Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bill Cable (Stoner) not having sex
Cooling It

director: Rip Colt (1970's - released on videotape 1989)

Starring: Stoner (Bill Cable), Brian Dexter, unidentified man, "Dick"

He only appeared in two porno films as far as I can tell, the one above, Cooling It, and an interesting performance in
Wakefield Poole
's Bijou. Neither one does he actually have sex, but you do get to drool over his superhandsome face and lickable body. In the Colt film above, here's the ad text: "Stoner isn't your usual auto mechanic. Not by a long shot. On the street, you'd certainly catch the impact of his extraordinary good looks, but you wouldn't get a clue to his lifestyle. Well, Colt takes you behind the scenes - from Stoner burning up the highways on his powerful motorcycle to home - and Stoner's little secret. We got it all - including that very important phone call." (See below for ad reprint)

Ya have to wonder how many folks were disappointed after paying $28 bucks for the film, and NOT seeing Stoner whack it, but instead two other men - adorable Brian Dexter and "Dick" whack off separately. Probably why the film wasn't released onto video until 1989 as part of Rip Colt's Sex Rated Home Movies. And as much as I think the Mr Cable is hot, what I want to know after watching this clip is - who's that bearded stud whacking off in the shower??! Grrrrrr! Maybe one of you COLT fanatics can help us out and identify him?

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