Sunday, July 29, 2007


I am fairly sure I've posted one of these pics in the past, asking for help identifying this nice young COLT model; I have 2 or 3 photo sets of him, and am trying to clear out as much porno from my home as is reasonably possible, and he's in the pile to go. But without his name, I think I might not get as much as I could. Anyhoo, any help is appreciated. And yes, I've already tried smutjunkies, the "go to guy" for this sort of thing (EWWWWWW, I said "go to guy" - my boss has gotten into the habit of calling me that, and not only do I hate being called it, but I hate that people keep going-to me constantly, why can't they just.... but i digress...), but no luck. If need be, I can post a few more samples.