Thursday, December 06, 2007

who you looking at?

Alas, my neglect is not for the usual reasons (laziness, no inspiration, nothing to say or even sell), but for the more recent reason - work. My workplace is in the middle of a big move, and this weekend was the first big piece of it. today will be the 11th day in a row working, but I will be enjoying a 3-day weekend soon (sat-mon). Not that I will necessarily make up for lost time here, as I must do my neglected household chores - laundry, food shopping, mopping, etc. Maybe in my boxer short and loud rock'n'roll playing (the beautiful BF says I can mention my nude housecleaning only if I videotape it for him, and let no one - NO ONE! - else see). Then, perhaps, on to the usual posting of that same old Bjork Holiday tune, the same ol' Divine cha-cha-heels clip, and a silly naked and/or gay Santa or two.