Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lee Stern's jeep breaks down just when he's trying to leave for a ski trip, and O. G. Johnson is the tow truck driver who arrives to give him a hand...
The Other Side of Aspen II

director: Bill Clayton (1985)

Starring: Kurt Marshall, Tony Bravo, Giorgio Canali, Jeff Converse, Steve Henson, O.G. Johnson, Christopher Lance, Eddie Marks, Scott O'Hara, Lee Stern, Jeff Turk, The Mystery Skier

Group scene with toe licking and foot penetration - nice. Lee Stern (that's his jockstrapped ass, above) getting schtooped by O. G. Johnson, amazing. 3-way featuring Jeff Turk, just great. But it's the tender love scene between the two uncut fellas, Melchor and Giorgio Canali (AKA Rocco Rizzoli in COLT films), that always gets me......

Click one of the pics to view the movie trailer (you know that if you view the clip in the browser, you can "right click" and view it FULL SCREEN, right?), or here if you want to download and save for later.

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