Sunday, February 07, 2010

majoring in Bars & Baths, with a minor in Discos

Filmed in Cruise-O-Rama, directed by Jack Deveau (1978)

Starring: Jack Wrangler, Jayson MacBride, Geraldo, Tommy Ruscica, Malo, Big Al Little, Keith Strickland, Chris Michaels, Todd Tavers, Paul Maul, Eartha Hugee, Robert A. Glory, and Victor Williams. Plus Bill Eld, Lee Foster, Roger, and Mandingo (in scenes from Sex Magic) Myles Longue (a scene from Narcissus II) and Mark Woodward.

Click one of the pics to view the movie trailer (you know that if you view the clip in the browser, you can "right click" and view it FULL SCREEN, right?), or here if you want to download and save for later.