Sunday, January 10, 2010

if a bear pulls down his pants in the woods

do i bury my face in his ass?

good question. and despite the display of all these lovely butts over the past week or more, I'd have to say a firm -
it depends. it's kinda like pit-sniffing. i don't really dig it, generically, but, damn! the right aroma from the right guy, and I can go crazy! and so it is with butts.

I won't bore you with the long version of this story, but some weeks back i actually had sex! and fortunately, like riding a bike, it all came back to me and i think we both had a nice time. but we hadn't actually specifically said we'd "do it"; it was more a "rubdown blind date" (OK, not really blind, i had seen two decent, but fully clothed pics, and we had exchanged several sentences several times over a few weeks online). in fact, i don't think even in our generic discussions there was anything about sexual preferences, top down, bottoms up, oral, anal,verbal, or any "al" ---- anyway, this is the short version, right? he comes over, I open the door, he looks great! we come into my room and he tells me to strip down for the rubdown, and he gets down to his jockstrap. and man! while my body was sore, and i could really use that rubdown, but damn his ass was soooooo nice! but i tried to be disciplined, and did as i was told, and got down on the bed, naked, face down, and enjoyed his powerful hands. i tried to keep my eyes closed and just relax and enjoy, but i could still picture him in his 'strap - mmmmmm. when it was time to rollover, i did, and his ass was just sooooo close to my face at one point, the 'strap begging to be tugged on, the leg straps calling me to snap them.... but i resisted... and then he did this arm pulling thing as he stood beside me, and he's yanking my arm across his stomach, and my other arm is just dangling, so i grabbed his calf, and it was hard and muscular, and then his thigh, and, and, just lightly at first, i got my hand on his very nice, firm, hairy ass, but he suddenly switches arms on me. and so I try again with his calf, his thigh, his ass, and damn it wasn't 5 more seconds and i'm on the floor burying my face in his jockstrapped ass and.... well, yeah, it tasted as good as it looked. end of short story.