Sunday, September 03, 2006

go down on your knees
and pray for peace!

Several nights ago, beers, bears, and music, I heard a great Nina Hagen tune I hadn't heard in quite awhile. This gentleman commented that he dug the song, too, and when I said I had the 12 inch at home, he asked if he could borrow it sometime. Well, the next day, I had to hear it but had no patience for digging out the record, and then digging out my turntable to play it, so I just looked online for a copy - so here you go, Nina Hagen's My Way. While searching, I also found this Cosma Shiva - remix - which I thought was fairly good; and for all my Christian readers, here's a little something off her 1985 release, Nina Hagen In Ekstasy - The Lord's Prayer.