Tuesday, March 18, 2008

this 'n' that
let's see:
  • it's GORDON Grant, not gordAn. And the film these shots are from is Brentwood's LIFEGUARD, not Lancer Brooks' (AKA Tom DeSimone's) Hot Truckin', which, by the way, as many of you know, was Mr. Grant's only talkee (ooooooooh Mr Grant!).
  • The tube socks belong to Target model Tony Nero (alas, no known film or video work).
  • the day I posted the tacky "Rent-inspired" North Fork Bank photo, the bank changed hands, and is now CAPITOL ONE.
  • thank you to the gentleman who correctly identified "Mystery Man" as Target's REB (then,a quick search of my Target folder showed two pics labeled target_REB - D'oh!)
  • and yeah, it was kinda unfair to post those three pics of hot hottie Ray Medina and Jack Wrangler without having a link to a video clip - who knows, maybe soon....
  • and of course, the pic to the side has nothing to do with anything, but - isn't the holster a bit big for such a small gun?