Wednesday, April 23, 2008

godddamit! It's KURT WILLIAMS!

So, I'm sitting here trying to focus on getting some auctions together, trying to make some eBay money, and I've only got two videos ready, but am working on a 3rd one. But dammit if the first few minutes isn't this really great mid 1970's guy-in-therapist's-office trying-to-figure-out-his-dreams sequence and I just have to stop and watch. Then I'm thinking, sheesh, the box cover art doesn't do this guy justice (I have two copies, one from BIJOU VIDEO that I'm selling, the other with box cover art which I like to collect, I am keeping), this guy is hot! I'm totally distracted, forgot all about crying at work (another story, another time), and then we get to the first sex sequence, his shirt comes off, I see his left arm has this cool COBRA TATTOO (or is that a python?, I dunno!) as I realize - godddamit! It's KURT WILLIAMS! who you remember from such films as: Where Joey Lives, Snowballing and of course, the way-hotttt 3-way scene with Duff Paxton (often referred to as the Desert Rat scene) from Joe Gage's incredible Kansas City Trucking Co. OK, back to work. (who wants a clip?)