Wednesday, August 12, 2009

don't say it - end-of-summer doldrums

i am neglecting everything in my life other than work, the twice-weekly urge to drink beer and imagine the men i am staring at are looking back, and that bed over there and this chair under my ass. i need a vacation; i have plenty of vacation time accrued. i have next week off. i have a week in mid-september off. i have made no effort to decide where to go, or where to stay, or even if i will leave this room, this city during either week. i also have disposable, sell-able porno all over this tiny space, waiting for some scanning, brief typing and html-coding and listing on eBay to help with the bills, and the few extra bucks to take a few days out of the city. i have plenty of unanswered emails, easy ones which can be answered with a simple "thanks, that's nice of you to say so", and yet they go unanswered. but i will spend time figuring out if the pic above has been posted by me before (it has, June of 2007) and who is in it (clearly it is Dan Pace, aka Rocky Generro, standing; Fred Halsted with the sideburns, and, oh, how much time can I spend trying to figure out the third guy before i give up), and any other miscellaneous info I can add to the description of the pic - like mentioning the incorrect info over here - that Halsted was in all three of Gage's trilogy???? sheeeesh!! we all know he was only in El Paso and that it was Richard Locke who was in all three, as well as the fantastic Heatstroke and then it is time to hop in that shower, and begin another routine day of biking to work, grumbling for 8 hours about what I am doing there, biking home, dinner, falling asleep yelling at the tv news, and starting over again tomorrow.