Monday, February 15, 2010

no clip, but you get a tune

Opening credits have the 3 main characters (Kip Noll, Nick Rodgers, Lee Marlin)strutting down the street as The Pointer Sister's Happiness plays; the camera just follows their asses as they walked down the street, as the entire song plays while the credits roll. Then Nick (as a greasy mechanic), putting away the Goodyears, gets inspired to masturbate (who wouldn't), slowly showing off his crotch with his levis' pulled down just enough. He's interrupted by burly trucker Tom Ross. Nick tells him he's got a "hot rod he wants to show him." Nick knows Tom's been checking him out for years, and makes him get on his knees as he pulls off his clothes, and Tom slaps his ass. Soon Tom's legs are in the air...... (can't remember what tune plays then, but near the end of the film, Nick whacks off, then fucks himself to Queen's I'm In Love With My Car.)