Monday, May 07, 2007

sticks and stones (and car parts, bottles and cutlery.....)
garsh, 3 more emails from "former" "readers" who don't care for the new all-Bjork, all-the time theme here at BJorkLAND! Well, I'm sorry, but ya see, we is seeing her again tomorrow night at THE APOLLO - this time my buddy SCOTT (who has all sorts of porno on his site) is coming with me. And the friggin CD (VOLTA!) comes out tomorrow, too! WOO-HOO! 6 years of archives with debauchery, porno pics, various not-so-hidden porno clips amongst it all, and tales my BF would really rather weren't in the public domain, and 2 weeks of being a silly teenager about ..... awwww, what am I doing??!

and all that ad revenue I'm loosing!


anyone who has a blog knows, it's all about whacking your own little cock, and making your own little pubes sticky with cum; and this month, I get HARD (very HARD) dancing around the apartment with the latest from probably the only pure pleasure of my adult life - Ms. Bjork. Sorry ya can't find any porno elsewhere on the interweb......... but I'm only into this to ENJOY.