Wednesday, November 12, 2008

help, por favor
I've been obsessed with the exit polls for a week now. And wanted to write something about the controversies surrounding California's Prop 8 vote ---- but, this is where i need help, for some reason I can't read this - CNN California page - can the rest of you read it?? As this "exit poll" (more on why its in quotes later) is the sole source of the "Blacks voted against us" I see all over websites and blogs, I wanted to take a closer look at that, and my other issues with the exit polls. Lemme know if y'all can read it and it's just my crummy computer acting up - otherwise I'll have to rely on my memory of reading the page last week.

update: i figured out the reason I can't view the page properly - g*ddam CA Security Firewall! but there are some crazy stats on that page; too sleep to go into it, maybe more later