Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I think this is the only film Mr. Morris has a speaking part in - albeit only a few words, but mmmmmmmm! (He's only in 2 COLT films, and one or two shorts made by Fred Halsted, as far as film work goes) And doesn't Gordon Grant only speak in one film, Tom DeSimone's Hot Truckin'?

But I digress..... an earlier post on El Paso is here. What I really like about this clip, which may well frustrate the casual porno viewer (who needs 6 minutes of sex, then they don't need to watch any more of a movie), is it's 2 minutes of just showing their faces! And a good look at Richard Locke's hairy torso, too, doesn't hurt - but it's Fred Halsted, Mike Morris, Richard Locke, and Jared Benson, all handsome men with great faces. And it's how great sex begins; you spot a good-looking man, you hear a few words, and you're interested. You don't know cocksize, or what color hanky would go in his back pocket, just, mmmmmmm, that's nice!