Sunday, April 29, 2007

14 minutes, 55 seconds to go....
Last Sunday morning, we were accosted in the park by AOL NEWS. The BF refused to talk to them, but I recognized the "newsman" and decided to go for it. A magazine shoved into my face as the camera begins to roll - the answer to the first question is somewhere buried in this clip. But goshdarnit! I was only just beginning, but all i got on this internet news thingee was one lousy word - sheesh! The full "transcript" is below - was I too big a hoMO to get more than one lousy word in?
him: (shoving New York Magazine into my face) Barack Obama's Mole: Keep, Remove or Hide?
me: keep
him: why keep?
me: It's hot!
him: It's hot? Well, what if he had a scar?
me: Hmmmmm (thinking) - yeah, that would be cool.
him: So if he had a scar you would support him more?
me: I only get one vote, so I couldn't support him more.
him: But you're reconsidering him keeping the mole, and think he should remove it?
me: Only if he gets the scar (looking at the magazine again)
him: So a scar would be better?
me: Well, yeah; it's hot! Can I keep this? (grabbing the magazine)
him: Uh, no; we're on a tight budget - I need it for my interviews. (tries to grab magazine back)