Sunday, October 31, 2004

hot 70's couple Michael & Phillip take on Target model Brian Dexter in this loop, Boyhood Dreams (available on Falcon's The Crotch Watcher, aka FVP005)

Friday, October 29, 2004

Gym Nasties #2

I ran into a pal - well, a bar buddy - on Avenue A yesterday. As we were chatting, quelle suprise, the topic of porno came up. I was trying to educate him on the types of images I can, and cannot, display in my eBay auctions. There were a few stares as I was grabbing my crotch, his crotch, slight nipple stroking, etc., but hell, i was EDUCATING HIM so I persisted in demonstrating to him the range of allowable, and prohibited, types of images of hot naked studs I could show in my auctions. 3 of the 4 images above (from one of several NOVA magazines I hope to sell soon) could not be shown, as they are touching their naughty bits. Mr Congeniality, pic #3, has the good taste not to be touching his delicious genitals, but to merely be hanging his thumb thru the band of his jockstrap; a pose often seen on me as I roam thru the local sexclub (ya gotta do something with your hands, eh?) And doesn't Gregg Donovan (far right pic) look great in his yellow tube socks?

does everyone in Southern California make voting decisions this way?
Thursday morning I gagged on my coffee when I read this -

"Let's see, I disagree with Henry Waxman on just about anything, and don't know much about his opponent, Victor Elizade... but somehow, I feel compelled to vote for the one who recognizes me from the locker room at Spectrum Club, because I know that he'll at least talk to me. Henry Waxman for Congress."

Hey, don't get me wrong, Waxman's been a fantastic congressman for decades. If only the democrats knew that merely saying hello to republicans in the locker room could so easily convert votes, we'd have this election sown up! (oh, just Google the quote if you need to know where I read this "endoresement")

Thursday, October 28, 2004

No, Mr. President, FUCK YOU

From one of the folk's over at dailykos - George's "One Finger Victory Salute": My Response Video

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

obsessed with the election, obsessed with my recurring slide into winter solitudinal blues, and then, after 18 hours of trying to update some stuff on this non-working blogger application, I find i have nothing to say. and i'd much rather say nothing than to say I am saying nothing, but my head is spinning and I'll just let the videotape that's playing ease my mind for the next 8 minutes....

Monday, October 25, 2004

naw, no link to the auction and the other HOT pics - y'all must be tired of that by now....

Sunday, October 24, 2004

I know, I know - I keep posting pics with links to crap I'm selling - but these are some cool magazines! Just a bit of info on these, especially for those of you who can't log in to eBay, or after theses auctions are over.

  • The Audition One of those great magazines featuring stills from NOVA FILMS - this one is Mark Murray auditioning as a bar stripper for Quinn Curtis. Complete with set-up stills of the two men completely dressed, and then all the way into and including their hot sex scenes (can't figure out how they got from the office to someone's bedroom, but it's not always going to be logical)
  • Arena 1 Features just these two macho guys doing macho things (grooming a horse, throwing hay around, showing their buttholes to each other, crap like that) until they work up enough of a sweat that they must go down on each other. The ARENA series (this one, from 1978, is the first issue) had some really good quality photography, and printed on good quality thick paper.
  • King of the Thoroughbreds Another of those magazines culled from a porno flick, namely STEVE SCOTT's 1983 film Gold Rush Boys. Here we have the team of J W King (aka Jim King), who you may remember from such porno movies as Closed Set, Big Men on Campus, A Night at Halsted's, Three Day Pass, Turned On! and Brother's Should Do It in a rare (and I might add VERY HOT) bearded appearance; bearded Mike Braun, (who you may remember from his first film, Dangerous, as well as Screen Play) and the hugely hung blond Nick Jerrett (not my type, but who can ignore that huge schlong?), who you may remember from such films as The Summer of Scott Noll and Fantasize.
  • CHAMPS Mmmmmmmm. Sky Dawson. What more can I say? OK, seriously, this is from the Falcon loop series, films #644, 645, 646 (Champs pt. I, pt. II, and Champs - the Finals - later put together on videotape), all featuring Mr Dawson, with the always yummy DICK FISK in one loop (and thus a part of this magazine), Mike Flynn in the next scene/pages, and finally Bruce McMaster joins the other two for the finale (and someone gets two thick hard dicks simultaneously up his.... well, you know).
  • Whopper Kings 3 Again, another great magazine from the 70's; published in 1978, but featuring great shots from the 70's, and I suspect some late 60's - with great photography from AMG (Athletic Model Guild), Kensington Road, Mike Arlen, Third World Studio, and others. Some very big dicks, man (and in some cases, some BIG 70's hair!)

Saturday, October 23, 2004

you say BARESSI, I say BARRESI

Friday, October 22, 2004

EROTIKUS A History Of The Gay Movie

directed by: Tom DeSimone (Lancer Brooks) (1974)

Did you know that ONE: A Study of the Teenage Masturbation Syndrome is the first "commercial" film to show the male orgasm, or CUM SHOT, as we film historians like to call them? This, and other important facts can be learned from watching this film (although it's the only tidbit of info you'll get from this cum-pilation scene). There are also two versions of the film, one is a palty 54 minutes, the other appears to be complete at just under 90 minutes (our friends over at Bijou Video have the longer version). Apparently the video distributor thought some of the longer clips were uninteresting, and was worried about other scenes that relied heavily on pop music (like from Confessions of a Male Groupie) that might cause legal hassles. Freaks like me would also notice that in the shorter version, some of the film was actually transferred to video wrong. (see Fred Halsted above? He's supposed to be on the right side of the screen.)
(download and save for later here)

Saying anything about this group and the party I wasn't invited to would only make me look jealous, or envious, or catty, now wouldn't it?

Thursday, October 21, 2004

I adore, back of necks
Beautifully shaven
Gives me,
Always, always, always, always, always, always,
A pretty rush down my spine
i got a boo-boo
I should never try to do anything, not even anything as simple as trying to grab two pornobooks from a shelf, before having my first cup of coffee. Ouch! I reach up to grab these two books so I can weigh them and give the eBay customer a shipping cost, and CRASH! all these pornovideocassettes come crashing down on my head. And no one here to kiss my boo-boo!

In other, somewhat more interesting news, I scammed some guy into thinking my opinion was interesting - just kidding - I actually got webpublished, and not here on my crummy ol' site, but on a real-life ADULT site - Nightcharm! I realize that there might not be too many of you readers who are interested in this sort of thing, GAYPORNOGRAPHY, but just to show the nice man over there that I have more than 10 regulars who pop in, head over there, click through, and see how many words I mispelled!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Till Armageddon, no Shalam, no Shalom
I realize I'm a tad early, but this is too scarey to wait - Happy Halloween

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Classics Of The Homosexual Underground

I hesitate to sell these, but I must - I only hope they go to good, appreciative homes. Most porn seems to come out of California, and of course, at least in the 1970's and early 80's, a good chunk came out of New York as well. So it's refreshing to see these little publications from 1969/1970 come out of our nation's capital, Washington, D.C. (published by GUILD PRESS LTD., distributed by Potomac News Company). Slim volumes, each has an introductory chapter entitled "the meaning and value of homosexual literature", citing Greeks, Romans, god, Henri Toulouse Lautrec, Voltaire, and, of course, the Supreme Court. It might seem like the standard "add a bit of education to make it seem legit, then get to the smut" but it is a good little reminder that "since the dawn of history, man has inscribed on any surface, flat or round, his sexual feelings."

Then we get to the GOOD STUFF - "I was moaning and groaning loudly, even though I was hardly heard because Sims had pressed my face so firmly into the mattress that even breathing was a great difficulty for me." I love good literature.

Monday, October 18, 2004

black hanes
Sigur Ros does that to me. It pulls at me, making me want to cry but I won't give in. Instead it just makes me contemplative, full of emotion but nothing as simple as sadness or loneliness. It's not the kind of crying from being depressed or disappointed, but the kind of crying from lying in bed with someone, and in the dark, full of each other's sweat, you can let go, and let the tears happen. Not sobbing, and not even interrupting the licking and the holding and the nibbling; but the release, in the dark - having that need to be desired fulfilled.

It was the second time we met. It was a Sunday night at the Cock, and instead of bumping into each other in the backroom, it was as I was approaching it, and there he was. I couldn't remember his name, it was something unusual, South Asian or something. We both smiled, and I stopped, and we began some light chit chat, and that leaning against each other affectionately. No real making out, but some light kissing, and he suggested we go to my place. I hesitated, cheapskate that I am, as I had just given my 10 bucks at the door, had only a few sips from the 5 dollar beer, and hadn't even looked around. I pulled him into the backroom, and we tried in vain to manage some space for unbuttoning. We didn't last long, and he mentioned my place again. Slimmer and smaller than me, it was easy to ride him home on my bike.

This was maybe three years ago, during that too-brief period when I lived alone, and had this whole tiny 3 room apartment to myself. So I brought him right into the bedroom, and we half undressed. I left, grabbed a couple CD's, and returned. After a few minutes of burying my face in his boxer briefs, teasing at the edges of the legs, he warmly said, "I love this band, this is so cool, I can't believe I'm having such great sex with this great music on." He was in his late 20's, so a good 15 years younger than me, but he didn't sound like a kid, just sweetly enthusiastic. Smallest little ass, with just enough hair to make me happy, but not so much as to turn off anyone who doesn't dig hairy butts. As much as I could've spent the rest of the night licking his body, he wasn't content to be so passive, and he got his mouth onto the parts of my body that I had licked on his. Every once in awhile he would suddenly stop, and sit up. "Wait, wait, I don't want to just yet, let's slow down a bit." And I'd hold him, and we'd lie there listening to music quietly until one of us would slowly return to the other's crotch with a hand or a mouth.

After we came, we held each other and talked quietly; I must've had a candle lit, as the shadows were moving slightly, and the room was warm. He had to go soon, but wanted to stay for a bit, which was good. We never exchanged phone numbers, and we never even mentioned seeing each other again. And again he said he couldn't believe how good the sex was, and it made me giggle to myself that he must not get out much. Finally he got up, and started to look for his clothes, and began to get dressed. When he pulled on his underwear, and the pouch just looked so nice, I just had to caress it, with my hand and my mouth. Looking up, I saw his sweet smile, and pulled myself back up, knowing I should let him go.

Then I said, "can I have them?" He looked puzzled, so I explained I wanted his underwear. This made him giggle. Then he looked at me, and he looked genuinely complemented. He knew it would make a good story, and he even said "Wait 'til my friends hear this." But he also got that I wanted them to remember him by, and after he took them off, I quickly pulled them on, and grabbed the soft cotton crotch and kissed him. Even with his dark complexion I could see the slight blush, and he pulled his pants on. At the door we kissed again, and standing there only wearing his black hanes, I watched him descend the staircase. I hit play on the CD player again, and fell asleep with the music, and his black hanes, caressing me.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

From a 1975 magazine from COLT - MANPOWER! No, 8. Ahhhh, Mike Morris and Paul Storr. This one is bound to be on the auction block tonight - such great photography, but gotta thin out this collection.

Friday, October 15, 2004


You'd think someone with so little hair on his backside wouldn't appeal to me; but I figure my goatee shoved up that cute little butt will more than make up for what he's lacking. This is Brand, model for fantastic photography studio called TARGET, who you may remember from such 70's films as Cowpokes,Glenn's Cove, Behind the Barn, Bush Hogs, Bruno Will, The Boys In the Back Room, Dunes, When Strangers Meet and many many other film loops that were later released in the early 80's on videotape by BULLET/Le Salon. (and, apparently, recently released on DVD - but try eBay, not a retailer, and get a good deal) Alas, I don't think this gentleman ever made any films, all we have are great stills like this one for driving our imaginations wild.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

She's just so cool

Found this quite by accident, checking stats and clicking on a "failed requests" link - BJORK's new video - WhoIsIt (Bell Choir Mix)

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

for those of you kind enough to drop in, I'll try to keep the complaining to a minimum. Headcold, more roommate interviews, flat tire on bike. In better news, have actually met a couple of guys who might work out, so hope to have the interviewing done tomorrow. (And to the well-wisher - no bears have applied, no daddies have applied, and no daddybears have applied - which is fine, I need to do get a roommate without those complications). I think I got an invite for dinner or something this weekend (did I forget to respond?, what a lunk I can be!) And I got someone to work for me election night so I can drink and get depressed watching states turn red all night. (wait, that was upbeat?)

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

6 INTERVIEWS SCHEDULED. One cancelled, one was running late ("i'll be there in 10 minutes") and after 75 minutes hasn't shown or called. One more to go for the day. Of the 3 I've seen, the first one was good, seems like we'd get along just fine; second one was fine/acceptable, but works in a salon, so I suspect cologne/smelly hair care products, so he's in the "maybe" pile. The 3rd guy - well, to put it politely, if you look up the word DRAMA in the dictionary, you'd see his picture. Poor thing - young, blond, unemployed, and would tire out even John Kerry with his long-winded answers. Can't answer a simple yes or no question without some long-ass story trailing off to the subway breaking down, or his shoes getting stolen, or how he got lost on the way to his job interview, how expensive the hotel he's staying in is.... JEEZ! Keep your fingers crossed, have 2 or 3 more days of this!

Monday, October 11, 2004

The glory hole house?
"Hey -- I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering about your trip to Ptown. Surely there are more details to be had than what you've posted. Did you make it to the Vault? The dick dock? Pergatory? The glory hole house?

Just wondering..."

the roommate search has, after all my procrastinating, begun. I got up early Sunday to write and post the ad, then went back to sleep. About 15-20 replies to my craigslist ad (stalkers will have to do the hard work of searching the listings themselves to find my ad), all fairly 'normal" and str8forward. Nothing like last time, where I was getting responses like the newlywed couple from Spain who sent a Wedding photo and asked for pics of my apartment. Sure, two str8 newlyweds in that 10 x 7 room. And of course a handful of young women explaining that while they are not gay, all their friends are gaymen. Ugh. Anyway, have actually spoken to /set up appointments with 4; interviewing begins tomorrow (need a day to clean up and look presentable). Dreading this, but it's gotta be done.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

stuff to read, porno and otherwise

Friday, October 08, 2004

oh yeah, porno
Have I mentioned recently that I am broke and need cash and am selling all sorts of high-quality, not too sticky porno? And of course, if you already have too much porno, even EXCESS PORN (how is that possible?) and want to donate what you ain't using - e-mail me!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


directed by: Steve Scott (1978)

Starring: Jack Wrangler, Richard Locke, Chris Adams, Duff Paxton, Mike Black, Terry King, John Seychelle, Lucas Severin, Jacque Houff, Doug Thompson, Gene Braun

How often does this happen to you? You go to your local pool hall to get some ass, and the guy you just started dating is hanging out with a buddy having a beer. What to do, what to do? If you're Jack Wrangler, you just ignore the guy, head up stairs, and grab the first pair of levis you find and pull 'em down at get to it. And if you're Jack Wrangler, no doubt another gentleman will saddle up right behind you and make you lucky pierre.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I found the long line for the "chinatown bus" and got in it. Distracted by my thoughts, but able to keep pace with the slow-moving line that promised me onto a totally packed bus, I tried to keep my sighing to myself. Nearing the front, where a small asian woman was taking e-tickets, I looked to my left and saw another bus company's much shorter line. Boston - Hyannis - Provincetown. I sighed, then the six people in that line turned towards me, and all started laughing. HAHAHA ha! You have to go back to New York, and we're all going to P-Town. HAHAHAHAHA! ha!


Only a couple hours earlier, watching all the leathermen get off the fastferry as I waited to get on, an ambulance pulled up to the boat. Apparently someone got sick/passed out, and there would be a delay; is this a sign I should stay? I didn't necessarily want to be part of leathermates weekend, but as these hairy smiling faces passed me going into town, I sighed. Why must I leave so soon? I biked, I beach-frolicked, bird-watched, picture-snapped, dunes-brunched, sunset-watched, chowder-slurped; in a hottub, on a bed, under a boatslip, and in the dunes there were other kinds of slurping. Head sunburned, feet blistered, crotch grabbed, butt - well, they tried, anyway. I laughed my ass off as a pair of seals appeared, swimming along the shore in the same direction as my barefoot hike, trying to snap pictures, having no problem keeping up with them until I exhausted myself and found a solitary spot up against the sand and ate the poorly planned meal i had in my backpack. And they appeared again, turning and diving, poking their faces out in my direction, and swimming off again, giving me another fit of laughter.


I was just getting started.


Monday, October 04, 2004


"Forgive me Father, for I have sinned"

directed by: Steven Scarborough (1996)

Starring: Todd Gibbs, Matt Bradshaw, Beau Saxon, Nino Bacci, Jordan West, Tony Cummings, Cole Youngblood, Dan Brewer, Marcelo Reeves, Jeff Hart, (special guest appearance by) Ryan Idol

A little treat from Hot House Video, one of the companies from the mid 90's that made watching modern porn interesting again. While not the best scene (adorable Todd Gibbs - blond/redhead smooth man who caught me by surprise how his handsome face and beautiful body turns me on, but I digress - keeps his clothes on) it is fun, and best viewed with sound UP!
Hope to have this video up for auction later today.

Sunday, October 03, 2004