Friday, June 22, 2007

Gertrude Stein Was Never Called An Asshole
I know that each year at Gay Pride I post a bunch of disco tunes - Sylvester, Divine, Pet Shop Boys, etc..... but this year, considering how much y'all enjoyed the Bjork-a-thon, I figured some lesbian folk music would be more appreciated!


gertrude stein
hot topic
listen up (remix)
fashion rules

yeah, yeah, I know - only the first two are lesbian folks songs; but what do I know, anyway? Not likely to post again before New York's Gay Pride March on Sunday - it's actually a WORK DAY for me this year - so look for me! (I'll be wearing the short shorts, clutching some rainbow glowsticks, dancing on a float to a loud and distorted remix of "I Will Survive")