Friday, November 09, 2007

more reruns, I know (blame it on th writer's strike)

"I don't know if you guys can take it, I have a real big cock."

...but I'm selling this video on eBay, (auction item #180176936360, ends SUNDAY Nov 11th) and thought it was a good time to re-show this great clip (Doug Weston is rarely shown off this well), and the rest of the video has several fantastic scenes with Eric Stryker (known in COLT circles as Noel Kemp); and of course the real hottie in this movie is Brian Michaels, barking orders to the two blonds in the scene he does. ..but I digress... But dangit if I can't recall who the Italo-disco-synth tune is by, and where on my hard drive I've stored it. I know someone emailed me about it a year or two ago...

Anyhoo, see last year's post, with linkage to downloading the clip ( if you don't want to click the pics above).