Thursday, July 12, 2007

Your phone's off the hook (but you're not)

I'm a terrible, terrible person, I know. Just ask any of the folks who've written a nice email, politely asking if I can figure out who is in a picture, where they can get a certain old video, etc. Years ago, sans boyfriend or job, I would eagerly try to figure out the answer to these help-me-find-my-porno questions. And even if I couldn't figure it out, I'd take a stab, and at least give them an idea where they might begin to look. But, alas, I'm older, fatter (notice you haven't seen any recent self-naughtypics? - heehee!), lazier, and just exhausted from work. So it's gotten to the point that I often never get around to even responding with a quick "I dunno", let alone an exhaustive search with the right answer. But a few weeks back, I got an email when I just happened to be online, bored, and it was about a Fred Halsted movie (A Night At Halsted's), and the guy saw my page on the soundtrack and wanted to know where to get it. It's an amazing soundtrack for a porno film, with various punk and new wave - Devo, The Jam, Patti Smith (and some crap that was labeled new wave at the time but kinds sucks) tunes in the film. I quickly responded that it was never commercially available, but after me and two friends figured out all the songs, one of my buddies actually put together a CD. Trouble is, my CD drive hasn't worked in about a year, and I had no way of uploading it. That was the email. But then I went on to Soulseek, and within 2 hours, got all 26 tunes in mp3 format! To make a long story a tad shorter, I reconstructed my page on the soundtrack, and added all the songs, including a zipfile containing all of them. Figuring my bandwidth hasn't been a problem in sooooo long, it might not hurt to do this - so here's the revised page - A NIGHT AT HALSTED'S SOUNDTRACK - let me know what you think. (And by the way, the poor guy who wrote me? Since my email sounded like I might not ever get around to uploading the songs, he bought most on iTunes, plus a few odd CD's to flesh it out, before I got back to him with the good news - ooops!)