Monday, August 06, 2007

How often do you search your hardrive for some file, hoping, hoping you've given it a reliable name, and that you'll find the one you're looking for? I needed to find a pic of Mike Morris, and figured "morris" ought to do the trick (hoping there aren't too many Morris The Cat pics - oh, you're too young to know what I'm talking about, ain't ya?). Yup, 19 results - 2 are for Morrisey tunes, but the rest are Mike Morris! Alas, I don't have 17 different pics of him (3 identical ones of him and Mike Davis, and identical pairs of a great face shot I have, and that one from El Paso Wrecking Corp of him and his "son" Jared Benson - seen here). Speaking of classic Joe Gage movies; yup, it's that time again, selling off one of my precious VHS 90-minute full-length, not-available-on-DVD versions (15-20 minutes are missing!!!) of that classic (that word is soooooo overused - like every so-called re-condom gay movie is a "classic", but I digress) on eBay (auction ends SUNDAY - item #180146455110).

So, anyhoo.... I was figuring I might resurrect one or two of those clips I've posted from the film, and found this great 2-minute one, NO SEX, but my god, just seeing Mike Morris in the construction helmet, that thick thick mustache, and hearing his voice (I'm not good at accents, but it's definitely some Midwest, maybe Chicagoan, someone's DAD accent!) just makes me fall over..... sigh. Oh, anyway, lemme know if you wanna see it. (I know, I know, I ignore the few emails I get, and now I'm out here begging for attention, what can I say, I'm a jerk (but an occasionally needy jerk....)