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Friday, February 06, 2009

pissy mood

A week or two ago I as out, by myself, drinking beer, leering at the handsome men, bouncing my head to the occasionally decent music, and thought I heard the DJ, or announcer, or someone loud announce that they'd be doing some sort of piss contest. As the night wore on, and the beers continued to fill my belly, he would pop back on the microphone, soliciting volunteers, but to no avail. Waiting in line for one of the two solo bathrooms, i was really in the mood to let it go, but somehow, alone, just didn't feel right. I looked around the room, saw several men who's faces I'd like to get to know, who, in fact, looked pissworthy. Yeah, that would be fun, I'd think, looking at bearded man with hairy chest peering out of his shirt - hoseyoudown, hosemedown. Look at goateed man over there, another pissyworty gentleman, those tight levis would look better wet. Sigh, into the bathroom by myself, realizing no one was looking back and thinking similar thoughts in my direction. I pulled it out and aimed downward. Playful mood was changing to something else, but as i caught myself in the mirror, I decided to change direction. Aiming up, hitting the reflection, my sourface changed briefly to a smirk. One of you out there could be in here, you could be having some serious fun with a decent man, but no, I'm in here alone; the sink, mirror, floor got flooded, bladder empty for now, buttonfly rebuttoned, door opens as I take one more look around and head out into the cold....