that adorable tall bartender who smiles just so sweetly as he hands me the Rolling Rock; so I'd have to say the place is still open for business. Only one WARNING! THIS PLACE IS JAM-PACKED WITH PICKPOCKETS sign was up (there's usually 4-5 posters), one urinal was completely gone, and the air conditioning wasn't on, but otherwise, fairly regular night. And all you trashy tourists who like to come to NYC and slum it downtown, just remember, the backroom is only open one night a week, Sunday, 10 bucks and you can get slammed and pushed by all the frat boys you can fit in a 12 x 12 room. Otherwise, there hasn't been backroom action on a non-Sunday in years. Got it?

Monday, August 09, 2004

I go this awful headache, and this thing i gotta get done today, so getoutahere and check out a pal's photos - pride canal.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

fave email this week: "that was fucking hot! we want to see more of the hairy guy doing the licking and sucking."

Saturday, August 07, 2004

no fats or fames
El yo-yo es grande!

Friday, August 06, 2004

Qu’est-ce que c'est ce bear est fou de porno. miam.?

Thursday, August 05, 2004


aka "The Leather Bond"

directed by: Arch Brown (1975)

Starring: Kristoffer Streate, Myerson Grant, Robby Peterson, Larry Quill and Anton Lewis.

I know next to nothing about this film, but the clip is kinda hot. I suspect that the name of the film may have been changed by the early 80's to The Leather Bond because many states, and well as the Federal government, were starting to crack down on the home video business, and BOUND must've seemed like 'illegal' depiction of bdsm. Reviews of the film from the 80's often comment on the lack of any leather or bondage, making me wonder if those scenes were ultimately deleted for the home video market.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Last night I had hoped to grab a few cheap beers, listen to the dj, get lost in my own thoughts about the various strangers who I hoped would be stumbling around the same bar. August in New York, it's hot, muggy, and most folks (but me) seem to manage to escape the city. I was there for all of 15 seconds, hadn't even gotten my beer, when an arm wrapped around my head pulled me towards him. Ah, one of the two men I had spent Gay Pride day/night with. He was out solo, boyfriend out of town, and just about to leave. So handsome, so sweet. I've thought about that night many times in the weeks since then, fascinated by my attraction to a pair, wondering often about something more, yet knowing there can't be a lot more there. Anyway, his hugs were fantastic, and genuinely affectionate. And on what started as a lonely Gay Pride Day, they were generous with their time and affections, and I didn't feel like singleguy with couple, but more like luckyguy with two good friends. But soon we were interrupted by more friends of his - and he kept protesting that he had to leave. One of the pals was someone who had given me his number/email, but never returned my flattering email I sent him the next day. As my pal was leaving, as were many others, and the crowd grew thin, I realized I would be stuck there with the idea of rejection hanging over my head. We did say hi, he mentioned the email, but in a sort of sheepish without explanation other than "I got it" as he nervously trailed off to talk to other friends.

Ugh, what was the point of this? I finished up the second beer, took a look around and saw only about 12 people in the bar, and fled. No, I didn't run out the door, but just knew it was time to go, that I wished the fantastic hug and handsome face of the first guy hadn't been spoiled by the silliness of worrying about the presence of some young guy who only gave me his number cuz he was drunk.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004


I may wind up regretting this, but what the hell. I suppose it's time to give up on that dream of becoming a Supreme Court Justice, or a run for Congress. And I suppose it's no secret that I love a man's balls in my mouth, so an actual clip of a pair dangling over my chin can't hurt, right? But in case there was any doubt that I do love balls, let he who is still in doubt after viewing this be the first to shove his hairy, sweaty, cum-filled balls down my throat.

So, I was able to find the missing HI-8 tape that had bits and pieces of footage of me with fellow jockstrapped buddies - but alas, now the vidcam isn't working! I found this clip on an old CD I burned with various bits of pornovideo, sometime before I learned how to hook up the sound. Feel free to provide your own sound effects, if you are so inclined.

Monday, August 02, 2004

How 'bout that? I didn't plan on posting a home movie clip, but I was desperate to post something before I ran off to work yesterday morning, and found those poor-quality stills (posted below). But thanks for all the emails (both of you) asking for a clip of me in action. I tried - really, I tried - to find the old HI-8 tapes where those shy local boys allowed me to record some oral fun together (no faces, but fun nonetheless). But alas, I've spent several hours fast-forwarding and rewinding thru tapes of me solo, and the birds on my windowsill the past few springs, (and it's a bit disturbing to see both within seconds of each other) and can't find any of the 'home movies'. Meanwhile, above are some not-to-be-shown-on-eBay magazine images from stuff I'm selling on eBay. (clicking on a pic will take you to a page with 3 larger versions of the pics) It's a pretty good magazine featuring "action photos" from the 1982 film HUGE 1 which has 3 great 'loops' - 2 with the amazing Lee Ryder, and one with underrated and underappreciated Joe Reeve (he's the one relaxing on his motorcylce).

Sunday, August 01, 2004

home movies