Friday, January 31, 2003

friday five
a little bit of housekeeping, or rather, random things that just can't be made to fit into any sort of unifying theme:

  • to view video clips on my page here, you need Windows Media Player, and this link should take you to a page that reads your operating system and browser, and tells you which download you need - but some MAC people still have problems (something needs to be tweeked, but I don't know what, sorry!)
  • Do people really designate certain clothes as "club" clothes?
  • If you advertise a $200.00 item as "jock worn", aren't we entitled to at least one pic of the alleged jock wearing the darn thing?
  • Can you guess what this gentleman got for Chritmas?
  • There's a beautiful photograph here, but I can't read what is says, can someone tell me?
  • machomen
  • Nippleplay.Com is back up (yeah!)
  • 2 men who asked for the VELCRO COCKRING, have emailed me that they have received it, and are working on their submission (yeah!)
  • My days at Cruisetool are numbered. The amount of "hey, aren't you that guy with the 70's porno rambling site" e-mails are far outnumbering the "hey, that's a nice mouth, mind if I try?" e-mails - oh well.
  • Thursday, January 30, 2003

    What The Big Boys Eat

    director: Jim West ( 1985 )

    The set-up for the film is the production of a TV commerical, or series of commericals, about a "hot stud" who does all sorts of butch things while eating his favorite breakfast cereal. After that I'm not too sure how each scene fits in. Like this one takes place at a trucker hotel. Paul Baressi is enjoying a dirty magazine when he hears noise in the next room, and discovers a little peep hole. He then proceeds to whack off while watching J. D. Slater get it on with mustached partner Judd. The sound quality isn't so good, but other than some music plus some decent grunts and groans, there's nothing much to listen to, just enjoy Slater pounding Judd, and Barresi in his tube socks.

    hmmm, I guess I greatly overestimated the number of people who read my posts, er, who want to see Paul Barresi whack off while watching J. D. Slater thru a peephole. I just didn't think it would be so hard to get 10 responses. Boohoo.

    I'm sorry, somewhere around "how it changes the dynamic of not just the room between my ........" I got lost in my own little "let's play house" fantasy.

    This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

    Wednesday, January 29, 2003

    Ok, we can all admit that most of the time that we go thru our lil lists of blogpages to read with our coffee, we just skim. And some of us with our own pages, knowing this, resort to linking to other bloggers, either in a good way, or in a tacky way, just to grab some attention. But just because I suspect skimming on the part of some readers, I'm not gonna resort to pointing out two men i love who both posted the same Jeff Stryker Poop You In The Popper post last week, or even give you a hint that both their names start with a "J" and end with an "O" - that would be sooooo tacky; as would pointing out how posting about Jeffy's foray into country music is just soooo 2002. You probably wouldn't be reading this if you hadn't tried, in vain, to click the above Paul Barresi pics hoping to get a video clip of one of our favorite st8 hairy daddy porn stars. But, seeing as I am still aching in the head while my tooth-hole heals, I still need some sort of readership attention, so here's the deal: I have a cool lil Paul Barresi jack-off clip (I think every scene of him in a gay porno film is a solo whack-off, with the except of his fucking that woman in L A Tool & Die, and his dildo-pounding of poor lil Chris Burn's butt in Men of the Midway) - but once again, I digress. Many of you know that I sell stuff on eBay, and while I am not asking you to actually buy something, today's "game" is if I get a mere 10 people to look at my auctions and email me a list of 3 items they saw for sale, then I post the Paul Barresi clip that the above stills are taken from. It's actually a kind a cool scene, as he is a trucker in a trucker hotel, alone, but hears the men in the next room making some noise, and he finds a peephole, and whacks it while watching the pair ( J D Slater, no slouch himself in the hairy dad and another gentleman) go at it in the next room. Of course, the scene itself is 20+ minutes, so I had to pick a 4-minute portion of it.

    Got it? Check out my auctions on eBay, then e-mail me with 3 items I have up for sale, and if only10 of you nice folks do that, we all get to see a nice hairy man grab his stuff and stroke til he shoots - isn't that reasonable?

    "Whispers...your total suburban gay disco experience."

    I got this cool email yesterday (or monday?) from someone who apparently moved to NYC about the same time as me, and remembers some of the same cool stuff about the neighborhood in the 80's. My tooth was yanked early yesterday, I'm real hazy, and the pain and fuzziness of the pain-killer alternate. But that line from Hapi Phace made me laugh so hard when the guy recalled it in his email, I had to share it. But it was really the way she said it - "Whispers" - so silly, so fun....

    Meanwhile, this tooth-thang has slowed my pace of auctioning, but somehow, the drugs were strong enough to make me ignore the pain, but not too strong to prevent me from snapping a few pics of a Men On The Net.Com t-shirt I had acquired at this porno convention of sorts.

    Tuesday, January 28, 2003

    eBay pubes

    ouch, ouch, ouch!

    Yup, gotta get a tooth pulled this morning. Man, what pain, and these pills ain't doing much. So much pain, I haven't even had a chance to think about what I won't be able to do with my mouth for awhile....

    Monday, January 27, 2003

    T - A - DOUBLE B - OOOOH!

    I should be talkin' about last night's final night at STAR TARTARE, and how fantastic TABBOO! was, but......

    owwwwww! No, not a hang-over - I wish! I woke up around 4:30 this morning to the worse pain I've had in a long time - a friggin' toothache. I did the wrong thing, something I remember Mom saying 30-40 years ago, "let the aspirin dissolve right on the tooth" - apparently that only aggravates certain kinds of tooth problems! Some months ago, a filling came out, and short on money, I did what I do about other things - set it aside to worry about it another time. And I've had minor toothaches since then - which would last a short while - but this morning's is the worst pain I can remember experiencing, ever! (I admit to being a big baby about such things, so maybe it's not as bad as the 3 times cars have hit me in NYC traffic, or other such hurts) but for now, I can't even think about anything else. I have an appointment clear across town on the coldest day of the year (although it seems for weeks now, each day has been the coldest), and it's a gay dental office. Two ex's of mine go there, and like it. And the last dentist I saw, several years ago and conveniently located in the neighbrohood, just talked too damn much! So, despite the long trek across town (ugh - subways!), I'm hoping they can just quickly yank a few things out of my mouth and put me out of my misery.

    Sunday, January 26, 2003

    smooth talker

    ".....was clearing out old emails, and looked for your AOL pic - which is larger and easier to read than the version on CRUISETOOL - yeah, I remember that we talked, but I don't remember the specifics. maybe you'll have to let me try out my new digital camera... "

    Saturday, January 25, 2003

    I'm hoping to begin 6 weeks of solid cleaning-house-selling-anything-and-everything, and if I have to throw in a few stray pubic hairs to get a dollar or two, well, um, - YEAH, actually!

    OK, maybe for you guys with HUGE MONITORS (and I won't ask why you need them so big....) this guy's page works - but for me and my lil 15-incher (13.9 in real life - ain't that always the case) this is a real frames nightmare - click on "My nude pictures" and you'll know what I mean.

    Speaking of nude pictures, how can someone say in their CRUISETOOL profile that he's into RAUNCH, then list under Turn-offs - "bad hygiene" - I mean, what the hell is raunch if not bad hygiene - or am I showing my naivete' again? Maybe it's a problem with these pre-formatted checklists, like muscles/muscle worship is one choice. Muscles are nice and all, but I gotta meet you before I know if I'm gonna worship you, and it usually has little to do with your muscles (ok, maybe with the muscle....) but you know what I mean.

    Friday, January 24, 2003

    tacky, tacky, tacky - posting two pics in the same outfit in the same week! But I just posted this Italian designer swimsuit on my favorite auction site, and earlier today got a compliment about my armpits (I had sent the gentleman a self-pic, and he emailed back something to the effect "if you blow that picture up 400%, your armpit appears lifesize on the computer monitor" - I think that's a compliment - he wasn't speaking hypothetically, was he?) Anyway, I'm trying to be careful, and not post pics on my favorite auction site that show how excited I get when I wear these swimming trunks that were so generously donated some months back - I mean, believe me, if I didn't get excited, you'd see this air-bulge, as the previous owner left perma-bulges in all the gear he sent, so I'm just trying to show the suits off to thier best advantage (and to get the most $$$$$, right?) But. alas, I haven't sold one yet for even 10 bucks, so I guess tha makes me a cheap eBay-Ho, doesn't it? (Did I mention the original pic is 762kb's? - huge - but not quite lifesize - that would be really tacky, no?)

    Erotikus - A History of the Gay Movie

    "Monte added to his already growing popularity by giving his cock to the audience"

    director: Tom DeSimone - (1975)

    Documentary narrated by Fred Halsted (who's sometimes "off" reading skills are offset by his looks - great freakish long hair and big sideburns offset by a well-muscled bod), includes clips from early posing muscle-boys films, through the first commerical films featuring male nudity in the 60's to the hard-core films of the early/mid 70's. This clip shows a few moments of Apollo model Ed Fury, then a more loving look at AMG (Athletic Model Guild) model Monte Hansen. There's a lot more great stuff from this film, which I was lucky to be loaned a fuller version of recently (90 minutes, as opposed to my own 54-minute version - probably due to concerns over the use of popular music in some of the early 70's flicks like Confessions of a Male Groupie), but I think this gives a good perspective of where things were by the late 60's, and I'll have more, of course, coming soon!

    Thursday, January 23, 2003

    I'm working on getting a clip for Friday from Tom DeSimone's Erotikus - A History of the Gay Movie, a fantastic documentary from 1975. But I need a little encouragment. Actually, there are several bits I hope to post over the next couple of weeks, but this one has some 60's stuff that's fun.

    OK, this listing on MOTHERBOARDS for Star Tartare is more helpful (thanks, Jeff).

    I'm having a helluva time finding appropriate linkage for this major event - the Return of TABBOO! to the stage! I suppose I could just run upstairs and bang on his door and ask for some info on what he plans to do (a neighbor of mine, he was the first to say, as he descended the stairs some 9 years ago as I was moving in, "WELCOME!"), but I'd rather be surprised. I have a feeling it'll be a big event, as some of the old Pyramid crowd (I'm talking 80's crowd, not "1984" crowd) will no doubt show up at Star Tartare this Sunday night. WOO-HOO! (Anyone else remember Sunday Night's Whispers hosted by Hapi Phace?)

    Well, this pic is kinda cool.

    Wednesday, January 22, 2003

    eBay's getting all weird on me again - cancelled my black swimsuit auction - and as usual, the reason was as vague as can be. So, I emailed, and patiently waited for a response -

    "Wording unrelated to the actual swimsuit itself is extraneous and will cause an auction to be ended. In other words, the previous owner of the swimsuit is completely irrelevant and has nothing to do with the suit itself. (note: I mentioned that the previous owner had removed the lining) Furthermore, although your auction was not ended this time for this reason, you will really want to be careful in future listings with regards to the images used." - Like, um, be careful about what? .... oh, showing a woody thru thin nylon material? Why couldn't she just say that, ferchrissakes?!

    In other news - well, not news, but it's my bi-monthly apology for being behind in responding to emails. I suddenly remembered that someone asked me something, and he needed to know by the 17th, so his email is somewhere buried before the 17th; I'll dig it and others out tonight while watching TV and cruising online for sex - oh, and to "Jaime" who keeps writing asking how to get into transgender films - sorry, I haven't been in a transgender film since the 70's, all of my connections have died, or retired, sorry I can't help ya.

    Hmmpf. I didn't drink, nor smoke any dope last night, so why am I hungover? I did have rather intense sex at House of Regrets, surprisingly good sex, in fact. The sort of "woah this is too intense don't stop whatever you say sir" kinda sex (probably the aroma of his leather gear is what drew me in......) and funny, I was just instant messaging some guy who's pic was of these HUGE nipples - I mean, like mini penises on his chest, I was fascinated. And then I spent about an hour looking at other nipple-y men at I spent the whole day basically looking for an online hook-up, which is pretty stupid as I rarely meet anyone that way, so by midnight I was about to burst. I got dressed, and hopped on my bike in this 19 degree weather, and paced around House of Regrets for over an hour before the man in leather's grab-grab slap-slap on his crotch was obviously meant to get my attention, and I accepted the invitation to join him in his dank, dark cubible. Ever have someone massage your throat while his too-fat cock is forcing its way down your throat? Quite a sensation. But we didn't get to that part in the first hour, as I probably spent the first 30 minutes making him squirm and wimper alternating my fuzzy face attached to each nipple.

    oh yeah, regarding the velcro cockring give-a-way mentioned below. I don't know why i said "explicity telling me WHY".... - you don't have to send me a dirty email - just give me a decent reason to spend the 49 cents in postage. Speaking of, I did mail out my second one to a guy out West, a redhead in fact, so that promises to be interesting.

    Tuesday, January 21, 2003

    velcro cockring give-a-way

    Ok, finally (sorta) getting my act together about the velcro cockring giveaway - if you want to be one of 5 participants, this is what you have to do:

    • e-mail me - explicity telling me WHY you think you deserve this freebie
    • promise that you will, within 2 weeks of receipt of the cockring, email me back a good pic wearing it (yourself, your boyfriend, a trick, etc) AND/OR a description of when/how you liked using it (or didn't like it) - the important thing is to be reasonably concise, but vivid ("the damn thing couldn't hold the weight of my massive meat, so I gave up" "I finally got up the nerve to go to one of those porno boothstores just outside of town, and this guy pushed his way into my booth, unzipped, and I thought - 'gee, let's see how BJ's velcro cockring looks on this guy'")
    • provide a valid U.S. mailing address
    note: I will not reveal the identity or homepage/blog of anyone who asks, and/or wins, unless YOU tell me you want it - the anonymity might just help you make it more interesting, but it will be your choice to make. ASS-uming I get more than 5 requests, please don't take it personally if you don't get win one. P.S. to the eager beaver who emailed his shipping address over a week ago - yes, "it's in the mail"

    Monday, January 20, 2003

    On the day dedicated to reflect on how Dr. King inspired and uplifted our nation's conscience, it's great to see PBS airing this documentary - Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin tonight, January 20, 10 p.m. EST. - about a man who inspired, and worked closely with King. "Rustin's commitment to pacifism and his visionary advocacy of Gandhian nonviolence made him a pioneer in the 1940s, and captured King's imagination in the 1950s. In 1963, with more than 20 years of organizing experience behind him, Rustin brought his unique skills to the crowning glory of his civil rights career: his work organizing the historic March on Washington, the biggest protest America had ever witnessed.... Though he had to overcome the stereotypes associated with being an illegitimate son, an African American, a gay man and a one-time member of the Communist Party, Rustin - the ultimate outsider - eventually became a public figure and respected political insider." I won't be able to watch tonight, unfortunately - but a pal is taping it, and it's being re-run on the 24th here in NYC.
    ...... the aspirin seem to be working, as the headache portion of the hangover is gone, but that slight beer-induced feeling is still here. And, the best part? Remembering that at 4am I was brave enough to say, as the handsome man who was kissing me goodnight was about to leave - "hey, this is where you ask me for my phone number" - we had no paper or pen, so I told him I'd try to memorize his number, and after he left, I nabbed the bartender and got a pen, calling the man's answering machine a few minutes later, gushing god-knows-what, but at least I did it. He has one of those faces that you love putting a smile on, so, um, cross your fingers for me, eh?

    Sunday, January 19, 2003

    No white truck. It's not always there when I get to work on Sunday mornings, and when I go down to the basement, I see the guys working on what must be going to the other restaurants. A bit later, while setting up for my shift, I can see the truck across the street, through the little opening to my left that leads into the restaurant proper, through the large plate-glass windows. While making bags (fascinating, isn't it? - I learned in college Lit class to use lots of tedious details to bring the reader in...) - while making bags, you know, stuffing a large paper bag into a plastic handled bag, then folding and flattening in a pile, I often space out staring into the kitchen. That's how it happened many weeks ago, when I saw Eyebrow Man with his face in the whipped cream. Well, looking at a certain angle, I can see the exit from the kitchen, which is only a few feet from the back door. Between the back door and the kitchen is the stairs to the basement, where the workers do all the prep work each morning. I can't see the stairs or the exit, but I can see the sunlight coming in through the door, past where the stairs are, reflecting against a wall. This is how I can tell they are loading the truck. I can even see shadows against that wall, but no people. I see a glimpse of a plaid shirt, but quickly realize that's one of the guys from the kitchen downstairs that I said hi to earlier. This goes on for a while, I get some call-in orders, and figure he'll come in and say "hey" at some point. But then I notice the truck moving, and it's making a turn which would give me a better, though brief, view as it passes. As it quickly goes by, I see the kid, the helper, in the passenger seat, but the driver doesn't look like Eyebrow Man. Like I said, it goes by fast, but still, I don't see the telltale beard, but at the same time can't figure out who it could be. Hmmmpf. Several hours later, I realize the truck (and it's usual adorable fuzzy contents) haven't returned to the store. Before I know it, it's 5pm, time to clock out and come home to my lonely apartment and wait for the other highlight of my Sundays, the Simpsons.

    pre-empted by Something About Mary? There's a sad joke in there somewhere, but I ain't in the mood.

    The usual last night - took some food home from work, ate it while TV and web-surfing late into the night, and that's about it - sheesh! But, tonight at least I have plans that ought to be more fun - "SWEETIE'S BIRTHDAY BASH!!!! Confirmed performances by LISA JACKSON, HRH PRINCESS DIANDRA, ROSE WOOD and the list continues to swell." - at Star Tartare.

    Saturday, January 18, 2003

    ........ speaking of eBay - how 'bout those USED SMELLY Ralph Lauren Boxer's?

    well, how's the digital lookin'? Trying another swimsuit auction, and on the auction page, some pics are from the new digital camera, some are from the old film camera - see if you can tell the difference.

    Friday, January 17, 2003


    director: Peter de Rome; from the 1973 release, The Erotic Films of Peter de Rome

    Peter de Rome's first public showing of one of his Super 8 films was at the First International Wet Dream Film Festival in Amsterdam, and he won Best Short for Hot Pants (in 1971 or '72). Soon after that he was introduced to Jack Deveau, who had just started his own production company, Hand In Hand Films, and was putting the finishing touches on his first feature-length film, Left-Handed. After seeing several of his films, Jack asked de Rome what he planned to do with them - de Rome replied "oh nothing - they were just made for fun." Deveau was sure that they could be successful commerically, and suggested blowing them up to 16mm, and putting the shorts together as something like The Erotic Films of Peter de Rome (which is how it was released in April of 1973, first shown at the Lincoln Art Theater on 57th St. in Manhattan). After offering to be de Rome's producer, they agreed on several of the shorts to include, and also decided to make two new ones to round out the collection. He decided to try a fantasy he had thought about frequenlty - cruising and having sex on the NYC subway. They did most of the cruising shots in the morning, during rush hour, and the sex scenes mostly later that same night, with the final fuck on the F train going to Queens. The most basic of plots - a young hippie-type boards a subway train, spots a clean-cut executive-type, smiles are exchanged, crotches are furtively rubbed, etc. The actors were apparently so into it, and each other, that they were oblivious to the doors opening at the West 4th St station, trousers at their ankles, going at it. This clip is most of the original film, but taken from the fantastic 1975 "documentary" Good Hot Stuff, which I think gives a pretty cool set-up at the onset.

    hmmm, no offers of sex, and slow-going to find the clip I hoped to show - although, now that I've finished watching all of the preview tape, I figure it just has to be on Good Hot Stuff - that must've been where Alvarez meant the de Rome clip of Underground was. Meanwhile, some footage from Left-Handed made me remember the scene Alvarez must've been referring to during our conversation when he said he was proud of his camerawork in a particular scene - wonderful overhead perspective of two men making love, legs intertwined, beautiful embrace.... ahhh, so fuckin' cool!
    uh oh - I'm finding myself watching every single preview on the Hand In Hand Preview Tape #1 - each preview better than the previous! Rough Trades and Hot House probably have the best combo of sex and music, but clips from Boynapped! and Drive are pretty fuckn' incredible, too! And I've only gotten thru the first 40 minutes!
    G'morning. Coffee's brewed. Cruisetool Ad (please have sex with me, PLEASE!!!) is posted, and I wanna pick a decent porn clip for later --- but It's just too tough! One I know I will post in the near future, but it may surprise you, as it is a clip from Confessions of a Male Groupie (1971) (which I'm 98% sure is from Tom DeSimone, and I can't believe it's not on my page about his work), and is a solo - from a woman! I found it while watching my borrowed copy of Erotikus , and it looks so amazing, a wonderfully joyous piece, good music, fantastic editing, etc. But, I also wanted to find the preview from one of Peter de Rome's films, as meeting Bob Alvarez the other day got me re-inspired to re-write my page on de Rome. Actually, when we talked about de Rome, Alvarez recommended that I use the preview clip from Hand In Hand's preview tape, as it's short enough for this page, and gives the essence of the short film, which was part of The Erotic Films of Peter de Rome (1973). If you had any idea how unorganized this apartment is, you wouldn't envy my self-assigned task.

    oh yeah, eBay auctions - buy something, eh?

    Thursday, January 16, 2003

    well, an interesting email this afternoon. An online gay/lesbian magazine is going to have 35 bloggers in their March issue, and asked for some info from me, including submitting a pic - any help in selecting one is appreciated - lemme know so I can get back to them by tomorrow. Trouble is, I go to their site, click on "TOP 101 GAY SITES" and there's only 71 sites listed! That's not a good sign. Oh wait, the first one I click on does the multiple-pop up thing ----- naw, in this case, I don't think I'll bother, nevermind.

    Going digital. Broke down and purchased a camera, under 200 bucks (thank you Circuit City for trusting me and my credit line). Haven't really gotten around to serious pic-taking yet, and of course, the first published one has to be a goofball goofing around at 2 a.m..

    I know the pic looks like one of the ones that I make fun of all the time on Cruisetool - speaking of, some guy emailed me earlier - "hey bj, love your blog, admire your bod, want your butt" - now, what makes him think my butt is available?? (to be honest, if you saw his bod and dick pics, your heels would be in the air, beleive me!)

    er, I guess this is cool

    Scroll way down, last item in the *** Porn Information, News and Reviews *** category for ManNet's The Best of the Web 2002: Gay Erotica, and look what's listed as 2002: Best Redesign Candidate (good content, clumsy design). - Well, at first I thought, "HUH?" - but I suppose if you come in through the front door, so to speak, you don't really get a clear pic of what these pages are - most of you seem to arrive either through this blog, or from a google search looking for something specific. So, maybe I'll have to give this "redesign" notion some thought; but yeah, it's cool to be recognized for CONTENT (and yeah, go look through the list, it was great to see that Paul Barresi has a website now!

    Wednesday, January 15, 2003

    Happy Birthday, and thank you.

    Tuesday, January 14, 2003

    "... both in on-going, and transitory relationships known as tricking. Remember that word, it'll be on the quiz."

    ahhhhh. Normally I'd give you a whole set-up to a clip, but basically you need to know it's 90% non-sex, and in my opinion, quite wonderful. There are a few moments of Jack Wrangler and Malo, but be warned, it's just to tease you, it's only a few moments.

    But, I just spent 2 hours chatting with Bob Alvarez, in his apartment on the Upper West Side (which is why the vid-clip sorta fits). I'm very excited, and so I may not make a lot of sense, but here goes. A few weeks (2months?) back, I got an email from him, saying he had been told by a pal that a pic of himself and his lover, director Jack Deveau was on the web, and he should check it out. (Alvarez did all the editing for Deveau's great films, as well as some camera work, etc. - I also have one short that Alvarez directed). Anyway, the short(ish) verison is that he was pleased by my meager webpages, and we exchanged a few emails, culminating in his invite to meet him in his home, or as he put it "the scene of the crime" (many of their movies were filmed in and around their apartment, including Rough Trades and Sex Magic). When the email invite came in, and I was ecstatic. I know most people would want to meet pornstars, but I was giddy at the chance to meet someone behind the scenes, who created gay films at a time when only porn depicted our lives, but in such a fun, endearing, matter-of-fact, and yet still erotic way. I was nervous, like, um, I'm just some guy with a hobby, and this is some guy who is a professional, and what the hell do I ask him, etc??!! But some good advise from friends about relaxing, just taking the conversation where it goes, don't worry about notes, or pre-formed questions - this calmed me, as well as my sense that Alvarez was perhaps not only being generous with his time, but that he would also enjoy the chance to talk about his work, and that of his lover and the team at Hand In Hand Films, to a "fan".

    Fast forward to me leaving his apartment a short while ago, huge smile on my face, and I get in the elevator, head buzzing with thoughts and ideas, having secured an invitation to come back, talk more, and let him know what I find out about a few things he asked about; then descend. The door opens up, I get out, and see all this construction going on in the building, renovations and painting and while I vaguely realize I'm not at the lobby, I immediately peer around corners, into open doors, and start imagining all sorts of sex scenes I'd want to film. (yes, I frequently have illusions ( or delisions) of being a pornfilm maker - ahhhh, if only!) But that's okay, the 2-hour chat was fantastic, and he seemed to have lots of questions for me, and YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! he wants to do a book, which was one of the few questions I knew I needed to ask. And he mentioned vague talks with the owner of Bijou Video about DVD's, and I tried to convey strongly that he really needs to pursue this, as there is a lot of interest out there, as well as the chance to have full, uncensored versions available, and perhaps additional tidbits. We talked about careful choice of music, careful editing of it and the film together, and how unfortunately music had to be changed when they came to release stuff on video, for fear of legal hassles. Director Peter de Rome may well still be around, but they haven't talked in about a year, so I hope he gets in contact with him soon, as those films have got to be releaed on DVD, too! Oh, and I asked actor Garry Hunt, and Alvarez's face lit up, and talked glowingly about how great he was (the lead in Ballet Down the Highway, as well as a few other porno films). And there's more, and I need to think;, and I'm already thinking about some sort of campaign to email/write Bijou Video to demonstrate the audience desire to get the Hand In Hand catalogue on DVD....... and more, and more....

    and did I mention the man is HOT! Good thing I can be fairly disciplined about that sort of thing, knowing I don't want to risk the chance to get to know him better, and talk more about this stuff by some failed goofy flirting (and he mentioned a lover, so, well, he's taken!) He says he's currently a personal trainer, and I made some bad joke, trying to flex my skinny arms, asking if he ever does it for free. Yes, I'm rambling now, but what a pleasure! - to have this chance, and to feel so at ease, and enjoy myself, and I'm fairly sure he got a kick out of it, too. And he lent me a videotape I've been trying to find a fuller version than the one I had (he brought it up, I wasn't that tacky - but he obviously read my WISH LIST ) - so now he has to let me come back to return it! WOO-HOO!

    grrrrrrrrrrrr, woke up later than I wanted, and need to get uptown for something rather exciting (not food, not sex, what could it be???). What that means to you is that I won't have this movie clip ready until late this afternoon or this evening, a very fun intro to the film The Boys of Riverside Drive.

    Monday, January 13, 2003

    No, I haven't forgotten the velcro cockring giveaway; but I've been a bit busy/distracted to put it together properly. Basically, I have a few, they don't seem to sell, but I'm willing to give them to guys who, in exchange for the free cockring, submit naughty pics and/or tales about wearing the velcro cockring to me, for publication here. Meanwhile, feel free to check out the auction page, as I am adding stuff all this week. I just spent the last hour riding across the Williamsburg Bridge, in both directions, and boy is my ass feeling all rock hard and sweaty! More biking/work to do, smell ya later!
    Thanks to all the wisenheimers who sent me links to $500.00 cameras last night and this morning. Kinda makes a poor guy feel, uh, poorer. But serious thanks to the man who sent me the link to the "history of .art files" It might sound boring, but it was quite informative, and more importantly, showed me how to convert them into .bmp's, then .jpg's. And for that, here's a glimpse of the torso I spooged on the other night.

    Sunday, January 12, 2003

    I need help, advice on a few scattered things, so email your 2 cents, please. I wanna get a digital camera because as much as I love the look of film, i'd like the instant gratification of digital primarily for auctioning and webpage stuff. Is it possible to get a decent one for 100 bucks (stop laughing, I'm serious). I have swimgear and underwear and cockrings I wanna sell over the next 2 months, cant afford the film and developing, and only have credit at Circuit City (stop laughing). another thing. How do I convert .art files into j-pegs. It seems as though MAC folks can never see .art pics I send them (they seem to only come to me as imbedded images thru AOL mail). My version of photoshop can't even open these files. Oh, I was visiting a friend of mine to see his fancy new MAC, but when we looked at my Ed Wiley page, only ONE image appeared! What's with that? It most definately has two pics, as I checked again as soon as I got home. Okay, scattered thoughts over, must find that humorous porn clip for posting on Tuesday.

    Saturday, January 11, 2003

    (laughing) Squatting over his crotch, he slapped his thick dick against my balls. I'm still rather bewildered that this furry hot man is clearly enjoying being with me, as his talk about my dick is making it rock hard and stand straight out. Now, I may have mentioned this before, but I usually have "performance anxiety" under such circumstances, but this man had me going from the moment I first walked into his apartment, his big smile immediately slobbering over mine. So here I am, squatting, and he's talking filth about my body, and his hands are poking and prodding, and I know I will fall over soon, as my legs are getting weak in this position, so I stand up. Ooops! I am looking directly into the eyes of a stuffed deer head! Oh shit! I start giggling uncontrollably, looking at this dead cute animal hung on his wall over his bed. I'd been in this room for at least 20 minutes already, so realizing that I didn't even notice this thing made me laugh even more. Fortunately, he laughed too, but only for a few moments, then he pulled me back down into the bed.

    (crying) He gets back on top of me, stuffing his balls as he did for a good part of the first 15 minutes we climbed into the bed. I think my opening instant message to him on AOL referred to the last line in his profile (HAIRY ITALIAN MUSCLE, TATS, BUZZCUT, HUNG, BIG NUTS...THEY PROBABLY NEED A CLEANING, GET DOWN THERE ), something profound like "sounds good to me" - but obviously it worked, and he's ballstuffing my throat. While he's doing that, he is grabbing my beard, just under my chin, a handful of hair and he is thrashing my head back and forth as I struggle to keep his balls in my mouth and not cry out. Then he grabs the hair on my chest, and tugs away, only stopping to return to my beard, doing this off and on several times. He pulls his balls out, starts slapping his cock on my face and says: "Oh, do you like it when I pull your hair, or does it hurt?" - he's obviously seeing the water slowly leaking out of my eyes, and I mumble hoarsely - "both" His grin, evil and adorable, looks down at me as he gives me his balls back, stuffing them and several fingers into my mouth.

    (cumming) He's still on top of me, but playing with my ass and talking about how hairy it is, while he alternates his cock and balls in my mouth. Then he eggs me on - "jerk that fat cock for me, man! Yeah buddy, I love watching you do that." (lots more dirty talk, punctuated with lots of gruff yeah buddy's). Somehow I get my face in his taint, and the man is practically yelping. I reach up and grab at his back, pulling his body into my face, my beard tickling his balls and butthole. He stuffs his dick back in one more time, but can tell I'm about to pop, and demands I get up and shoot on him. I know I've got him going, so I tease him a bit and alternate vigorous whacking with letting go and just letting my cock bounce around in the air, handsfree, while standing over him. As much as I want to keep teasing him like that, I just can't wait, and yank my balls in one direction, and whack my cock in the other. He motions me over, gets me to crouch right over his hairy chest, and his gravelly voice yells out as I shoot on him, then thwacking my dick against his chest with the last few drops.

    I laughed. I cried. I came. Then I came home. mmmm sleepytime...

    Friday, January 10, 2003

    ...... here we go...

    taking a break from the rejection of AOL and CRUISTOOL, and buzzing my head and blasting RED HOT + RIOT, my fave album of the past 2+ months. A bit of shaving, but I think the beard will stay. Where's that "before" pic??
    ......plans change, gotta run out the door and do some "adult" things like look for money, harass the cuteman at the Bike shop about my backwheel repair, (I said wheel, not door, you pigs!), etc.

    I know it's not exactly news (many of you have known this for awhile) but this opinion piece - The Secret War on Condoms - is worth reading, especially to the last paragraph, to keep things in perspective.

    I got up too early. Lots of looking thru euro-bear-muscle-hairy pic sites.... (so rude not to provide links, ain't it?) Must take nap, return later with amusing stories or more Euro-Cock, no?

    On second thought, there's plenty o' dick on this page. I haven't done a depressing why-am-I-so-lonely post in awhile, have I? How 'bout a "my Christmas sucked more than your Christmas" story? hmmmm. Maybe that velcro cockring give-away I've been contemplating....... I need nap now.

    ......... or Switzerland, I could go to Switzerland... (anyone know the Swiss word for "sit on my face"?)

    Thursday, January 09, 2003

    Oh I really need to brush up on my French. Can someone spare a ticket to Paris? I really, really, really, need to go.

    Ask a man to wear out various things
    before you use them.
    Such as:

    1964 spring

    Oh Yoko! Imagine having men wear out clothes for you before you use them!

    Wednesday, January 08, 2003


    ..... where was I? Is it a bad sign when you pay your website hosting service fee before paying your rent? I mean, would YOU want this page to disappear from the internet? I didn't think so. So far I have only posted 2 auctions, and gotten most of my laundry done. No sex, but it doesn't mean I wasn't trying. I'll need to do another plea for throw-away porno from my readers soon, but maybe I'll need some sort of incentive other than the knowledge that you are helping me spread the gay-porno word. Any suggestions (tasteful suggestions, that is) would be appreciated.
    If I wasn't constantly thinking about sex, and how to get it, or get more of it, I would:
    • Be writing the rent check, and other bills, and getting my ass (and presumably other body parts) over to the post office to mail them
    • watching some Hand In Hand videos, as I should soon get to meet that "behind-the-scenes" porno guy I mentioned a few weeks back
    • worry about being cut back to 4 days at work, and how will I make up for the loss of (meager) income
    • pull out that box of videos, and the box of mags/books, and post on eBay
    • snap some undies photos while the lighting is good so I can be a whore and sell some stuff on NAUGHTYBIDS soon
    • edit and upload a video clip of myself to Cruisetool

    .... see? I cant stop thinking about how to get SEX!

    Tuesday, January 07, 2003


    "Now you're talking like a fag." "What should I talk like, a Marine?"

    director: Tom DeSimone (1975)
    Starring: Keith Anthoni (his first film), Jayson MacBride, John Farrel, Dave Daniels, Tim Christy , Scott Heith, Paul Strand, and Bob Perry

    Now don't start pulling your weiners out, this clip has no sex. But, it's a great example of what made me love the films from Hand In Hand - the bits about gay life that I wouldn't have had any other way of finding out about in 1979 when I first started going to the porno theatre. Keith's just been told by his lover that they shouldn't be monogomaous; not happy about it, Keith immediately makes a date with the waiter (Jayson MacBride - mispelled in this film as McBride) before leaving the lover at the table! Keith then enjoys sex with MacBride, men in a porno theatre, guys in personnel ads, etc., before his lover wishes he hadn't asked for the open relationship.