Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Trash Disco

  • Walk The Night - DISCONET remix - that cheesy imitation Relax sample is just god-awful!
  • Fear Of Flying - supposed to be about fist f*cking??? maybe i need to listen again a little more closely, but egad, don't think I could bear it!
  • Nightwalking - somewhere in this techno/trance trak from Divided Souls is Walk The Night???

Mr jOE has an interesting recollection of first hearing this Walk The Night, and Queer Music Heritage even has a clipping from the Advocate from back in 1980 - over here - scroll down with a pic of these hot, mustached Canadians, The Skatt Bros.

OK, enuf "research" on bad imitation disco, gotta get back to the porno....