Monday, May 19, 2008

don't ask, cuz i aint sayin'

In other news, I've given up pornography and can be found over here, which is pretty much the same as over here. Long version short - didn't think I could sell much ending on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, so thought I'd dig through the stacks of stuff lying around in boxes, shelves, closets (I have two - in NYC ferchrissakes!) that just needs to go. And then this collection of AFTER DARK magazines - some cool stuff buried inside those issues, but I am getting tired of just moving this sh*t around this tiny apartment, when i could use the $$$, the space, and who knows, if I ever want to jsut get the f8ck out of this rotten town in a hurry, the less to pack, the more in the bank, the easier, right?