Saturday, February 02, 2008

I Don't Want to Go To Fat Camp

Sometime this morning, goofing around online, checking election polls, eBay auctions (not mine, jsut looking for cool porno pix), I get an email from jeffy alerting me to a very cool Matthew Herbert remix of Bjork's declare independence, which of course I loved and blasted at 10am, must to the dismay of neighbors, and was gonna post about it, then gotta distracted with other musical tidbits, namely listening to a compilation called Colette no. 5, which a pal from Kansas turned me on to, and then decided to post anorexic_robot, so I tried seeing if I could find any info on them, - Fat Truckers - and thought I saw they had a b-side track called I Don't Want to Go To Fat Camp, which I though could be even better, so I spent 1/2 the day searching for it, and then to my dismay, realized it was the I Don't Want to Go To Fat Camp remix of Anorexic Robot, and so i took this pic of my fat non-trucker gut and gave up.

on the upside, it was nice to have a leisurely Saturday where I could waste all that time and not feel like I wasn't being productive - f*ck productivity!