Friday, November 09, 2007


"Ignoring the long-held taboo and belief, that such a "shocking" subject was unworthy of serious photography, Roy Blakey began photographing naked men in his New York City studio in the late 1960s, and inadvertently became a pioneer.

Blakey's unique vision was to eliminate all props and backgrounds, and simply focus on the naked male body, enhanced only by his masterful lighting technique.

In 1972 Blakey released his first book; a self-published, slender, slipcase book simply titled "He." Blakey's monograph with its unabashed presentation of nude men was a bold first step, which pried open the door to greater acceptance, appreciation, and respect for male nudity in photography.

After the appearance of "He", Blakey's renowned works were exhibited at the legendary Continental Baths in New York City and were widely published internationally, including three special editions of Roy Blakey Nudes by "Masculin International" in France." -- ROY BLAKEY PHOTOGRAPHY

I can't say I was aware of his work in the 1970's, but first noticed his style in a series of greeting cards the the signature stark red background and often interracial male couples. Then, I saw his work, and those who copied him, in the likes of old After Dark magazines (wonder when I'll buckle under and sell those off....) And I also remember seeing the ad for this very magazine in the back of various Mandates and Honchos, featuring porn sensation George Payne (who you remember form such films as The Back Row, Navy Blue, Men Come First, Four Letters and of course, Centurians of Rome).

Yup, I'm selling this magazine on eBay, - auction item #180176954700, ends SUNDAY Nov 11th.